Al Pacino as Phil Spector

Well. Hmm. Uh. Listen. I didn’t play Michael Corleone in the Godfather movies, so I can’t claim to know more about acting than Al Pacino. But I do know a couple of things about music, and I can make an educated guess that production innovator and noted scumbag Phil Spector, during his murder trial, did not talk exactly like Al Pacino in full-on gravelly Scent Of A Woman scenery-munch mode. Apparently, Al Pacino feels differently! Because judging by this trailer for HBO’s forthcoming Phil Spector movie, this thing is mostly going to consist of Al Pacino doing an Al Pacino impression while wearing a series of ridiculous wigs. I’ll probably watch it! Check out the trailer below.

Phil Spector debuts 3/24 on HBO, and season three of Game Of Thrones can’t start soon enough.

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  1. The casting choice merely reflects that Phil Spector, while known mostly for the wall of sound, also possessed a marked tendency to interject a “HOO HAAAA!!!” or two into most conversations.

  2. As I was watching the trailer I thought Phil Spector was playing Al Pacino.

  3. I imagine the sheer difficulties involved in casting a band as dull as Starsailor explains why they are avoiding depicting his last production work…

  4. It’s hard when a famous actor is playing a famous person. If you want to see a protrayal of Phil Spector in which you feel that you are with Phil Spector. Check out

  5. Most of these comments are about how self-refrencial Pacino’s performance is to past parts he has played. If you want to see a performance that continually breaks new ground, check out Solomon King as Phil Spector. Why wait until March 24th-stream it now at

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