How To Destroy Angels - "How Long" video

Earlier this month, Trent Reznor’s How to destroy angels_ project announced the impending release of Welcome oblivion, their first-ever full-length. And today, we get our first taste of it. “How long?” is an oddly catchy bleep-rock single, probably the most immediately accessible thing Reznor’s done in years. The song’s video, however, is a little more forbidding; it follows a warpainted, glowing-eyed wraith as he surveys a dessicated landscape and treats visitors about the way you’d imagine. The London art collective Shynola directs; watch it and download the song below.

(via NPR)

Welcome oblivion is out 3/5 on Columbia.

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  1. It’s come down to this one, very simple issue; I don’t like Mariqueen’s voice. The sample size is large enough now, and I’ve tried really hard to get into it. I don’t like it. I’ve liked all of their songs, composition wise. And I think she sounds better with Trent. But on her own, her voice just doesn’t match the emotions of the music, for me.

  2. Very interesting video, though. Intense and a little bit sad for some reason. I’m not sure exactly what is happening, either. But I like that it could be interpreted by the viewer.

  3. I like the video, but song after song, I just can’t get into HTDA.

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