My Bloody Valentine - M B V

There was some teeth to Kevin Shields’s promises after all: Tonight, My Bloody Valentine unleash their first new album in over 20 years, the followup to 1991′s seminal shoegazer masterpiece Loveless.

They posted to Facebook (it is fun to visualize them crowding around a MacBook to post): “The album is now live on” The servers are slammed to the point of paralysis — we’ve waited 21 years, and according to their error message we still haven’t earned the “credentials” to access it — but we can share this much: It’s called m b v. And it actually exists. For now, feel free to liveblog your listening experience, family-style, and stoke the envy of everyone getting that 403 error. By Monday, we’ll dig in together. New MBV album is here! 2013 we did it y’all.

UPDATE: Some details…

1. “she found now”
2. “only tomorrow”
3. “who sees you”
4. “is this and yes”
5. “if i am”
6. “new you”
7. “in another way”
8. “nothing is”
9. “wonder 2″

The album is available in three formats:
180 gram vinyl + CD + digital download of your choice
CD + digital download of your choice
digital download of your choice

The digital download will be available in the following file types:
16bit 44.1 K WAV file (cd quality)
320kbps MP3
24bit 96 K WAV file

The price of the digital download only is the same regardless of the file quality and size.

The vinyl has been recorded, mixed and mastered in analogue. It is manufactured on 180 gram vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve with the CD in a card wallet. The vinyl will be limited due to manufacturing restrictions.

The CD comes in a gatefold card sleeve.

The vinyl and CD artwork is currently being finished and each format will have slightly different but similar artwork to the download artwork that will be attached to your download.

UPDATE: Stream the album below.

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  1. Also wanted to add that this has been a tough week – a very close friend of mine lost his mother this week at a much too young age. I just wanted to thank everyone on this thread (and the entire Stereogum community, staff included) for keeping me distracted and laughing, and to MBV for giving me something new and amazing to listen to this year.

    2013 is off to quite a start, lets hope it keeps going this way.

  2. Can’t wait to play this at the roller rink where I DJ. Really mess with some heads.

  3. Oh My god I’m back and so excited to actually listen to this

  4. Wow. Wow. So much better than I was worried it would be. They haven’t been dicking around.

  5. They should have taken pre-orders before releasing the downloads.

  6. Been listening on repeat for a couple hours, it’s amazing! He somehow managed to take this thing in a new direction again. A couple of the tracks are quite weird, but in a good way. Some folks have compared it to Loveless but it sounds nothing like it. The trademark vocals are (thankfully) there and Kevin still flaunts his watermark playing but that’s about it. This record is all over the place in a great way.

  7. Happy early (My Bloody) Valentine’s Day!


    There’s a link to the COS stream there.

    Also, and this is a completely preliminary assessment…. this is not overwhelming….

    • yeah, awesome, downvote me because i linked you to a working stream of the album and i’m not immediately blown away….

      • I kind of agree with you by this point. There’s just no substitute for the feeling I get when I press play on an album with such an immediately great opener as “Only Shallow.” “She Found Now” is certainly pleasant enough, but I’m the type of mbv fan who would’ve liked this album to start with “New You” or something like it. My favorite Loveless songs are “Only Shallow,” “Loomer,” “To Here Knows When,” “Blown a Wish,” and “Soon.” (And I like “Only Shallow” far more for Bilinda Butcher’s vocals than for the noise). I like noise used for beauty, rather than volume, though mbv are good at combining the two. So this album doesn’t quite have the consistent beauty for me that Loveless does.

        But that’s OK, all I realistically wanted was at least a couple of songs to really latch onto, and “If I Am” and “New You” are perfect for me. I don’t think this album is a masterpiece, or as great as Loveless, but I’m fine with that.

  9. “If I Am” and “New You” are definitely my favorites so far, but I’m loving the whole album after a couple listens. I think the 403 error thing was designed to make us all weary to the point where we’d be on the verge of sleep by the time we got to listen to the album. That way it’s easier to just sit back and zone out to it.

  10. Where is the Comment Party?

  11. Talk about headphone candy

  12. Just barely starting my first listen…two tracks in and am in full eargasm mode. So glad this luscious beauty isn’t a 22 year old stinker.

  13. Ughhh I wish I was into MBV ’cause if I was this would be super exciting

    • Surprisingly, this album is a good place to start. Never too late to fall in love with My Bloody Valentine

      • Yeah, gotta say, after everything I’ve read about Loveless and all the hype behind this one, I finally got around to listening to Loveless last night for the first time. I’m glad I did. And this one sure is fantastic as well.

        • I only began my love for the band about 6 years ago or so…but they have ridden their way amongst my favorite bands ever since then. So glad I made that connection in time to witness this release and appreciate it.

      • Hmm I’ll definitely give it a listen! I’ve listened to loveless many times, because of all the crazy hype there is around it and it just never clicked. Which is odd because I totally dig shoe gaze type stuff.

  14. New You….HOLY SHIT.

    Belinda still bewitches me. Hot damn.

  15. This is so fucking good. I’m having some sort of epiphany

  16. so many people are waiting for the pitchfork review to say what they think of the album.

    • Any review published on Monday is just going to be a knee-jerk reaction anyway. I would hope that publications would have the sense to wait at least a week or something to get some perspective, but, hey, this is the internet.

      • Yes, it’s confusing now…. They can review it in the next week already (as they did with No Love Deep Web) or they can wait until an ‘official’ physical release. I hope they’ll (and other publications) stick to the second option.

      • Pitchfork specializes in knee-jerk reactions. That’s why they have to sometimes go back and change their scores (or in the case of Aeroplane, replace reviews altogether).

        • They used to be much more incredibly snarky and pompous but have cleaned up the past few years. I like them and read them regularly now…but still they’re like the Leonard Maltin of the music world. They tend to look at music through almost a collegiate lens with hipster rims….instead of what actually touches the heart and has long lasting emotional impact.

          • Yeah, my first experience with Pitchfork was their very negative review of The Mars Volta’s Frances the Mute, which I really liked at the time. But then I read their review of Interpol’s Turn On the Bright Lights, another favorite of mine, and I mostly liked Pitchfork from then on. It’s best to use Pitchfork as a tool (no pun intended, I guess). That is, use it to get exposed to new music, and try to ignore negative reviews of stuff you already like. Then again, I haven’t listened to The Mars Volta in years. Darn you, Pitchfork!

            I do have an old fondness for the snarky reviews, although I feel like Brent DiCrescenzo was the only one who did it well, while still saying interesting things about the music.

    • FUCK pitchfork. Seriously, they’re crummy opinion means nothing. Glad I heard the album before they try to dismantle it.

      • Oh gosh. My thoughts exactly! Even though I use Pitchfork, and a couple other websites, I will have to take a break from them if this gets anything less than a 9.0. Seriously, what score does this album deserve?

        • I’m pretty sure that Ian Cohen thinks it’s a 5.6.

        • I agree. I am usually pretty keen with Pitchfork, but if this gets below even 8.5 at LEAST… that might be the final straw. I’d be pretty surprised if this gets a low review though. They seem to worship the very toilet Kevin Shields sits upon.

        • Doesn’t deserve less than a 9 but I’d go for the 10. Mainly due to the fact that I’ve had it on repeat since Saturday night. Haven’t done that with an album by any band in years. This is a GREAT record. A classic. It’s def going to take repeat listens for some people. If the naysayers out there give it a chance and stop trying to compare it to Loveless and listen to the album on it’s own merit, they’ll come around. There are lots of new colors on this album that have yet to grace an MBV release. Further listening keeps revealing all these rewarding subtleties that are tucked away in the mix. So psyched this record is finally in the world!!!

          Going back to the rating….. pitchfork has praised some terrible, throw away dog turd acts, bands that can’t hold a torch even to MBV’s pre-Creation releases. Granting those jokers a 9 or better. So even if the consensus is that this new record isn’t as “ground breaking” or “game changing” as say Loveless, it still destroys all the safe, generic music that’s tossed off out there.

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  18. Now we just need a new Neutral Milk Hotel album

    • Yeah, I think it will happen. I think Jeff Mangum is following a similar path to Kevin’s. He has returned to performing, presumably not just to say thanks but also to motivate himself to complete a new album. I would say that Jeff is probably under a bit less pressure too since it has not been as long and in terms of his approach to recording, he is not prone to paralyzing perfectionism like Shields.

    • I disagree. We don’t need new albumf from The Avalanches or Daft Punk either! Nothing will surpass ITAOTS, Sicne I Left You or Discovery. There are already too many artists with screwed up discographies. The Stooges, for exmple, being one. Iggy Pop said they will release a new album this summer. WHO TEH FUCK WANT TO LISTEN TO THE NEW STOOGES ALBUM IN 20-13? Way to ruin such a legacy, idiot… Oh, I’m a bit off-topic here… So, no

      • typos make this even charmer. good

      • The world also didn’t need Michael Jordan come back for two seasons with the Wizards, but he did anyway, goddamnit, and more power to him for it –– he was willing to take a risk, believed it was worth it, and went for it without regard for what people would say. I don’t really care about whether artists can lay claim to having a “perfect” discography or any of that nonsense. If you’re one of these long dormant but revered artists that wants to put out an album, well golly, I think that’s fantastic and I sincerely hope it’s good. If it’s not, oh well. Thanks for the effort.

        Just as no one remembers that shitty Stooges album, scarcely anyone wastes much time ruminating on Jordan’s lackluster comeback with the Wizards and their failure to make the playoffs, and the Kwame Brown situation, and all of that dismal, dismal shit. In the same way, a miserable comeback album has to reach some pretty astounding levels of crapulence to completely besmirch someone’s legacy. Mediocrity doesn’t lessen the impact of the transcendent stuff; indeed, the former tends to be forgotten, and for good reason.

        No one needs new albums from anyone, true, but if someone wants to put something out there, I say why the fuck not.

  19. Just listening to it for the second time and WOW has it exceeded my expectations! I was sure that it could only be a disappointment, but they’ve managed to avoid the twin temptations of trying to make it sound too much, or not enough, like Loveless, instead it sounds like the classic follow up Loveless deserves.

    Also, is anyone else hearing it as a set of three sets of three songs each (m, b & v perhaps?)? The first suite is very much Loveless v2.0, the second is much calmer and all Belinda led and the third is much more forward thinking, a bit heavier with some noticeable DnB influences.

    The 320kbps MP3 sounds absolutely great to me. Obviously MBV in WAV is going to sound exceptional, but I don’t think that makes the MP3 poor (even in comparison unless you have some great equipment) and if you want to listen to it on an iPod etc. then you’ll need the MP3 anyway.

    tl;dr : *head explodes*

    • Just to add to my previous thoughts about the album structure; I just remembered that Kevin Shields said a wee while back that the new album was influenced by SMiLE, which of course was (also?) made up of three separate suites.

    • I also think the MP3 sounds terrific. Then again I was never one to pretend I heard the minute differences.

  20. For those who obsess over sound quality like I do, I just thought I’d mention that buying the 24-bit download allows you lots of options. The Foobar player, which is free to download, does play these files. You can burn them to a DVD-A without altering the files in any way, and if you have a car stereo that doesn’t like DVD-As, then you can convert the WAV files to FLACs with any number of free programs online and burn those to a CD. The quality of the FLACs will be equivalent to what you will be getting on the CD release (1239 kbps).

  21. After being kinda let down after hearing the first several tracks, I was getting ready to make a “Chinese Democracy” crack. But now I’m on the second side and this is BLISS.

    • I think this is very deliberately an album that slowly builds momentum, and even though it came together over a huge span of time, I think it is very much an album in the sense that the songs are intended to cumulatively communicate a coherent emotional message. It’s an album about gradually reentering consciousness after a prolonged dormant state and then finding a way to adjust to and transcend the difficulties of this plane. All stimuli seem more abrasive when one first wakes up, hence the chunky, dry guitar sounds in the first three tracks. The soloing in the outros of only tomorrow and who sees you is painfully beautiful. The middle tracks are the turning point, an opening up of possibilities for the previously overwhelmed individual. The song names, however minimalist and subtle, do seem to support this theory. Tracks 7-9 represent the triumph of the individual’s will and/or spiritual realization that allows the individual to metamorphose into something greater than once seemed possible, an adaptation that guarantees continued existence.

    • Right from the first track I was heavily into this album.

      Isn’t Anything…. Loveless…. m b v… a three album streak as good as if not better than the Bends, OK Computer and Kid A in my opinion.

      • There are very few bands you could compare to Radiohead’s streak without me crying blasphemy (yes, I’m one of those)…but I can agree with this statement.

      • Second go ’round with headphones on and, *wow*, what a difference. I usually like listening to MBV on my stereo speakers just to be able to be blown away by the sound, but where previously I was underwhelmed by the opening track(s), now with headphones on it’s so much easier to appreciate the depth and richness of the tunes.

        Michael Hanna I’m intrigued by your idea of the three parts of this album. Later I’m planning on listening to Isn’t Anything, Loveless, and m b v back-to-back-to-back.

      • Better!

  22. let’s face it, my bloody valentine have pulled off something thought impossible: they put out a great new album that works in context with their past stuff….22 YEARS after the fact. you can play isn’t anything, then loveless and then this and not skip a beat.

    and if you take it out of context of following up one of the most ambitious albums of the last 30 years, it’s STILL good. all the hype, all the buildup (and i’m not just talking the last four years since they started up, i’m talking the few separate times in the 90′s they would say an album’s ready, then scrap it and we never hear from them again), and it really is a good album.

  23. This album is kind of like a time machine back to the early 90′s. I missed this sound so much.

  24. So AOTY, right?

  25. GUYS, This album is fantastic. We’ve got another classic on our hands. Can’t believe they’ve lived up to the immense hype like this. Incredible.

  26. Amazing, simply amazing. Hard to think of much topping this, maybe Deerhunter?

    • Good sir, I am afraid that only a record released by God Himself could top M B V this year.

    • Deerhunter? I’m a fan but there’s no comparison. They pretty much based their sound off MBV and do a cute “watered down” version but MBV slay them on all fronts. Literally crush them.

    • I’m hoping for Atoms For Peace to give it a run, but I find myself thinking nothing can touch this album for 2013.

  27. Holy shit this is so fucking good. It’s like they never left… how does this happen 20 years after the fact? I do not get it. Amazing.

    • In summary:
      -This album is wholly fantastic; not one track disappoints.
      -It fits in really well with the rest of their discography but also feels like a progression. I think it’ll make a good entry point for new MBV listeners, but it’s great to experience it as a new work after thoroughly digesting Isn’t Anything, Loveless, and the EPs years ago.
      -Kevin Shield’s creative trajectory is significantly different than Axl Rose’s.

  28. Wow, Michael_ has it rough.

    Anyways, I’m getting the album now, so very exciting.

  29. Wow! This was a GREAT album! Holy dy-NO-mite! Vicious, cerebral, beautiful, restrained, poignant, ugly, brittle, tension, gnarly, radical, translucent, lovely…and the most wonderful part is that this IS an instant classic record. No debate ( go ahead and try and die trying). It’s one of those albums you hear on first listen ( ala OK Computer, My Beautiful Dark and Twisted Fantasy, Elephant, Funeral) where you just KNOW its in the best of canon. Best of the year? No doubt. Best of the new decade…certainly. Best of all time…I’m hedging the very comfortable bet of very very likely. A stunner! And I love how towards the end it accelerates into a mushroom cloud of white noise, aggressive tension, kick ass bouncing over the wall trip-hammer rhythms and then boom…. Ladies and Gentleman, we are floating in Kevin Shield’s space. Respect it :)

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      • Are you the obligatory snide a-hole on forums? Everyone needs one. If so, welcome to the fold.

      • Here’s a quote I pulled up from you just for kicks=

        “I care about writing posts that are satisfying to me in the moment, self-expression that is cathartic or is somehow funny to me. That has already been said. I am a perfectionist about everything, and I’m nothing if not long-winded.”

        My question=are YOU ok?

        • I’m fine, and you won’t find a bigger Shields or mbv fan than me. I just think your post was a bit cartoonish. It’s almost impossible to be hyperbolic about an mbv album, but you may have actually done it. It read like you flipped through a thesaurus and wrote the first twenty random adjectives you saw. It was either that, or you came dangerously close to overdosing on stimulants. As for that random post of mine, I was explaining my reasons for posting on here (particularly length posts), which contrast starkly with a lot of other people’s. There are a shocking number of people on here who post things because they really care what some stranger in cyberspace thinks about them, they think they are forming lifelong friendships, and/or they think something they type on here has some lasting meaning or impact.

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          • my question…is why does it matter to you?

          • and look I didn’t mean to sound rude, but I am a musician and I get radically excited about things I’m passionate about. If I talk in ghetto thug slang, high brown pitchforkian drivel or whatever, its just kinda rude to write “Are you ok?”. Let’s leave it at that and just enjoy this damn fine MBV album, eh? Peace

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          • Hanna’s being an asshole again. You know what that means!

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          • Michael_  |   Posted on Feb 3rd, 2013 -2

            Michael Hannah vs. raptorjesus for the WWE title — I’m having creative book the match for Wrestlemania (Stereogum Comment Section Version) because I really can’t see this storyline going in any other direction come April than having the guy who despises self-congratulating lengthy post culture taking on the current upvote babyface at the top of the mountain who thrives on it.

          • I had every intention of stopping the turtle gifs, but then you had to go and take a dump on some guy’s enthusiasm. Just trying to maintain a battle between dick and turtle.

            oo._ / \___/ \
            /_// \\_\ 8======D

          • well that didn’t work. it was supposed to be a dick and a turtle.

    • I should clarify I didn’t mean this record as best of ALL time…but possibly among the best of all time. I have no doubt :) This album is flawless.

      • Michael Hanna as my daddy often said, you are the “King of Assholes”. Enjoy the title!

        • Hey so I didn’t think I be in my first stereogum verbal jab with a mr hanna, but I guess i payed too much attention to caring about a random dude’s zealous ill natured concern for my flowery ‘drug addled” posts about one of my favorite bands and my excitement therof. I don’t think I’ve “argued” in a forum since I was in the 9th grade. I love stereogum and you guys are a cool lot. I don’t dig condescending jerks though but since I’m a fragile musician I guess I’m entitled to write against the bully like mentality of getting pantsed online by some random feller. I usually have a better class then to call anybody an asshole. Sorry Mr Hanna. Diatribe over. Resume enjoyment of M B V, best album over.

          • Michael_  |   Posted on Feb 3rd, 2013 +3

            What’s happening is that everyone is being very territorial and making it out to be like they are the only ones who are in love with My Bloody Valentine, they are the one and only experts about their music and thus, this entire comment section has in turn played out like the scenario I predicted it would be with everyone wanting to take this album out on a nice date unbeknownst to them that they were going to have sharing the pretty lady with hundreds of other qualified individuals.

            I’ve read one too many times throughout here people claiming that others’ comments are trying to ruin their m b v experience. To those people I say that the only person who is ruining your m b v experience is you for being so juveniley selfish in believing that you are the only person in the world who would be excited for this moment. Not trying to ruffle any feathers here, but I feel like some of the attitudes being slung around here are no better than circa 2000 emo kids who are throwing fits because the popular bro or the weird kid or the pretty girl just walked through the school doors wearing a Get Up Kids shirt, and they were supposed to be “your” band that was all yours.

          • needless cat fight by two guys trying to make points that are totally subjective. Only on Stereogum.

    • No it’s not.

      Yes, it is a fucking great album. And will likely be in my top ten of the year; it’s only February, so I’m not calling it just yet. HOWEVER, it’s not classic. Those first three tracks just seem out of step, like leftovers from Loveless. This is not to say they are bad, but they take away from the sense that this is a singular statement of an album. It’s really only on the fourth track when this album comes into it’s own. From then on, it’s amazing.

      But no, it’s not on par with the albums you’ve listed. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it as much as you have, though I feel there’ll be a bit of a comedown.

      • Dude, the album is comprised of three distinct suites of music that each serve a purpose in the grand scheme of things. There is a kind of emotional narrative going on, and those first three songs set the stage for the three that follow. This album has been plotted and sequenced carefully. If you’re not looking for any deeper meaning than what each individual song has to say…then yeah, I guess all you would get out of it is that these three sound different than what follows. The middle three also sound different from the last three, but without any supplementary commentary about the corresponding emotional narrative, that too is a meaningless observation. Oh the pain of trying to get people to think a little bit about the concept of “the album” in the iPod era…

        • throw us with your acumen and superfluous elaborations on nothingness…kind of like my well meaning post you insulted…so we are even…idiot.

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          • I am flattered to have written the “worst” post on the mbv thread ( subjective only to yourself). And indeed my major disorder is my inability to ignore irritating trolls as yourself. I am immensely grateful and proud to be myself. I hope you find a peace in yourself that enables you to retire the “asshole” persona. I am sure its merely a front for your condescending narcissism. Good day amigo.

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          • Dear heavens, you’re a mega troll! Are you bored? Wow. Good-Bye.

        • > Oh the pain of trying to get people to think a little bit about the concept of “the album” in the iPod era…

          Jeezuz, thanks for the condescension.

          I still think that the first three songs feel fragmented from the rest of the album.
          I don’t hear it as three suites, but as three songs at the beginning, followed by a cohesive album.

          Don’t talk to me about “the album” in the iPod era motherfucker. It’s only a minority of the time when I am NOT listening to albums in their entirety. So don’t come here and try and tell me how I listen to music.

          You don’t know me! You don’t know me!

          • Mr Hanna is the surly “professor” so convinced of his superiority that its as humorous as it is sad. However I’m just as dumb for engaging in his lovely trolling. I don’t mind some good natured contention over which Smiths album is tops, ect. But oftentimes when someone has a sociopathic streak, they take it out quite expressively. And I’m the idiot who squandered keystrokes talking to the mean spirited pompous professor :)

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      • I disagree. For me, the first three songs work well with the rest of the album and are really strong on their own. Only Tomorrow is especially phenomenal—really catchy and at once hypnotic and invigorating—and my favorite album track at present.

        It’s probably too early to call m b v classic, but if so, it’s definitely too early to say it’s not classic. All I know is that the first several listens have been highly pleasing, and I’m eager to hear it again the moment it’s finished.

    • listen, i love the album, but it’s the beginning of february. maybe we should hear other people’s albums before we start yelling out best of the year or definitely the decade. and of all time? let’s….slooooow down.

  30. Okay I’m a freaking idiot. I added the album to my cart like four times but I don’t know how to get to the Checkout. Any help please? I’m still stuck in the Loveless era.

  31. This is exactly what I need for my hangover Sunday.

  32. I just remember turning out the lights and laying on the floor of the ol’ Mary Markley dormeroo and playing only shallow and to here knows when and soon relatively loudly. So I pretty much love the MBV, but is it possible that we’re over doing this? You know, I don’t know if it matters. It is fun to be excited about some little thing for once in awhile. Good show.

  33. After my first listen I’d have to say “In Another Way” is the standout track.

  34. Still on repeated listens and it never gets old. Everything gets fresher and more exciting with each spin :)

  35. I think it’s good, but I can’t tell because my mind melted into the couch as soon as those guitars sawed through the ether

  36. I’m in love with the album, but I’m honestly not sure if it can compare to my former love of the mythologized version of the perfect album that would never actually make its way into the physical world.

    Which is to say, while I’m extremely happy that this album exists and is now on my hard drive and iPod so I can listen to it whenever I want, I am still feeling a strange disappointed sensation that this album now exists in reality rather than the idealized world of mine and millions of other peoples’ imaginations.

    • Hype and expectation is a BITCH. Nothing lives up to it.

      I’m just glad that I ended up with some reverse expectation due to my overwhelming desire for it to be perfect being punched in the groin by my fear that it will suck. I was pleasantly surprised when it was indeed a good album, and much MUCH better than I feared. Perfect? Well, it’s not Loveless. But it’s the logical, amazing follow up! I’m sure time will ease your/our expectations into a pure love.

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  38. Dear Michealunderscore,

    Cool name,

    Have you heard the new My Bloody Valentine record? I have. I came home last night after hanging out with my middle aged successful friends. I smoked my mediocre marijuana (sp?), put the record (LP) on and let it play.

    Surprisingly, I woke up to the SAME RECORD playing in the morning while my attractive girlfriend was making me open-face toast topped with a poached egg (which was delightful) when I suddenly thought to myself:

    “My goodness, that person they call ‘Michaelunderscore’ sure has some sand in his vagina!”

    Upon realizing this ultimate truth, I took a sip of my heineken light, smoked my mediocre weed, and said…

    “I remember my first time commenting on ‘STERE0GUM!!!?”

    …… And everything was right in the world. Michaelunderscrum, I hope that one day you can remove the giant twig from your ass and listen to the brand new My Bloody Valentine record. It’s on vinyl, too. It sounds more pure that way. Maybe it will change your mind. If not, I will buy it for you on vinyl, so that (if you choose) you can listen to it, act like you don’t like it, and comment about it on the internet.


  39. I’m really upset with myself because I don’t really like it at all :(

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  41. One doesn’t need to read Simon Reynolds to realize that retromania has been a propulsive engine in pop music history. Nevertheless, there was a time where going forward and breaking new musical frontiers were some of the most readable narratives of pop’s libretto. And guess what? All of its protagonists had a fucking guitar on their hands. When it was released in 1991, My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless was obviously received as a great and colourful chapter of an on-going history previously written by innovative bands like The Beatles, Can, Joy Division, The Smiths and the Pixies, just to name a few. What we didn’t know then was that it would be the last. My Bloody Valentine’s new m b v is a shock, not only because two decades of waiting made my generation pretty suspicious about anything that came out of Kevin Shields’ mouth, but because it personally made me realize that two decades of Britpop, rock’n’roll revivalism and electronica flirts really didn’t quench my thirst for some loud, kick-ass, innovative and experimental guitar mayhem. My Bloody Valentine: thank you for reminding me that.

  42. Obvious (albeit superficial) criticism: 22 years and that’s the best album cover/title you could come up with?

  43. Is it me or is the overall volume of this album really low?

    • Then it would be exactly like a Loveless CD rip! That is probably a good thing- means it isn’t brickwalled.

    • Knowing Kevin (not that I actually know him) it is recorded in Dynamic Range/Analog instead of what has become the norm, Compression/Digital. Meaning that like Loveless you can turn this up as loud as you want and not lose one shred of detail from the track. His albums are meant to be played on hifi blaring at you, Immersing you in its cloud. So I suggest you take out the headphones and turn it up!

    • loveless is mixed low too, and yeah, Kevin has said that mbv was recorded in analog. The result of Kevin’s approach to mixing is that you can turn the album up as loud or louder than most albums without there being sound distortion. mbv albums also seem to have a way of expanding and revealing dimensions of sound as you turn up the volume. I had loveless forever before I liked it, and the reason was that I did not have it up nearly loud enough. It not only changed the way I listen to music; it also made me realize that a lot of modern music is poorly recorded and mixed.

  44. Why is everyone tripping over themselves to rush their initial evaluation of this album out the door? It’s one of the best albums of all time! No it’s not, it’s messy! No, the first 3 songs are boring! No, the LAST two songs are boring! Jesus, y’all. Chill out and spend some TIME with this. This is MBV we’re talking about. Layers upon layers upon layers. You let your personal relationship with this album unfold and reveal itself gradually.

  45. Wait, did this really happen? I chose the wrong weekend to to go camping with no internet. FUCK ME.

    • nah, camping is far better than engaging in a real-time online circle jerk wherein you shout from the mountaintops how this is the GREATEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR (in february?) while trying to avoid mentioning the unspoken reality that you’re really just saying that in large part because of the backstory/band involved.

      camping is awesome. it’s totally fine to listen to this on monday. you made the right choice.

  46. This album is massive from start to finish. Enough with the Loveless comparisons, people need to get over it. The first three songs are absolute killer. Only Tomorrow is such a fantastic tune. That guitar melody in the outro, it’s sick. Almost has a glammy Roxy Music vibe about it. It doesn’t sound anything like what they’ve done before. The only similarities are the vocals and Kevin’s trademark playing style. They’re doing what only MBV can do and it’s a welcome breath of fresh air.

  47. Alright, I’m about 6-7 listens in and I feel the need to say…

    This is an EXCELLENT My Bloody Valentine album, it perfectly captures their idiosyncrasies and does so in a way that feels challenging but accessible. I don’t really understand people talking about it as a “progression”, because it’s pretty obvious to me that this is boilerplate MBV, this album could have been released 2 years after Loveless and nobody would have seen it as a huge step forward sonically.

    OK so now the hard part. If this album had been made by any other band (and I understand this is kind of a useless hypothetical because MBV is SO of-a-sound) would the reception be this warm? Would this be an AOTY candidate?

    I think there are some incredible highlights on this album (and would say “she found now” is actually even better than it’s being given credit for), but “nothing is” and “wonder 2″ are NOT GOOD. If I’m wondering if my mp3 player is skipping that DOESN’T MEAN IT’S A GOOD SONG JUST BECAUSE IT’S MY BLOODY VALENTINE.

    I’m sure I’ll catch some flack for this assessment, but that’s ok; I did not have hugely inflated expectations for this album, and those expectations have been met, but not exceeded. All-in-all…

    • Don’t give up on those two tracks. I love them.

      I hope you come around to like this album. I really do.

      • Half of what is enjoyable about mbv is their mastery of texture; nothing is is basically an awesome experiment in texture and disorientation disguised as a simple, hard-charging rock song. To me, it feels like being propelled toward the sky through during some sort of cataclysmic hailstorm. Hopefully, you are using the term “mp3 player” the way that some people say “Coke” when they just mean soda. If you really are listening to mp3s, it’s no mystery why the album’s two most interesting textural experiments are not really doing it for you. wonder 2 might actually be my favorite on the whole album. I was thinking that the next mix I make for somebody would end with that. I wanted to hear guitars do things I had never heard them do, and boy, Mr. Shields delivered.

        • *wav player

          i do love all soda though

        • I agree. Listening to “wonder 2″ over and over again, I find myself thinking this isn’t a great “song” necessarily. But it is an AMAZING experience of texture and soundscape. On that note, a good majority of my favorite MBV “songs” are favorites because of the hypnotizing textures, not their inherent melody or chord structure, etc. That’s one of the main reasons this band sits apart from so many others. This isn’t the greatest album of all time by any means, but it’s a superb continuation of everything I love about the band. That’s all I wanted. That’s what I got.

    • The track I don’t care much for that and have a difficult time believing took 21+ years to conceive is “is this and yes,” but one track doesn’t represent my perception of the album as a whole. I’m surprised that no one is really discussing how quiet this album is using Loveless as a reference point once you get to its mid-section. I would say after repeated listens, a fair assessment as to how good m b v is at this point in time, it’s as rewarding of a comeback as Portishead’s Third was.

    • You’re disappointed that your expectations weren’t exceeded, and that’s it? So if you expected it to be total crap and it ended up being just kind of crap, would you be happy?

      • My bad, you did point out your expectations weren’t that high.

        What I will give you is that this album’s reception has a lot to do with nostalgia. True, it sounds like it a logical, if not a tad expected, follow-up to Loveless. But in 2013, sounding like it came straight out of ’93 is part of the appeal. Is it as revolutionary as Loveless? No…but then again we’ve had 22 years to build that hype. I do think it is a very solid record, though, regardless. Being the second best album in a MBV catalog is still pretty damn acceptable to me.

    • nothing is will be a divisive track. I don’t blame people for not liking, though I personally do. wonder 2, on the other hand, was bold, beautiful, and breathtaking the first time I listened to it. m b v is no Loveless, but it smashed the shit out of my expectations and I think we’ll still be talking about and listening to it in three months. Only time will tell if we can throw words like “classic” around.

      • For me it’s already a classic :) Can’t stop playing it and the album gets stronger and more ingrained in my brain with every listen. I don’t recall this happening with another record since I was a teenager. What a welcome sigh of relief this record is! Have had a smile on my face since first hitting play.

    • Ill agree with you on nothing is and wonder 2. especially wonder 2, because everyone seems to be tripping over this particular song.

      I dont know, all these years of listening to noise/experimental/ambient/insertwhateverobscure genre records have kinda spoilt me. I dove straight to wonder 2 and i was like, what is that it?

  48. I don’t know a single person who instantly adored “Loveless” on first listen. It can be so disorienting and complex — especially if you aren’t really prepared for it. Similarly, it feels sort of wrong to try to judge this album after just a few listens.

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