Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Push The Sky Away

Push The Sky Away, the new album from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, is a quieter affair than its predecessor Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! or the two albums that Cave recorded with his Grinderman band, but it’s not necessarily any more forgiving. Instead, Cave and his collaborators have crafted some lush, gorgeous songs that positively drip with filthy dead-eyed back-alley scuzz. The whole album, more or less, works as an extended hymn about being a dirty old man. We’ve posted the early tracks “We No Who U R” and “Jubilee Street,” and now the whole sticky thing is streaming online. Listen to it at The Guardian.

Push The Sky Away is out 2/18 on Bad Seed Ltd.

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  1. I could not have summed up PTSA better than “The whole album, more or less, works as an extended hymn about being a dirty old man.” Indeed.

    Way more of a grower than his past few (Bad Seed) outings, and with a few questionable lyrical spots. Still, the more I listen, the more it sinks in. Nick Cave is one creepy, pervy earworm master.

    • “with a few questionable lyrical spots”

      Well put. I was on-board for “We Real Cool” until the Wikipedia line at the end. Sometimes lines like that really work for him but I’m not feeling this one.

      It always sucks when artists try to shove in a lot of lyrics and end up compromising the melody.

      • YES. That and “Water’s Edge.” I pretty much have to skip it because of the repeated “Search for the word and reach for the speech” lines which kill me.

  2. old men music… meh

    • If this what being an “old man” is, count me in. Also, please include day scotch, retirement and saying inappropriate things to young ladies without getting arrested.

  3. “Mermaids” is the highlight for me. One or two duds on here after the first listen, but I like it overall. Only time will tell.

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