Companion - "Only" video

Companion, the new chamber-pop project from the seriously gifted singer Pepi Ginsberg, releases its self-titled debut album today. Late last year, we posted Companion’s “20th Century Crime” video, and now here’s an even more striking clip for “Only.” The video, from director Bridget Palardy, shows what happens when a mob of dancers takes over a beach at sunset. Watch it below.

The self-released Companion is out today.

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  1. I love these amazing women!


  3. This is so beautiful! I am pretty floored by the choreography, concert and over-all awesome-ness of this video. So creative and interesting. I want to go dancing on the beach.

  4. Pepi looks amazing on the close-up….until she’s “bitch-slapped” by 18 sexy beach nymphs ;-) (I think that’s my favorite moment…).

  5. this is wonderful-dancing on the beach…just beautiful!

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