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This week’s Shut Up, Dude comes from lovely, almost-sunny Los Angeles, where last night we brought Merchandise to Sonos Studio. This year’s Coachella lineup was released within minutes of the band’s first song so it was a pretty buzzy evening. Are you going to Coachella? Are you so stoked for the reunited Stone Roses and Postal Service? Do you know who the Stone Roses are? Did you realize Phoenix were so popular? Do you remember when Red Hot Chili Peppers were cool? And speaking of cool, how about that bananas Knife song? That was a highlight of this week for sure. Elsewhere, we picked the 10 Best New Order Songs, chatted with Jim James, ranked the Darkthrone discography, prematurely evaluated Local Natives, compiled a gallery of Sex Pistols crafts, and awarded Album Of The Week to Toro Y Moi. Your best and worst responses to these things are below..


#10 just kissed my baby | Jan 21st Score:15

Obscure? No, i’m pretty mainstream guy. So, in no particular order.

Elephant. Speakerboxx/The Love Below. Chutes Too Narrow. Hail to the Thief. Boy In Da Corner.

The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place. Ghosts of the Great Highway. The Disintegration Loops II/III/IV. You Are Free. Rounds.

Radio Amor. The Meadowlands. Frengers. The Black Album. Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts. That’s already 15.

Guitar Romantic. Dear Catastrophe Waitress. 6. Lesser Matters. Transatlanticism.

O. Happy Songs for Happy People. Streetcore. Transfiguration of Vincent. Wonderful Rainbow. Fever to Tell.

Michigan. Room On Fire. Mount Eerie. The Lemon of Pink. Keep On Your Mean Side (though not sure about this). 30!

also, man, what a year..

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#9 raptor jesus | Jan 23rd Score:17

Oh snap, Michael Fight!

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Nathan Christensen | Jan 21st Score:17

Neutral Milk Hotel is quiet?

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#7 wildbilly | Jan 18th Score:17

Clean sweep: Harder than it looks.

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#6 crania americana | Jan 23rd Score:18

I’m ever so glad you brought all of us along your journey through the hills of ignorance, down the path of discovery, and finally into the deepest depths of the valley of casual dismissal. It’s been magical.

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Jan 24th Score:22

Look at how small Dinosaur Jr is.That shit’s a travesty.

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#4 smokeallyouwantandseetheplanets | Jan 21st Score:22

What? Oh, were you acting like a heartless dick? Sorry, that always happens.

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#2 Dick Litman | Jan 23rd Score:25

I thought 6 inches was average

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Wesley Davidson | Jan 24th Score:28

Who did Anthony Kiedis make sweet heroin-addled love to in order to attain headliner status for every single festival in the United States for the past half a decade?

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Ale Frare | Jan 23rd Score:-13

who the F… is Marnie Stern?

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Ale Frare | Jan 23rd Score:-15

i was listening on youtube… nothing special .. in 6month we will forgive her

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#3 just kissed my baby | Jan 21st Score:-16

Also, it’s kinda cool that many european countries wil lbroadcast Inauguration on their main national networks (not news 24/7 channels). I checked listings today, it’s sweden, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Australia, NZ and many more. I can’t understand – why? It’s not your country, it’s not your president. I know that USA is the most important country but what changes really? It’s not historical moment like it was in 2009 either.
Seems bizarre… Say no to Americanization of the world. I guess soon America will dominate not only popular music, movies and TV but all the fucking culture in the world. Stop it, European public broadcasters directors.

You shouldn’t broadcast inauguration of the president of the FOREIGN country on the NATIONAL NETWORK IN PRIME TIME. IT’S WEIRD.

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#2 just kissed my baby | Jan 21st Score:-17

POOR BOYS! Dntel and Gibbards last albums (I talk about Gibbard’s solo effort here) were poorly received and some mone yare in need. OH YEAH, THE ALBU MWAS RELEASED 10 YEARS AGO!
Genius! What a luck! We’ll play some festivals and Coachella with our dull tunes and will bath in money by the end of the summer. Hipsters will buy it.

Also: HAPPY INAUGURATION/MLK DAY, MURIKA! The greatest nation ever lived! Liberty, freedom, justice! More drone strikes! More dead Yemen kids! Hooray for coronation of the Leader of the Free World! God Bless America!

(I know, I know, so much butthuty in my post… First, I’m poor. second, I don’t live in your wonderful country, So what? Fuck all)

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Michael Hanna | Jan 21st Score:-23

What? Oh, did someone mention the Postal Service? Sorry, that always happens.

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Ocelot Stomp | Jan 24th Score:15

Surprised they didn’t book the long awaited Mars Volta reunion.

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jdg46 | Jan 24th Score:3


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[Editor's Note: This is an appropriate response.]

Comments (106)
  1. Pretty great week for new music you guys! Great Job! Here’s a new Strokes song as a present:

    Grampa Sloth

    P.S. I missed the top comments because I tied ’15′ with Copy_Paster_Cat, to clarify on the comment I made, it was unfair to MGMT, they craft great pop songs, and I ride and die for Congrats being a good-to-great album any day (especially Someone’s Missing RJ) as for Foxygen I guess it’s just not my thing and I was being rude :D

  2. “Full of Fire” is the best song I’ve heard since 2011. I can’t wait to get an official download next week.

  3. Well, Scott, I know you were directing that question about Coachella specifically to me and my guest post coverage qualifications, and the answer is a very likely no, due to the fact that I just can’t justify paying $1000+ just to see Blur play for an hour with a bunch of other bands I’ve seen at Coachella’s past (plus the Postal Service.) The FYF Fest is already looking mighty appealing.

    I listened to four Darkthrone albums this week to sooth my broken soul over what was probably the worst / most forgotten 30th birthday ever (and probably second worst birthday of my entire life,) but thanks to the few here for the well wishes. Weird how random invisible strangers birthday shoutouts mean more when most of your IRL world forgets! Also, it appears I lived to see it happen.

    • I don’t think it was targetted at you. I know between you and a few of my friends that went last year, everyone was in agreeance that skipping 2013 makes sense out of respect of how great 2012 was. Especially since you went in 2010 and saw how many repeats from that line-up are on 2013′s. I felt similar about 2011′s line-up (which you also didn’t attend) because so many of the bands on the line-up I had seen at previous Coachellas.

      But honestly, after last year’s 108 degree heat and missing any band that played when the sun was out… I’m sticking to the smaller more seasonally appropriate fests this year.

      • It was a joke, I knew the comment wasn’t targeted at me. I still like to get that dig in every now and then, though ;)

        I agree — If 2012 was the last Coachella I ever go to, so be it. It had a great lineup from both a nostalgic and new vantage point. But I guess I did it wrong because I only saw 8 acts per a day at most…

        • Fuck nah. I love Cerebus and all, but he must be part robot with self-cooling mechanisms installed and one of those CamelPaks, but for robots. Wait, do robots need water?

          If you see more than 8 bands in a day you are either (A) Arriving when the gates open at noon or (B) seeing partial sets, which then BARELY counts as you seeing them. I’d like to say I’ve seen Pulp, but I just saw three songs including “Common People”, so you tell me.

          But yeah, 2012 was the ish. And you didn’t even stay for Snoop & Dre! :P

  4. I’m gonna predict over 50 comments in this SUD.. Pup n’ Suds? Brink anyone?.. since it was posted so early.

    I got laid off Friday of last week, and after a week I’m gettin pumped on it. Typin on my current/former employer’s machine right now before i bust out and drink some beers at the train staion bar and then head out for a night of hopefully less drunken overdramatics and more drunken turnt-upness.

    All of which is to say – fuckin love you guys mannnnnn! Anybody doin anything sweet this weekend music related or not??

    • Sorry about your job loss — It’s tough out there and I’ve been in that situation a couple years back. It’s fun for the first few weeks, but if you’re a restless individual, make sure to start a blog or something to kill the downtime. Eventually, you will end up settling for a paycheck anywhere and miserably typing guest post-related rants on Stereogum even when you do find yourself employed again.

      The forgotten b-day still has me down, so I’m going to hibernate from the next few weekends I think.

    • Sorry to hear that, good luck finding a new (more fun) job!

    • Yep. Ty Segall and Ex-Cult are playing a show here on Sunday. Gonna go get my body mashed. And tonight I’m seeing some local garage punk with MY WOMAN and we’re gonna fuck in the bathroom (hopefully).

    • Sorry to hear lwd. Good to hear you’re taking it in stride.

      Update yr resume, enjoy yrself this weekend, then hit the pavement on Monday. We all got faith in you.

      I’m still settling in to my new place this weekend, hopefully gonna hang up all the music posters laying on the floor at the moment. Still in that early move in stage where boxes are still laying around the place. I’ll probably be spinning the new Burial 12″ that just came in the mail this week while I’m doing it. That’s about as musical as I’m getting this weekend, but last weekend was Jeff Mangum so… I’m good for awhile.

      • Appreciate the advice brah. Good timing, cus wus in the final stages of a lil pro site as it was.. got some part time work comin up and i’m feelin a long road trip with a random destination in my future. May have to take some Godspeed and Chromatics with me.

        Nothin better than hangin up a sweet poster.

        • OOoofff. Yeah that’s the road trip ticket. Don’t forget those Night Bus mixes! Jamming Night Bus II in my car now… found a burned cd in my “Hell Hath No Fury” case that said “Clams Casino & CFCF” and it’s a truncated version of Instrumental Mixtape I and then Night Bus II at the end. I love it when past-me surprises present-me.

          Hit me up if yr road trip takes you to the midwest!

          • Helllll yes. I love finding old mixes, was just driving listening to one of the only mixes that plays in my car’s CD player with my friend Saturday. Three 6′s “Yeah I Rob,” and The Beatles’ “Girl” came on, both of which were also on a different mix I had given to him awhile back.

            Made me think I’ve become uncreative in my mixes. In high school that ish was like an art. Your radio show (which really got me into TNGHT btw) must be an awesome way to keep the mix-making tradition going.

            I will def let you know if I get out to the Midwest on the trip!

          • hey man, you know you got a spot in portland maine if you’re ever up this way too! pick a show at the state theater some weekend and come up!

          • Thanks Kev! This may turn into a Stereogum road trip!

          • Oh God we love that TNGHT EP. So glad I ordered it early, I’m sure it’s a bitch to find now.

            Yeah I used to make a mix a month, but the radio show is like once a week and longer with commentary. It does help get it out of my system, and since we tend to just sequence two songs at a time, it allows us to find those transitions that really work.

            This week my sister texted me on our transition from “Gravity Rides Everything” into “Brand New Colony” — we were having fun with the Coachella lineup. One of our guests shared a couple acid trip memories, which was unexpected but totally welcome.

    • awww snap LWD that’s too bad about your job man, i wish i had jobs for everybody, but alas i’m lucky to have one for myself.

      we love you too doggy, check out that jim james this weekend! i want everybody’s opinion!

  5. GUYS, I really want you all to check out this Jim James album. I know that neither of the songs he’s released so far from it have been that great, but those are quite possibly the two weakest songs on the record.

    It’s better than anything MMJ has done since Z, it’s a VERY GENTLE POWERHOUSE. And y’all oughta spend some time with it.

    So stream the Jim James at hMsM. Also this week on the blog I asked Sia politely to stop making music (“Diamonds” is the last straw), and I mad a midwinter playlist! Neat! Hope y’all have a great weekend!

    also, this…

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    • Are you going to stop making dick comments anytime soon? I’m running out of turtle gifs. If this continues, I’m going to have to get some turtles from the pet store and make my own gifs. I don’t want that, you don’t want that, no one wants that. Let’s just share some Cheerios and make peace.

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  7. Next “Where’s The Beef?” = Michael Hanna & Nathan Christensen.

  8. I care about debate, especially musical debate; it’s something I enjoy. Snark is the spice of any musical debate. I wouldn’t eat a steak without salt and pepper, so why would I engage in any musical discussion without snark? It wouldn’t be much fun. Besides, if a person is really being honest, there just isn’t a nice way to say, “This band sucks.” People are always offended by differences of opinion, which is why the downvote thing has been such a roaring success for Stereogum. There was a guy below me on that Postal Service thread who tried to walk on eggshells as he called the Postal Service a mediocre band. Guess what? He got a bunch of downvotes because people took personal offense. I say if you are passionate about music you should do whatever you can to defend the bands you love and go out of your way to diss the ones you think are terrible. There’s nothing wrong with it, and please throw in some snark! Neutrality and tepidness are boring and are never the path to the truth about anything.

    • Well, that was supposed to go beneath saturnian’s post…

    • Great points! Nothing makes a constructive argument like excessively dismissive sarcasm.

      Except for maybe personal attacks, you son of a bitch.

    • ” I say if you are passionate about music you should do whatever you can to defend the bands you love and go out of your way to diss the ones you think are terrible.”

      Wouldn’t you say all the Postal Service fans who are passionate about their music were defending them by downvoting those who think they suck?

      The problem is when complaints come off as universal. It’s extremely hard for people to believe somebody could hate EVERYTHING about a band. I feel concessions are just as important in musical debate. It prooves that you actually tried to enjoy said music, but then came away underwhelmed, unimpressed or whatever un- prefix you feel.

      Go back and look at the Free Energy AOTW post where I share how I didn’t like aspects of LONGLIVEA$AP. I explained the parts I enjoyed, then listed everything I didn’t like. It got upvotes.

      Because actually, you don’t need the snark. Cynicism and sarcasm are ugly tactics to bring up in a sincere music debate. It makes you seem like you didn’t even try to enjoy the band and that you’re just hating for the sake of hating.

      Musical debates are always better when you can respect others choice to like/dislike something while eloquently portraying your opposing viewpoint.

      • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

      • I don’t know, I think sometimes there simply is no way to say you don’t like something without getting a few downvotes. I wrote that I was not impressed by The Knife’s new song, and I don’t think I was particualrly negative about my approach, nor was I snarky. And I love The Knife! I tried to like “Full of Fire,” but so far I haven’t been able to find it enjoyable. And I got 3 downvotes for saying so, which isn’t really that bad. I’ll recover. And I did honestly expect to get a few downvotes, since I could see from other people’s responses that pretty much everyone else (sans copy_paster_cat) liked the song. But I kept it fairly pure, and I have no regrets, so sometimes you just have to be prepared to get downvoted for having a different opinion than most people.

    • I’ll try to explain this through an analogy, Michael.

      1. Imagine I walk into a bar in Boston that’s filled with Red Sox fans watching a game, and I shout “RED SOX SUCK!!!1!1!!” If I were to expect anything but a negative response, I’d be delusional; they’re going to tell me to STFU and/or beat me up, and I have it coming.

      2. Now, if I walk into that same bar, sit down with some of the same fans and talk to them about how the Red Sox are deficient in X, Y and Z ways (which adds up to the same claim I made in scenario 1, only this time I’ve given reasons for it), I’ll probably get a much more positive response; a heated discussion might ensue, but that’s what it’ll be: a discussion—not just some guy lobbing a verbal spitball and getting jeered at or beat up in response.

      3. Let’s say one plausible criticism of the Red Sox is that its players are overweight and therefore sluggish, and I make a snarky joke about this: “Red Sox? More like OVER FED SOX, AMIRITE? Har har har.” Okay, that’s pretty lame, but something like that’s better than a generic insult like “RED SOX SUCK!!!!1!”

      My points: 1. Your “ZZZ” comment is like “RED SOX SUCK!!!1!1!!” 2. Giving reasons for your opinion opens the door to actual discussion; just stating it in an abrasive manner doesn’t. 3. Snark can be okay, but if it’s generic (one could make the “ZZZ” comment about any band they don’t like it), it just comes off as juvenile.

      • If you had used any other baseball team, this analogy would have been airtight. You chose Boston.

      • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

        • To go back to my analogy, even if you were to make a reasonable argument about how, say, the Red Sox’s bullpen is weak, if you were to preface that by shouting “RED SOX SUCK!” (or even worse, “PEOPLE WHO LIKE THE RED SOX SUCK!”, which is what your more ad hominem-filled comments are like), no one’s going to hear your argument out, however brilliant it might be.

          Which brings me to my next point: if you don’t care about how people respond to you, then what’s the point of communicating with them? Why express your opinions to them if they’re just going to dismiss what you have to say because of how you say it (and the unnecessary insults that accompany it)? Wouldn’t you rather have people listen to you?

          And it’s not that people are being personally wounded by what you say. Read some of your comments out loud to yourself, and imagine another another person saying them to you. Many of them are simply off-putting, and people are reacting accordingly. And if you don’t care about that reaction, again, why post here?

          • I don’t require a reaction; my priority is always expressing myself, whatever form that takes. If after a decade I am sick of the Postal Service existing, there’s nothing wrong with expressing that in an online setting. That part is cathartic, and sure, it’s a bonus if someone gets upset because s/he is foolish enough to think, say *insert hacky musician here* is God. I certainly appreciate comedy. This site provides me with two things: information and free entertainment. If the histrionics disappeared, I’d miss the laughs sometimes, but it would be a sign that people had enough of a grip on reality to not feel threatened by the idea that they like bad music. That would be a really good thing, but it will never happen because the truth is that this site and anyone who leans toward indie music is practicing musical elitism. The problem is that even within that realm, there are still safe, commercial bands who are no better than the mainstream bands one rejected in the first place.
            People get upset because they have comfortable little delusions. When you confront them with that fact, they have nothing of any substance to say to refute it, so all they can do is downvote or, once in a while, throw together some fatally flawed defense that exhibits that they don’t even know what art is supposed to do or why art is something different from a product. You’ll notice that I usually only go to the trouble to engage in a long argument if someone is pushing for it. If someone indicates that they want to hear my thought process, I’ll give it to them, but I don’t usually offer it right off the bat, and I don’t think that anything I say is going to change anyone’s mind. Even if it did, no one would admit it. When I bother to do one of my longer posts, articulating the truth about something is its own reward since the truth cannot be changed or destroyed. Everyone talks about respecting opinions, but all that really means is not revealing that you have absolutely no intention of altering your own view because you think (or at least would like to think) you are right. It’s pseudo-politeness. You need only look at Congress to see that this is true. When something gets done, it is not because anyone has bowed to the force of someone’s logic. After all, many people base their views purely on emotion or self-interest and reject rationality altogether. It’s because of compromises that satisfy some interests (some rational, some irrational) on both sides. Nothing is at stake here though, so there’s no need for any compromise. It would be great if everyone would just keep it real and say something sucks if they think it does, but that’s a bad, bad thing to do.

          • “I don’t require a reaction; my priority is always expressing myself, whatever form that takes.”

            Okay, but presumably you want to express yourself *to other people*; otherwise, you’d just write your thoughts in a diary or say them to yourself in the mirror.

            Focusing on the communicative aspect of your self-expression, I’m simply suggesting that there are more fruitful ways of conducting it; in other words, I’m suggesting that you practice basic communication/social skills.

            If someone’s unwilling to do so because of an adolescent, impulsive, solipsistic and self-indulgent desire to express himself however he pleases, he’s going to be ostracized—and frankly, he’ll deserve it, since he’s not showing a basic level of respect and courtesy toward the community in front of which he’s decided to verbally masturbate.


            “I don’t think that anything I say is going to change anyone’s mind.”

            You underestimate discourse’s ability to change people’s mind. I’ve had numerous experiences where friends have pointed out something bad (X) about an artist, album or song (Y) that I liked and it changed my opinion on and perception of Y, because I’d previously not noticed X, but now that it’d been brought to my attention, I experienced Y differently (sometimes to the point of ruining Y for me). I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

            However, the reason they were able to change my mind (quite literally; they changed the way my brain experienced something) was because they pointed out X to me in a conversational, friendly manner (eg., “uhhh, dude, listen to the such and such in Whatever Song We’re Talking About; it’s like something off a Hootie & the Blowfish album”). If they’d just told me (or started off by telling me) that Y sucks and/or I suck for liking Y, my reaction would have probably been “f*** you.”

            Point being, even if you’re intent on bursting people’s bubbles, you can do so much more effectively if you practice basic communication/social skills. Thus, even if you consider the matter from a purely self-interested, pragmatic standpoint (putting the moral dimension of showing respect to other people aside), you should retune the way you talk to people on here; it would be more effective.

          • You seem to be operating under the misconception that I need or want advice about my Stereogum life. I really don’t. I’m just blowing off some steam and having some laughs on a music website. It’s really not a big deal, and it’s weird that anyone cares.

          • You’ve engaged in paragraph upon paragraph upon paragraph of self-justification in this thread alone, and you’ve used language usually reserved for discussion of matters of deep, existential import (e.g., people’s “comfortable little delusions” and “fatally flawed defense” against your sagacious revelation of the “truth [that] cannot be changed or destroyed”), so your sudden adoption of a blase attitude toward all of this isn’t exactly convincing.

            As for whether you need advice on how to communicate with other people, your comments speak for themselves.

          • Dude, I have just been trying to explain myself to you because you seemed interested, because I needed a break from other stuff, and because I think people take all the wrong things seriously on here. Very simply, this is a mental and verbal sport for me, and I am by nature a philosophical person. You know how physical sports are a diversion but are still a diversion that people pursue with some intensity? That’s what this is for me. If Stereogum disappeared tomorrow, I would miss it as a resource. I could go elsewhere for verbal jousting.

          • “I could go elsewhere for verbal jousting”—and you should; that’s just not what people are into here. There’s a different sort of game going on, and if you don’t want to play it, then just go to one where people play the sort of game you want to play. What’s the point of jousting with people who don’t want to joust? You’re just going to end up with a bunch of turtle GIFs.

            I’m a philosophical person who enjoys verbal jousting for its own sake as well—but jousting requires willing opponents and a suitable arena; a (mostly) friendly, light-hearted community of commenters does not provide either of those things (except when Stereogum comes out with a “The 10 Best ________ Albums/Songs” list; then it’s okay to take up arms against the staff writer).

          • Oh dbr, I thought we had something special here, and now you want me to leave? I just don’t think I can quit you. Besides, in my experience, most of the “communication” on the internet is no more sophisticated than turtle .gifs.

          • We are BFFs now. In fact, you, Nathan and I are going out for drinks next Friday, after we visit a turtle aquarium.

            And as your BFF, I don’t want you to leave; I’m simply suggesting that blah blah blah (I’m sure you get my point by now).

        • most annoying thing ever = people pretending not to care when they OBVIOUSLY do

          Sorry Michael Hanna, I love your posts and everything but you can’t write Magna Carta-sized comments and say you don’t care or are “having some laughs”. No one laughed at the Magna Carta…i think? They said TL; DR, or whatever that would be in Latin.

          • I care about writing posts that are satisfying to me in the moment, self-expression that is cathartic or is somehow funny to me. That has already been said. I am a perfectionist about everything, and I’m nothing if not long-winded. That said, literally no internet comments matter at all. The internet is an unstable beast, and whatever profound thoughts I or anyone else has are being instantly thrown into a digital dung heap that could evaporate at any moment. Still, it is good to exercise one’s brain. It’s a sometimes stimulating way to waste time. This is more or less the mindset I have been touting as the ideal one throughout this discussion. If internet comments mean any more to you than that, you’ve got real-life problems.

  9. GUYS, I really want you all to check out this Jim James album. I know that neither of the songs he’s released so far from it have been that great, but those are quite possibly the two weakest songs on the record.

    It’s better than anything MMJ has done since Z, it’s a VERY GENTLE POWERHOUSE. And y’all oughta spend some time with it.

    So stream the Jim James at hMsM. Also this week on the blog I asked Sia politely to stop making music (“Diamonds” is the last straw), and I mad a midwinter playlist! Neat! Hope y’all have a great weekend!

    also, this…

  10. Why is the new Master P album in “Heavy Rotation”? Who could possibly be listening to…oh right, Tom Breihan.

  11. number_twenty_three_xlg.jpg

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