The Flaming Lips - The Terror

UPDATE: We’ve got The Terror’s tracklist below. Also, “Sun Blows Up Today” will apparently show up in a Super Bowl commercial, which go Ravens.

The Flaming Lips have been in the news lately, but often it’s been for obnoxiously attention-grabby reasons. So it’s good to hear that they’re now returning to the business of releasing intense, freaked-out albums. Pitchfork reports that their new album The Terror, produced by the band and frequent collaborator Dave Fridmann. is set to arrive 4/1 on Bella Union/Warner Bros. (There’s also a non-album track called “Sun Blows Up Today” coming 2/3. In a press release, Wayne Coyne calls the album a “bleak, disturbing record,” and writes, “WE were hopeless, WE were disturbed and, I think, accepting that some things are hopeless… or letting hope in one area die so that hope can start to live in another?? Maybe this is the beginning of the answer.”


01 “Look…The Sun Is Rising”
02 “Be Free, A Way”
03 “Try To Explain”
04 “You Lust”
05 “The Terror”
06 “You Are Alone”
07 “Butterfly, How Long It Takes To Die”
08 “Turning Violent”
09 “Always There…In Our Hearts”
10 “Sun Blows Up Today” (digital-only bonus track)

This is good news. The band generally tends to work the best when they’re intense and focused. 2009′s Embryonic, the band’s last non-cover/non-collaborative studio album, is still a monster. Maybe this one will be, too.

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  1. That album art looks straight out of the early 90′s. This is good news though. Embryonic was a hit – I hope the same for this.

  2. Funny how little love there is for Heady Fwends (My #2 of 2012). Looking forward to this.

  3. As a Massachusettian (what are we called anyways?) the “go Ravens” quip in the update hurt me on a personal level, Tom.

    In all seriousness though hopefully this album draws more strongly from “Yoshimi” than their more recent efforts. Nothing else in their discography can touch that record in my mind.

    • I recall one of them saying it was more of a mixture of Embryonic and The Soft Bulletin, which sounds pretty much amazing to me.

      Yoshimi is nice, but is leagues away from the greatness of The Soft Bulletin.

      Everything since Embryonic has been okay but not great, but Embryonic was fantastic and an amazing turn for the band. I also definitely prefer Embryonic to Yoshimi, though Yoshimi is very enjoyable!

      • I guess I like Yoshimi more mostly because I’m predominantly a guitar-rock kind of guy (Wilco, Pavement, Tame Impala, etc.) but I do like those indie-electro crossovers like Yoshimi, In Rainbows/Kid A, etc.

      • I didn’t like Embryonic because it seemed to lack the pop sensibility that previous albums had. And I wasn’t a huge fan of Mystics because it seemed to be only pop with no edge. This, however, looks like it’s going to be the perfect balance. Something like a Soft Bulletin return to form.

    • I believe you’re a New Englander, though I could be wrong.

      And if we get a happy medium between the songcraft of Yoshimi/Bulletin and the adventurousness of Embyronic and the 90s stuff I’d be very happy.

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