Dirty Projectors

During a recent session for the Australian radio station Triple J, Dirty Projectors took it upon themselves to cover Usher’s “Climax,” the one recent radio hit that shows the sort of melodic sophistication that the group loves. Backed entirely by by some sort of drum-machine sequencer doohickey, the band’s version of the song is actually a bit thin. But dude, Amber Coffman’s voice. Watch it below.

I liked how the hosts pointed out that Coffman is only, like, one degree of separation removed from “Climax.”

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  1. please tell me that david is playing angry birds at 2:45.

  2. That was pretty sweet. Love Amber’s voice the most, but it still would have been nice had they done something weirder, I guess, to the arrangment.

  3. Wow. I am in to that. Somehow, I’ve only recently found out about the original song – so good!

  4. I dig it. It definitely is “thin” but I think that’s to be expected when the instruments are all coming from a 9 inch keyboard. Awesome though, even Dave’s vocals are pretty strong and impressive. And Amber, my god…

  5. Didn’t sound thin to me. I guess some bass would have been nice, but it sounded fucking awesome for a live radio performance!

  6. God, Dave is such a not have sex symbol, yet he has the most bodacious babe (next to hayle). What’s the deal with that?

  7. one of the greatest songs of all time

  8. wow… here’s to hoping they release a covers album… how great would that be.

    “art house musical meanderings…” xxyx

  9. I actually kind of hated this. Dave’s voice was distractingly off key. And they didn’t really do anything different with the song. The song is great, so I guess any faithful version will be ok. But even Ambers voice. I mean its fine and all, but If you get excited over every cute white girl with a good voice, then you should be shitting your pants over American Idol every week. Overall. pretty terrible version of an otherwise great song.

    In other news, that White Noise song by Disclosure is insane!

  10. ‘Every cute girl with a good voice’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtKK0zMzO1I from 1:40 onwards, I think she is more than just that on both fronts.

    • Yeah man. I was there that day. Wasted. And it was great! And everyone was freaking out, as was I. But it was mostly because she’s like 5 feet tall and adorable. Had she been fat and black. Nobody would have really given a shit. I’m just sayin.

  11. You know who has a better voice than all four of these people combined? USHER!

  12. Amber’s voice is amazing! Give Amber more lead vocal roles, beacuse she is key that can take this group to the next level. Look at all the great groups/bands and use the same formula.

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