Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires Of The City

As Pitchfork reports, Vampire Weekend teased the title of their forthcoming third album Modern Vampires Of The City in a New York Times classified ad over the weekend, and now they’ve confirmed it. The album, already teased once, is coming in May. The album title comes from something that the reggae great Junior Reid wailed on his oft-sampled classic “One Blood.” We’ve already heard live versions of the album tracks “Unbelievers” and “Everlasting Arms,” and now you can see the album’s tracklist below.

01 “Obvious Bicycle”
02 “Unbelievers”
03 “Step”
04 “Diane Young”
05 “Don’t Lie”
06 “Hannah Hunt”
07 “Everlasting Arms”
08 “Finger Back”
09 “Worship You”
10 “Ya Hey”
11 “Hudson”
12 “Young Lion”

And here’s that NOTICES & LOST AND FOUND ad:

Modern Vampires Of The City ad

Modern Vampires Of The City is out 5/7 on XL.

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  1. very excited for this!

  2. chicks dig them

  3. I dig chicks

  4. between this and the return of fall out boy, what a great day for music. :)

  5. chicks dig vampires.

  6. love the album art.

  7. Here’s hoping that “Ya Hey” is a cover of “Hey Ya” in reverse.

  8. That typesetting of the album title is truly awful.

    • would you prefer 96 point Futura?

      • I love Futura. Hell, it’s what caught my eye when I bought their first record.

        That script is used horribly though. Unless of course the designers intention was to cram everything so tight together it becomes borderline illegible. If so, he/she did a good job.

    • It would be truly beautiful if they pulled a Led Zeppelin IV and nixed the typography altogether. At least get rid of that obnoxious album title.

      • It would be truly beautiful if they pulled a 2 Live Crew and “simulated” sex with chicks on stage during shows.

        The Zep cover would be cool, too.

    • Maybe they went with that in hopes that it would hide the stupid name of their album. Like them, hate the album title.

      • Seriously? People really like that title? I think it’s terrible. The name of the band is VAMPIRE Weekend, why the hell would you use VAMPIRE in the title of your album. And it’s clunky and awkward, too. Modern Vampires would have been better. Or Vampires in the City. Modern Vampires in the City just sounds like they’re trying too hard.

  9. The album title could easily be mistaken for a new novel by Bret Easton Ellis.

  10. Hope they don’t get sued by the City of New York for using this photo as their album cover :\

  11. A Vampire Weekend In The City Modern Love

  12. Jesus, they have the best album art. I’m counting down the days till 5/7.

  13. Guess that huge vaporous watermark didn’t deter them from violating copyright on this latest album cover. Those guys are bold.

    Check out this great Vampire Weekend t-shirt – can’t wait to rock it at Sasquatch.

  14. That title sounds like a cheesy teen romance novel. I am happy for the new album though.

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