Watch Tegan And Sara Play Kimmel

Tegan & Sara appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Performing their song “Closer,” they proved their poptimist evolution does just as well recorded as it does live. Check it out below.

Heartthrob is out now on Warner Bros.

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  1. This new Tegan and Sara stuff doesn’t translate well live. It sounds weak and has absolutely no energy. Also, the timing was off in the beginning of this performance when Tegan came in on vocals as well as when Sara was trying to harmonize. Just bad.

  2. I agree. They look ridiculous for some reason…and sara with those marching steps…cant they get a dance choreographer and actually learn some rhythum if they are going to try and be pop stars…so far, Taylor Swift is kicking their ass

  3. It’s a technical problem (or a very poor instrumentation choice). The chorus in particular is lacking a lot. It’s nothing but drum and bass, and that makes the song feel noticeably emptier. Compare this to their performance on Letterman a couple months back and you can hear a clear difference.

    Although Tegan’s vocals definitely aren’t great here either. She’s always been a more emotive, messier singer, which the polished pop songs they want to perform now just don’t allow for. Sara’s always been more precise about that kind of thing, especially in recent years. I’m sure she doesn’t want to bully Tegan around too much, but sometime soon, she should really probably sit her down and tell her she needs to try harder to actually hit notes on purpose.

    And that may sound mean, but it’s the price you pay when you shoot for this kind of exposure. When you ask for this much attention and start to actually receive it, you’ve got to be ready to show everyone your best effort. I want T+S to take over the world this year, but they aren’t going to do it with sloppy TV performances like this.

    • Yeah it’s just bad mixing, the keyboard gets buried through most of it when that is one of the main parts of the song.

      And, agreed about Tegan’s singing. It seems like she’s actually gotten worse live in the past couple years too. Listen to any recent live version of “The Con.” Someone should be getting her a pop-oriented vocal coach, and I don’t mean that in a mean way. Even the big pop stars use them. I think it would really help her.

  4. I actually dont mind Tegan here at least she has energy and her voice sounds good. But Tou-che on Sara and her dancing. I mean her dancing is pretty damn awful and she looks like a zombie, and her facial expression throughout the performance is tense, whereas Tegan is just into the music. More prep work should have be done in terms of Sara’s dance moves I mean they are REALLY bad, not even cute

  5. Yeah, Tegan’s always been a bit loose live (I’ve seen them a dozen times, and she has never once done a whole set where she didn’t forget the lyrics to a song), but you can tell that lately she hasn’t been able to match what’s on the new record. Sara seems the opposite on the songs she sings lead for, where the record seems a bit week and then she kills it live.

  6. i think she must be going through something? their performance at SXSW the other night she sounded off. don’t know if she is sick or what. my wife and i just saw them in Columbus last weekend and they were great. sounded great. clean and precise.

  7. i think everyone is being a little “Oh So Critical” lol. they are fine.

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