Iron And Wine - Ghost On Ghost

Sam Beam’s breathy, easygoing indie-folk standouts Iron & Wine are back this spring with a new album called Ghost On Ghost, the follow-up to 2011′s Kiss Each Other Clean. They recorded the new album with frequent collaborator Brian Deck. Lead single “Lovers’ Revolution” is closer to jazz-fusion that I ever imagined Iron & Wine would get; it’s a six-minute sprawl dominated by horn and piano. Listen to it and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “Caught In The Briars”
02 “The Desert Babbler”
03 “Joy”
04 “Low Light Buddy Of Mine”
05 “Graces For Saints And Ramblers”
06 “Grass Windows”
07 “Singers And The Endless Song”
08 “Sundown (Back In The Briars)”
09 “Winter Prayers”
10 “New Mexico’s No Breeze”
11 “Lovers’ Revolution”
12 “Baby Center Stage”

Ghost On Ghost is out 4/16 on Nonesuch.

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  1. If Sam Beam is going to branch out from just him and an acoustic guitar, this seems like a waaay better direction than the 70′s funk from Kiss Each Other Clean. I’m digging this.

  2. It seems that no day can pass this week without major new album announcement… odd. I love jazzy feel of it, let’s hope it’s better than the last record which was pretty dull and uninspired, like Steely Dan trying to make decent indie pop but failing miserabily.. or something. I’m not sure I remember even one song from it.

    • I was gonna disagree with you and point out that “Walking Far From Home” is a great song…but I had to go look up the title of it so…

      But yes, other than that one, the entire album was a flub. Here’s to better!

  3. I completely disagree: Kiss Each Other Clean is a great record and I do remember every single song on it. The Steely Dan reference is spot on, though.

  4. I will be listening to this on repeat today. And most likely tomorrow, unless another awesome unexpected new single drops from nowhere.

  5. I prefer Beam with just a guitar and his pipes, but still this is great.

  6. I’m stuck, because I understand that as an artist he can’t continue making the same whispery, gorgeous folk he always did. It’s pretty played out at this point, he left us with a number of amazing albums, and I respect his decision to move forward. But I just like that stuff so much better…

  7. I agree that his early whisper-acoustic stuff will likely never be topped, but I definitely understand the need to move beyond that. Just please, Sam, avoid the sax solos.

  8. Beam moved beyond solely him and his guitar with The Shepherd’s Dog, and that album was great. He can definitely pull off the full band to great effect, but he seemed to have fumbled a bit on Kiss Each Other Clean, which was pretty bad in my opinion.

  9. Jazz drummer Brian Blade totally makes this. I hope it’s indicative of the rest of the album.

  10. Big time Van Morrison vibes here, I dig it.

  11. I didn’t love Kiss Each Other Clean either, but let’s remember that “Tree By the River” was pretty great.

  12. Love Sam Beam’s vocals (somewhat

    • … Reminds me of Kenny Loggins). Seems I’m about the only one who enjoyed Kiss Each Other Clean. Hopefully the new album won’t entirely be tracks of jazz improv.

  13. Not a bad song at all. I didn’t actually listen to the last album, so I’m definitely gonna check this out.

  14. Really surprised by the dislike of Kiss Each Other Clean.
    It’s not my favourite Iron and Wine (that’s Shepards Dog), but I thought it was a ballsy play that paid off.
    This seems even ballsy-er! And it seems to be paying of just as much.

    • My favourite will always be The Creek Drank the Candle, but I thought Kiss Each Other Clean didn’t deserve some of the hate it got.

  15. I wish sam beam would go back to just himself and a guitar

  16. I’m late to this party, but Mathew E. White totally beat Sam to the punch last year. Because the bearded Indie-Jazz fusion album was already perfected last year with BIG INNER. Sam is tops in terms of lyrics, but anyone wanting a taste of what Ghost on Ghost could be should really do some truffle hunting and check out Big Inner.

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