Watch The Flaming Lips Hyundai Commercial

Not to sound like a square, but there’s something about Wayne Coyne — especially his prowess for hanging out with “Brush My Teeth With A Bottle Of Jack” Ke$ha and overexposing Erykah Badu’s sister without permission — that screams Don’t Let Kids Hang Out With The Flaming Lips. And yet, in this Hyundai commercial, running around a natural history museum, car chases and all, he seems like the perfect Uncle Wayne. The commercial — which will air during this Sunday’s Harbaugh Bowl — is soundtracked by the sunny bumblegum song “Sun Blows Up Today” and if that is actually what the cast of this clip is preparing for, I think they’ve done a pretty nice job of filling a day with fun before the earth goes dark. Check it out at Billboard.

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  1. I generally despise commercials with every fiber of my being (blame Bill Hicks) but I found myself laughing along to this one.

    I really hope the Lips have a tour bus that shoots out confetti when it honks the horn now.

    I mean, car commercials? That’s the big buxxx.

  2. This is just wonderful.

  3. Extended version available on YouFuckingTube:

  4. I’m not advocating punching, but could you have chosen a more punchable picture of Wayne?

  5. Somehow I imagine Wayne Coyne doing this literally every day with a different family.

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