Vampire Weekend - LP3

We’ve got confirmation that Vampire Weekend’s third LP is complete (see artwork above) and set to be released on 5/7 (5/6 in the UK), and we’ve heard one song from the album (“Unbelievers,” which the band played on Kimmel), and now: another. Whether “Arms” will appear on LP3 remains to be seen (though I’d bet heavily on it), but the band played the song at Sydney’s Metro Theatre, and we’ve got audio of the performance via VW blog Team Vampire Weekend. I don’t notice any major aesthetic overhauls here; sounds like Ezra is still listening to Graceland pretty regularly, and the Afrobeat rhythms have been a staple of VW’s sound since LP1. Still, a smooth, expansive, gorgeous sound, which is why one listens to Vampire Weekend in the first place, no? Check it out for yourself.

[Via Team Vampire Weekend]

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  1. I almost commented that the audio wasn’t at all studio quality… then I got it.

  2. William K. Wertling  |   Posted on Jan 23rd, 2013 -7

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  3. Ian Cohen already gave the new album a 6.1.

    • Ha ha! And he used the phrase “solid but frustrating” or some iteration of that at some point.

    • “We like to think of artists as straining against their limitations, pushing boundaries, confounding expectations, and provoking listeners.”

      That was from his Toro write-up. Why do I feel that sentiment won’t apply to VW?

      • Apropos all the Pitchfork talk here lately, I wanted to make the point that to me Pitchfork used to be way more ahead of the curve. When I first started coming here, Stereogum just seemed like more fun and less critical retreads of a lot of what Pitchfork talked about. Now I feel like besides cool features like the “Cover Story” thing and “Advance,” Pitchfork basically copies Stereogum.

        Pitchfork will alway come through with the substance and just a lot more content, but it’s all really dry now. I can never get through any of their think pieces, they’re either fit for a musicology publication or a tumblr rant. But, as has been noted here, writing about music is f*ckin hard. Pitchfork are editorial innovators, and through all their (sometimes questionable) stylistic swings they have nonetheless remained the best. Until… now???

        • I find it funny that their news stories are credited to two people nowadays. Was looking at their post on Foals new video and I said, “It took two of you to post a picture, write two sentences and link a video??” Tom’s old news posts got me to buy tickets to London! (True Story)

          Honestly, I think when Tom moved from Pitchfork to Stereogum was the same time I made Stereogum my primary music site and Pitchfork the back-up.

          LWD calling p4k “dry” is spot-fucking-on.

          • Why don’t you marry Tom already?

          • oh totes mcG. Pitchfork has sort of taken over for rolling stone in that, with regard to the news, they just post the facts. none of author’s thoughts. I want something else beyond just a recitation of facts. I want to look deep into the author’s psyche and I want it to say “hi D. I love you”. Then I would marry the psyche. metaphorically speaking?

            I do wish that gum would be more explicit about the bangin tracks that they think we should all like. I need to know what to like – i don’t have time for this listenin to everything garbage. I can usually tell based on whether or not the author is like “here – do whatever with it” or if they are like “ohmigod this is like SUCH a good track guys! Wow u should listen for sure” but again i aint clickin through everything to find them. Or maybe all the tracks posted here are assumed to be bangers/endorsed by gum. Need clarification. so alone.

          • Spot on D-tits.

            Thankfully the comment section can often be a pretty great gauge for what actually bangs. I checked out that Just Blaze & Bauuer track because the commenters (you included) were seemingly left stunned by its glorified Bang. It’s a good track!

            Remember when Corban started the article where he compiled the best tracks from an array of mixtapes? That was a cool idea. I could get behind that as a continued feature.

          • you lil heart! i support the mixtape best track mix with all of the power i have. great idea

          • two things, RJ i’m listening to your burial mix right now and it’s PERFECTLY sequenced. well done there. second, titty you know all you gotta do is head over to happy music sad music and i’ll tell you EXACTLY how good stuff is.

            Right now I’m deep into this new Jim James record, it’s VERY VERY GOOD. I like it better than either of the last couple MMJ releases.

        • You obviously haven’t actually read musicology publications. Pitchforks is all this meets that meets the other and musicology is even drier. I’m saying this because I actually have read musicology journals.

  4. I don’t care what any reviews say, I’m going to be in love with a schoolboy when this comes out.

    I mean, it’ll make me feel like a schoolboy.

  5. This is excellent! I just want to hug-tackle someone so bad right now!

  6. Really excited for this one. Hopefully it leaks long before its release date.

  7. The Vampire Weekend song formula is pretty much impenetrable. One wonders (or cares) if they will ever try to eventually ‘redefine’ the way they go about building each of their future tracks from a structural perspective. Either way or until then, each album release will be immediately awesome then recede slowly into forgettable. All which is totally cool wit me.

  8. Am I the only one that can’t judge this because it’s a live recording? Those notoriously butcher a song unless EQ’d properly, which this wasn’t

  9. Oh, man. Bad recoding and all.. blah blah blah… I love their sound. And the melodies in this one make me want to sing! May 7, here i come!

  10. There is more to afropop than Graceland. When the hell are alleged music writer going to get ANY kind of real clue about that? Besides that, I don’t think you have actually listened to Graceland lately since there are a VARIETY of styles on it that Vampire Weekend never even touch. Since you don’t seem to know any better SHAME ON YOU!!

  11. In reply to donnytilla’s post up top (Reply button’s strangely missing after logging in) – I believe a person’s musical taste is highly subjective; often informed by one’s cultural background, age and life experiences. I will absolutely jump out of my skin should I find another with identical taste in music. I’ll always treasure the obscure “personal finds” that may not be widely known/appreciated, yet I can also understand the vindication of having my favourites mentioned come the year end’s best-of lists. So, don’t feel so alone, donnytilla, your ears and taste are uniquely yours and be proud of what you like.

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