Prince - Screw Driver

Last week, Prince previewed a new track “Screw Driver,” which featured vintage Purple Rain rock vibes with a pop edge. Prince has now unveiled the song in full, which you can check out below.

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  1. I actually really liked the previous song “Rock And Roll Affair.” Don’t know about this..

  2. “vintage Purple Rain rock vibes”? really?

  3. do what? this is awful. are we being punk’d?

  4. He played it live on Friday and it was actually really great. The studio version? Not so much.

  5. Sounds like Prince covering a KISS song.

  6. Well, he had a magnificent albums run in the 80s, classic, pop perfection and all… but honestly, I don’t know anyone who seriously cares about his 90s and especially 00s stuff. it’s not even hit and miss, at most times it’s just drivel. I tried to listen to his last album (which was released in 2010) and couldn’t make it through the half. I guess he stopped caring about reviews, critical acclaim and all the albums after the Black Album are just for fans only. Fair play, of course.

  7. bad,just plain bad

  8. I liked it the first time when it was called “My dick in a box”. (insert .gif ftw)

  9. It’s not the worst thing he’s done. I don’t hate it but think it will wear out its welcome after a couple listens. But it does sound like vintage Prince. I hope it’s a big hit to shut the naysayers up.

  10. More like vintage Huey Lewis.

  11. Here I was, as a long time Prince fan, so happy to notice that he’d seemed to finally plug back into an amp which gave me delusions that maybe we were gonna revisit a ‘Sign O the Times’ type throwback. Instead we get out takes from the Lovesexy sessions.

  12. woozefa  |   Posted on Jan 23rd, 2013 0

    wait a minute. people pay MONEY for the rock n roll?

  13. Who’s Prince?

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