Lust For Youth - "Chasing The Light"

Swedish synth-head producer Lust For Youth released his Growing Seeds album last year (check out “It’s You“), and now he’s getting ready to release a new 12″ single called “Chasing The Light.” It’s a stark, brutal, lo-fi bit of synthetic postpunk that reminds me of the Normal. Vår’s Loke Rahbek contributes backing vocals and additional production. Listen below.

The “Chasing The Light” 12″ is out 2/19 on Sacred Bones.

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  1. The name of the other person who makes up the other half of the duo is Hannes Norrvide, by the way!

  2. Lust for Youth brings nothing original or interesting to the table. We’ve heard all of this already from synth punk and new wave bands that were actually breaking ground years ago. Why are so many music outlets suckers for derivative shit? Is there some kind of PR mandate going around where people have to cover this garbage?

    Let’s try harder not to celebrate rehashed fashion and move on.

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