Apparently, the American automotive industry isn’t doing that badly, since Lincoln appears to be spending a whole ton of money on a new series of reinterpreted art pieces called “Hello, Again.” And as part of that campaign, Beck and the great music video director Chris Milk are teaming up for a new version of David Bowie’s “Sound & Vision” that promises to be pretty spectacular. According to Beck’s website, the version includes an orchestra of 170 musicians: “Playing on a specially constructed circular stage and working within a multi-directional sound environment, the performance will experiment with the possibilities of perspective and sound movement surrounding the audience.” Watch a preview video below.

The performance will be up online 2/10.

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  1. Lincoln was in even deeper economic decline than the other motor companies and is currently trying to rebrand–hence the name change from “Lincoln” to “Lincoln Motor Company.” Not sure how effectively this massive musical project will improve their bottom line, but who cares. This project looks impressive.

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