James Blake

James Blake, the King Of Post-Dubstep, announced a new album for the spring called Overgrown — which is what, perhaps, a lot of his CMYK early adopter fans think of what’s happened to his tunes. He also debuted a new track “Retrograde” just now on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show. Check it out below, and let us now in the comments how you think it stacks up with his ever-evolving catalog.

Overgrown is due out 4/8 via Republic.

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  1. It’s super cool to shit on James Blake right now, but this is pretty good. It’s admirable to see someone with his amount of success continuing to move in new directions.

  2. to me, this is the closest thing there is to growing up with new Dylan records.

  3. Ain’t bad, just want that CMYK and Klavierwerke back.

  4. Really loving this song and the direction Blake has gone since ‘The Bells Sketch’. I don’t think he’s released anything subpar and that Trimbal song Confidence Boost was pretty amazing too. Can’t wait for this album.

  5. Wow, that was pretty awesome, if the rest of Overgrown sounds like that I’ll be a very happy bunny. It’s great to see an artist trying so many different things and hitting the mark on all of them. I’ve loved everything he’s done from Air & Lack Thereof to now.

  6. this is really fucking gooood

  7. This is fantastic. I’m glad to hear a little more lyrical content and less of the mantra like structure of his previous original work.

  8. This is pretty chill. I’ve always felt bad for shitting on this guy with the worst review I’ve ever written.

  9. Oh man, when those synths came in full force around 1:40, I totes went from half to full chub.

    Yea, good tune.

  10. Really like it, but it seems truncated and abruptly ends. Wish his songs were fleshed out a bit more.

  11. pardon me while i change my trousers…

  12. Reminds me of a track that would have appeared on Radiohead’s Amnesiac.

  13. The doctor is in!

  14. Holy shit this is fantastic. It’s like if Toro y Moi’s latest was given two bars of Xanax and just chilled.

  15. I am really enjoying 2013. Everyone is bringing their A Game.

  16. Yes. 100% freaking yes. I could not be more excited for this album…

  17. I get such goosebumps when this song kicks in. I’m SO excited to hear more.

  18. I didn’t even listen to this with good headphones and I’m diggin it. His voice is so choice.

  19. I love his voice and his wonderful ability to write songs that exploit it perfectly.


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  22. I want to sing this on karaoke.

  23. A masterpiece. Finally.

  24. I think James Blake was worth about half the hype he was given with that last album. Half of the songs were incredible, the rest just ok. Mostly style over substance. Having said that, it was such a sweet style and the good tunes were so good, that I can’t wait to see what he brings with this one. Here’s hoping it’s a full album of killers.
    I really like what this tune suggests.

  25. Not that I think this song suxx, but I was reminded of this about 15 seconds into his main vocal:



  27. Anyone want to conceive a child to this with me. Ladies?

  28. how can you shit on JB? constantly pushing it forward. this is the appropriate direction. everybody saying “durrr i want more CMYK” shit was 3 years ago. guy could stick to making incredible demo studio experiments but why do that when you’ve got the talent to make a fuxed up banger that your mom would get low to if she could just find a man to take her out of her comfort zone. your dad better smarten up.

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