My Bloody Valentine - M B V

Kevin Shields’s internet connection seems to be in better shape at the moment, as folks are getting through to and actually downloading My Bloody Valentine’s new album m b v oh my god it’s all happening. So while you wait for your download to cue up and pull down, or while you continue contending with 403 server errors, enjoy this gift from the band: an official stream of the sublime opening track from m b v. Recommended if you were wondering if they’d pick up where they’d left off, or if they still had that thing.

m b v is an actual album that we are listening to, right now. Good job everybody.

UPDATE: Stream the whole album here.

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  1. my god, it is so gorgeous and dreamy as ever

  2. So amazing and somehow worth the wait

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    • No, we’re annoyed with you because you’re spoiling what could be the biggest night in alt-rock in decades with histrionic hissy-fits that will get you nowhere. Yes, downloading things illegally is of questionable moral merit to say the least, but your repeated angry rants without any substance except for your desire to display your superiority will get you nowhere. Grow up.

  4. Hush. Just enjoy the music.

  5. ‘new you’ is definitely going to be a single.. or THE single methinks.. so gorgous

  6. and gorgeous. although i have to say, ‘nothing is’ is kind of a mind fuck

  7. Quite a difficult listen but not as much as I used to find their music. Wish they’d do more stuff like No More Sorry and Lose My Breath. Truly otherworldly.

  8. Well this was all fine and good, now where is my second Avalanches album?

  9. It’s more enjoyable than their old stuff simply because of the production, and I’m not knocking any of there old material.

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    • I agree. No packaging costs, no distribution costs, etc. Digital download only should be less than half that. It”s all profit. They have no costs at this point other than paying for the servers. $16 is a joke.

      • No costs? They broke even on the last tour, and they just started what will be a world tour. They also have to pay the people who helped bring this thing to fruition. Kevin was not by himself in the studio all the time. Everything to do with this album and tour is out of their own pockets. The WAV download is $16 because most people are going to pick the 24-bit download, which is the vinyl audio. Kevin obviously doesn’t think releases should cost less because they are digital, and I agree. As it is, you get somewhat of a discount on one of the two or three items if you buy one of the other packages.

        • From Pitchfork’s 5 essential MBV clips, with regards to Fuji Rock Fest – “Shields noted in 2008 that the band spent $366,000 on equipment for these shows” lol

  11. Magnificent!

  12. the album of the year has come

  13. Tremendous. The album is incredible, start to finish.

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