Milk Music - Cruise Your Illusion

Milk Music, products of the deep-rooted Olympia, Washington DIY underground scene, are jumping out of the incubator on their new album, signing with Fat Possum. (They will, however, self-release the vinyl edition.) The new LP has the GN’R-riffing title Cruise Your Illusion, and lead single “I’ve Got A Wild Feeling” is a wooly, feedback-drenched thing that never sacrifices ferocity for expansiveness or vice versa. Download it and check the album’s tracklist below.

01 “Caged Dogs Run Wild”
02 “Illegal And Free”
03 “New Lease On Love”
04 “Cruising With God”
05 “Crosstown Wanderer”
06 “No, Nothing, My Shelter”
07 “Coyote Road”
08 “I’ve Got A Wild Feeling”
09 “Dogchild”
10 “Lacey’s Secret”
11 “Runaway”
12 “The Final Scene”

Cruise Your Illusion is out 4/2 on Fat Possum.

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  1. Oh thank the lord this is finally on the way!

  2. Okay, this is literally the band to save music this year. It’s bands like Milk Music, California X etc etc that restore my faith in guitar music.

    Mad props to these dudes…plus they slay live.

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