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When I posted Kitty’s “Ay Shawty” a few weeks ago, I was asked if I could write a Deconstructing about the rapper so that the commenter could understand why she is worth anyone’s attention. While I think it’s too soon to take apart her output, it’s evident on her new tape D.A.I.S.Y. Rage that increased transparency is what Kitty is all about. Since the release of Haha, I’m Sorry, an effort that could just as easily be a LiveJournal rapped into GarageBand as it is a smirking stab at “Okay Cupid”-naysayers, Kitty has used the Tumblr that garnered her attention for more than just Bronie and Lil B posts. She’s opened up about sexual assault and eating disorders, beseeching her readers to take care of themselves and each other. With Rage, we see her embed that kind of honesty into her music. “Dead Island” and “R.R.A.S.H.” are anxiety-laden fever dreams and “Scout Finch Bitch” featuring Antwon is her on a steady path to continue poking fun at herself, but the real ass-kickers are “No Offense” and “Unfollowed.” I won’t put my own speculation into this post about who these songs are about but if you know enough of her background, it’s easy to surmise and they’re pretty gut-wrenching and a little disturbing. It’s particularly with “Unfollowed” that we see Kitty’s value — she’s adept at extrapolating on some of the most embarrassing parts of a young woman’s emotional make-up. When she raps, “Should I just blubber to my friends / and let ’em say, ’Fuck men’? / By that, they mean you / How rude. Fuck them, right?” she’s acknowledging this really murky water anyone treads when they’re into someone that isn’t quite feeling them back. You don’t want to squander your own chances by cutting it off completely, but you’re still aching. And that’s where Kitty is most worthwhile and precious, sugary vocals over layered electronics rapping with bratty potency about her interior. Check out the tape, which features production by Hot Sugar, Mike Finito, SELA, and others, below.

(via Rolling Stone)

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  1. At first I thought this meant my favorite all-female Canadian metal band had a new release, but then I remembered their name was actually Kittie, which is the spelling I usually use because I’m Dan Quayle.

  2. I’m still waiting for the Kitty Clams collaboration.

  3. Thank you, Claire. That helps. I didn’t realize she dealt with such heavy subjects. This makes her music sound less superficial, for sure.

    It still doesn’t sound good to me, but I think I understand it better. I’m also, relative to the readers of this site, old. So, that probably has a lot to do with it.

    • Nick, I’m so glad that I could help contextualize her music and I totally understand why someone would not like it. I actually think she has a lot of room for improvement but I’m glad she’s around.

  4. Is that a Twin Sister sample I hear in $krillionaire? I knew she’d be good for at least one heater!

  5. say what you will; feel what you will; the way she strings together her lines has a really nice flow, and there is some nice writing here.

    that being said, i have no investment in this kitty. i just feel like the excessive negativity i’ve perceived might be a bit off the mark.

  6. fucking grant killed his tracks, dope production

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