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This week we Deconstructed the festival industry and the postage hike’s impact on indie. We talked with Robyn Hitchcock, Waxahatchee, Autre Ne Veut, and Brendan Benson. We listed the 10 weirdest Prince crafts and the 10 best OutKast songs. We heard new songs from the Strokes, Iron And Wine, and Depeche Mode. But as exciting as all that was, we never got a new MBV LP. Maybe next week. While you wait, check out the highest and lowest rated comments of the past seven days…



Andrew Burr | Jan 30th Score:29

Oh. Actually it was the UPS. My bad. Sorry USPS, are we still bros?

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#9 vibribbon | Jan 25th Score:29

“my best friend’s a butcher and he’s on my dick”
“stella was a diver and she was always on my dick”

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#8 Cerebus | Jan 31st Score:32

Aaahaahahahahahaahaha! No.

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Jan 25th Score:33

I know right? Wu-Tang, Dinosaur Jr, Dead Can Dance, Grimes, Father John Misty, Thee Oh Sees, Jessie Ware, Cloud Nothings, Smith Westerns, JEFF The Brotherhood.

Fuck those guys, am I right?

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John French | Jan 31st Score:35

No Spottieottiedopaliscious?!? GTFO the internet.

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#5 Rex Manning Day | Jan 28th Score:37

Sending Chris Brown to jail is probably the only thing Frank Ocean could do that would make the internet love him even more.

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#4 scruffy | Jan 28th Score:54

I don’t see how forcing A$AP Rocky into retirement will help Chris Brown’s career.

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Kevin Broydrick | Jan 28th Score:62

chris brown was all

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Kevin Broydrick | Jan 28th Score:64

and then frank was all

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Kevin Broydrick | Jan 28th Score:67

and then rihanna was just like

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Bobbles Wobblecat | Jan 28th Score:-11

courtney love is better than any annoying nirvana fanatic. fact.

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Felipe Llorens | Jan 25th Score:-11

Franz Ferdinand sucks.

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Rob Casper | Jan 25th Score:-12

dude a double album? WOW! NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!

Posted in: The Knife Shaking The Habitual Details

Tim Curtin | Jan 25th Score:-13

both of your comments here got a bunch of up-votes but imo, your joke wasn’t remotely funny (and i don’t even like the Mars Volta) and your Grinderman comment was just plain bitchy

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Jadran Kovrčavi | Jan 25th Score:-38

Somebody is trying to win “worst comment” of the week.

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Shawn Reed | Jan 30th Score:11

I’ve been involved with underground/indie music for 15+ years playing in bands, touring, running a label etc. and this situation is very serious and could have wide reaching effects way beyond just the music industry. The post office isn’t falling apart because it isn’t needed or not functional its simply because of private interest and the Bush law:, in that law there are rules that don’t let USPS change or diversify to stay more relevant with the times. That law was created by private interest to destroy a public service guaranteed in our constitution so that those private interest could make more money at the expense of the public having to pay more because they cooked the situation unfairly.
UPS and Fed EX want USPS gone so they don’t have to stay honest, USPS isn’t a monopoly but it is a checks and balance related to postage rates and thus keeps Fed Ex and UPS honest. USPS is a public service it doesn’t exist purely for profit as UPS and Fed Ex do. If USPS goes away the price on everything literally all shipping will dramatically go up because Fed Ex and UPS won’t have to adjust to USPS cheaper prices. USPS gets you the cheapest rate because they only have to sustain they don’t have to exist to generate the large profits. The point is USPS is being pushed out so there can be a monopoly.
Those of you who think that digital alone can support the music and media industry in general biggest to smallest you are wrong. Ask anybody who was around in a band, running a record or book store, or putting out music in the 90′s even if the industry is more sustainable now. Its not record labels big to small are sweating it even without the calamity of the postal situation. The internet is a wide network with vast resources of access and information but the economy of the internet isn’t fully hashed out honestly related to it being a non physical place inhabited by physical beings. The internet can’t be the only economy simply because we don’t live inside of it. Institutions big and small in the industry have already died out from Virgin Mega Store (actually supported a lot of indie labels and distributors) to historic labels like Touch and Go. Those things happen but you will see it happen on a mass scale if the postal service and especially media mail goes away. The prices will go up so much the amount of people who can still afford to buy goods won’t be enough to sustain the industry (bands, labels, manufactures, distros, PR, press, etc)
This USPS situation effects stores just as much as it effects labels directly, this is an economy, its like an Eco system, it trickles down and spreads out. This effects all those Ebay and Discogs sellers, book stores, etc. If you like variety if you like a lot of options, lots of music, new music, weird music, fresh ideas, the end of USPS would dramatically effect the amount real art and music being made in the world. If Amazon is the only option on the horizon for mail order goods that seems pretty scary honestly, because not everyone has the ability or access to work with Amazon. Do you want Wal Mart to be your only option for your groceries, clothes etc, its a very similar situation. I personally like my information and art to come from the democratized sources of the many not just the one.

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whatisabadger | Jan 30th Score:1

p.s. the register of his voice that you’re talking about in the first line is vocal fry:


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  2. I think that top three sweep is equal to winning Best Picture, Director, and Actor.

  3. I am proud to be the opener for the visualization of Ocean vs. Brown.

  4. In Canada, we call that the Broydrick Slide.

  5. Can we give Kevin some sort of prize? He perfectly conveyed the story, got the images in order by number of likes(?), and made me tear up a little in the process.

    • for real though, big ups everybody, this is a victory for all of us. special thanks to RJC and Iver for the assists!

      The best prize you could give me would be to check out happy music sad music. This week I reviewed the Jim James album, shared Raptor Jesus’s ’11-’12 Burial sequenced playlist along with a little introductory write-up (cough cough everybody at stereogum other than MTN). you can also stream the new local natives. woot!

      • Thanks for the write-up Kevin! I’m flattered by your kind words (you even got the radio host shout-out in there!) I’d post a gif of how it makes me feel, but I do possess your gif skills.

        I’m starting to agree with you on the “Truant/Rough Sleeper” being superior. Now that I’ve had more time to listen to them it is clear how he has advanced his craft yet again. I’d still have to side with “Kindred” only because it’s one more track and “Ashtray Wasp” is still the greatest thing he’s ever done. Also don’t forget that playlist is vinyl friendly!

        And big ups to everyone for upvoting Kev’s comments in the correct order!

        May your gifs know no bounds sir.

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          • once i realized that i completely hated alice in chains and they were the worst thing that had ever happened to my life, everything just lifted off of me a little bit…

            that was 1996…

            then middle school sucked, but i held inside me the fire that burned with the oil that was the knowledge that alice in chains totally blew, and it made me strong.

            then high school came and i listened to a ton of music i’d never heard before. at one point somebody put on some alice in chains and was like “dude aren’t these guys great?” and i was like “no dude, alice in chains sucks the worst”

            since then i’ve been feeling pretty good, pretty pumped about music, it’s a bit of an oversimplification, but the thing that always comes back to me is how much great music the world has to offer, and how profoundly terrible alice in chains is.

          • You mean my comments always come across as super good and gracious. I don’t use Stereogum to vent about my personal life, my family is for that. I’m actually in the midst of working 6 days a week. Have been for 3 weeks and going to for another… 4 weeks.

            I’m actually pretty bummed but that all changes when I come to this site and see things like Kevin perpetuating my Burial mix. See, I come here to feel better. So the only thing I can ever really do in my comments is express how much it means to me that something as simple as a music blog can make me feel better. Especially since I generally check this site at work, where I’m usually feeling pretty pissed.

            And I’m giving you an upvote just to share the love.

          • I, too, use this site as escape from my anger — Usually if I am particularly perturbed, that seeps through in my words.

            I shouldn’t have written the above, and I’ll attempt to distance my personal anecdotes from my words and thoughts here so that I will not be a human but rather an empty avatar like the one depicted next to my name.

          • Michael_ not in a super good mood??

            STOP THE PRESSES!!!

            Cheer up, bud. XO

  6. Thanks for the pick Amrit!!! But also as a warning, certain people become infinitely harder to listen to after you start noticing vocal fry. Like, don’t ever watch Gallery Girls now

  7. I’d have to say this was one of the best Shut Up, Dude’s ever. That 1,2,3 sweep was pretty incredible.

  8. Those were pretty much the lamest, most generic worst five comments ever on the internet. Step up your game trolls. You’re getting lazy.

  9. Kevin Broydrick you fucking superhero. Show me your gifcave where you keep your delicious images.

  10. Sooooooooooooo…

    R. Kelly headlining Pitchfork Festival? I know ya’ll have thoughts on this! Share them!

    I hear they’re predicting a light drizzle on the day he plays…

    • I’ve always wanted to go to an R. Kelly concert…but I’m super white so I’ve never really felt comfortable enough to go.

      But now, he’s headlining a festival where the other two headliners are Belle & Sebastian and Bjork.

      I’ll fit right in!

    • I’m not against it — A bit surprised? Not really. They’ve always admired R. Kelly, but it shoves their lineup range into a different direction.

      Collectively, I think aside for the year LCD, Modest Mouse and Pavement headlined, the Pitchfork festival never makes much sense. Last year didn’t really have any big power headliners and this year they do with R. Kelly, Bjork and Belle and Sebastian. All solid acts, but not necessarily timely in that Bjork’s last album came out two years ago, B&S’ came out in 2010 (unless they announce a new effort between now and then) and R. Kelly’s last album got a 6.5. The rest of the lineup will just be a cluster of mostly smaller bands they’ve hyped who cost nothing to book and will be weirdly dwarfed in comparison to the top-billed names. Passes are only $120 for three days, but the sets are always really short (around a half hour,) making the Pitchfork Festival one of the rare festivals where seeing all of the small acts they book play clubs for $10 really is the more fulfilling option. Plus, I hear it’s always mega humid in Chi-town that time of year. I’ll take the 105 degree heat in Indio (which I am now confirmed to attend.)

    • A light drizzle!

  11. Props to my fellow blogger Kevin Broydrick for sweeping the top 3/ being an awesome blogger.

    Also, is anyone else really digging the new Frightened Rabbit, or is it just me?

  12. KEVIN!!! Speaking of Kevins we approve of, weren’t we supposed to get a My Bloody Valentine album or something this week?

    • Aw man, don’t remind me…:(

    • This is my favorite Stereogum name ever. I bought a Smush Parker jersey as a joke when he was on the Pistons. Joke was ultimately on me because those things are expensive and everyone forgot who he was the day he was traded. Or released. Both are likely.

      Anyway, I laugh every time I see your name and picture so thank you.

      • Happy to assist. Cause I’m a former STARTING point guard..

        • I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I love the idea of it being true, and that you’re just rolling with it like everybody else it stupid for not understanding it was “really you” from the jump.

          I remember your seasons with the Lakers very fondly, btw…. assuming it’s true.

          • I remember my seasons with the Lakers very fondly too. Has there ever been a more dynamic starting back court than me and Kobe? Good times. Too good to last.

        • do you ever use you name as a verb? like “last night i went out with this broad and i totally smush parkered her?” cause i would if i were you.

    • (from facebook)

      “My Bloody Valentine
      We are preparing to go live with the new album/website this evening. We will make an announcement as soon as its up.”



      • what time zone is evening for them? holy shit this might actually happen!

      • If ‘Gum doesn’t bring back the Comment Party for this, they should just shut it down. I, however, have immense faith that Amrit — whose fashion at one time used to look like what MBV sounds like — has already sculpted a draft for this occasion with words to match the mythical proportions of this event.

        • Website is loading…. ungggghhhh

          • “The service is unavailable.
            Server is too busy”

            It was displaying a “403 error; you don’t have permission” etc. message earlier, so this is progress!

          • Well, it’s officially live now, but the server is overloaded.

          • Some dude on Facebook just commented with all this info. Don’t know if it’s legit.

            “This is the official my bloody valentine website and online shop.

            The new album is available to buy now.

            The album is available in three formats:
            180 gram vinyl + CD + digital download of your choice
            CD + digital download of your choice
            digital download of your choice

            The digital download will be available in the following file types:
            16bit 44.1 K WAV file (cd quality)
            320kbps MP3
            24bit 96 K WAV file

            The price of the digital download only is the same regardless of the file quality and size.

            The vinyl has been recorded, mixed and mastered in analogue. It is manufactured on 180 gram vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve with the CD in a card wallet. The vinyl will be limited due to manufacturing restrictions.

            The CD comes in a gatefold card sleeve.

            The vinyl and CD artwork is currently being finished and each format will have slightly different but similar artwork to the download artwork that will be attached to your download (pictured in main pack-shot on right of screen).”

            1. she found now
            2. only tomorrow
            3. who sees you
            4. is this and yes
            5. if i am
            6. new you
            7. in another way
            8. nothing is”




  14. I think i know who’s gonna get the lowest comment award on the next cycle

  15. I have never won anything in my life until now. I can’t describe what I’m feeling right now. Thank you, guys, you won my heart.

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