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We already knew that the Knife would return with Shaking The Habitual, their first album in about seven years, this spring, and those of us who clicked fast enough heard their brain-exploding nine-minute single “Full Of Fire” yesterday. What we didn’t know is that “Full Of Fire” is no anomaly; this motherfucker is crazy long. The Knife are going full-on The Seer here: 98 minutes of music, double-CD/triple-LP, one 19-minute song. Obviously, everything about this is awesome. Check out the tracklist, with running times, below.

01 “A Tooth For An Eye” (6:04)
02 “Full Of Fire” (9:17)
03 “A Cherry On Top” (8:43)
04 “Without You My Life Would Be Boring” (5:14)
05 “Wrap Your Arms Around Me” (4:36)
06 “Crake” (0:55)
07 “Old Dreams Waiting To Be Realized” (19:22)
08 “Raging Lung” (9:58)
09 “Networking” (6:42)
10 “Oryx” (0:37)
11 “Stay Out Here” (10:42)
12 “Fracking Fluid Injection” (9:54)
13 “Ready To Lose” (4:36)
(via Pitchfork)

Shaking The Habitual is out 4/9 on Mute.

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  1. I am OK with all these details.

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  3. “…this motherfucker is crazy long.”

    That’s what Marnie Stern said lol

  4. Damn. I was really hoping 9 minutes wasn’t the average song length. “Full Of Fire” is awesome and got me stoked for this LLLP (long long long play), but I’m still of the belief that an album longer than an hour (give or take) is a bit much. The perfect length is around 40-45 minutes. Perfect. But then there’s stuff like Vivian Girls and Jazz Mind that rock your shit for like twenty minutes and then leave. That’s great too.

    • I take it you didn’t like Swans and Chromatics last year?

      Personally, if a band is doing something I like, I never want it to end. So this is perfect news to me.

      Also Wesley: I answered yr question in the “Full of Fire” thread.

      • Thanks man, the suspense was killing me.

        Anyway. Chromatics didn’t do much for me, but not because of the length. And I do enjoy The Seer. A long running time isn’t a deal-breaker for me (my favorite album of all time, TV on the Radio’s Return to Cookie Mountain happens to run a little over an hour), it’s just that it’s hard for me to focus on any one thing for longer than that. I start to get antsy and need change.

  5. Based on the 20 minute song complete with <1minute interludes… this looks like my album of the year.

  6. This sounds like it will be amazing. So many bands working that long player format so well these past few years. Swans, Chromatics, Baroness, E-40, and now this is happening.

  7. So, so thrilled. And to anyone who didn’t catch it yesterday, there are several good quality streams of “Full of Fire” floating around on soundcloud.

    My new most anticipated. Well, most anticipated with a release date thanks to MBV.

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