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  • The Flaming Lips Release Love Songs In Chocolate Human Heart
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The Flaming Lips are no strangers to releasing music in unconventional formats — heck, they’ve already released music inside human body parts made of candy — so their ’13 Valentine’s Day treat shouldn’t really come as a huge surprise to anyone: The Lips are releasing a compilation of love songs, contained on a USB stick, and packaged inside an anatomically correct chocolate human heart. The chocolate itself was created by Dude, Sweet Chocolate in Dallas, TX, and each box includes signatures from Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd. They sell for $60 a pop — that is, they were selling for $60 a pop, but they’re sold out already. So unless you got in early, you’re probably gonna have to go with a traditional heart-shaped box this V-Day (i.e., Courtney Love’s vagina). Meanwhile, you can check out two songs below, as well as the tracklist for the comp, which will surely be made available sans chocolate pre-Feb. 14.


00. “Valentine’s Theme 2013 Greeting”
01. “Love is Mind Control (featuring Stardeath And The White Dwarfs)”
02. “Be My Head”
03. “Can’t Exist”
04. “Hit Me Like You Did The First Time”
05. “Let Me Be it”
06. “Moth In The Incubator”
07. “Sunship Balloons”
08. “Thanks To You”
09. “Spiderbite Song”
10. “When You Smile”
11. “With You”
12. “Pompei Am Götterdammerung”
13. “What Is The Light?”
14. “Just Above Love”

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  2. This is the Future Heart – the uncredited source of these videos. Just want to point out last I heard they are not sold out in the store, only the online orders. Also, these hearts tie into a charity event to benefit children’s heart research next Saturday (at which you can win one).

    More info on this and a whole bunch of other Lips updates (full “Stone Roses” LP remake, video with Bon Iver, Zaireeka on four vinyl records etc) is at

  3. a flaming lips love song compilation with no “satellite of you”?!?!?!?

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