Daft Punk

This isn’t quite as big a deal as a new My Bloody Valentine album, but it’s still pretty fucking big. Unless we’re counting the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, Daft Punk haven’t released a proper studio album since 2005′s Human After All. For the past few years, they’ve been putting in mysterious studio work, reportedly collaborating with people like Panda Bear, Italo-disco titan Giorgio Moroder, Chic bandleader Nile Rodgers, “Rainbow Connection” songwriter Paul Williams, and Feist buddy Chilly Gonzales. And now The Hollywood Reporter is saying that the duo has signed with Columbia, and that their new album is coming out this year. Meanwhile, The Guardian reports that said album will be out in May.

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  1. I really hope this means a tour.

  2. Giorgio Moroder’s facebook post is promising…

  3. The real reason why this news is A Pretty Big Fucking Deal is that a new Daft Punk album makes it more likely for a new Daft Punk tour, and I think we’d all be A-OK with that.

  4. The three artists that I wanted albums from this year are david bowie daft punk and d’angelo and it sounds like I’m getting 2 of them so far I’m so happy I could cry but since I’m at school I’m just gonna smile like an idiot

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