Passion Pit - "Carried Away" video

The cheesed-out trance-master and ridiculously well-paid human being Tiësto recently worked his magic on Passion Pit’s gleaming Gossamer gem “Carried Away,” and you can probably guess what the result sounds like before you hit play. One thing you cannot guess, however, is the way this ridiculous and pretty-great music video plays out. It tells the story of a cool new drug — one that, when ingested, causes the user to explode, Jamie Madrox-style, into multiple clones of herself. Some special-effects wizards had fun with this one. Watch it below.

Gossamer is out now on Columbia.

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  1. It seems like most of them die after multiplying. That’s not fun. Now where are they going to put so many dead hipsters? There are only so many shut down American Apparel stores that can be used as morgues.

  2. love Passion Pit and their album and this remix is a great version of an already amazing song. can’t wait to see them in nyc on the 8th- gonna be a rad show.

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