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Superblizzard Nemo is upon us, and hopefully you are reading this from someplace warm and dry, ears wrapped in My Bloody Valentine’s tremendous return, m b v. That was our must-hear album for a busy week that brought news from Beyoncé, Vampire Weekend, and James Blake. We also ranked Sleater-Kinney’s discography, deconstructed the Mars Volta, listed Les Savy Fav’s 10 best songs, and defended Mumford & Sons, who may have a big Grammy night ahead of them. We’ll be watching Sunday night, and if you’ll be too, join us here for a Comment Party. But first, see who won this week’s Shut Up, Dude below.



Tim Jarvis | Feb 5th Score:29

i do?

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#9 rubberjohnny0829 | Feb 3rd Score:29

uh oh man. i got banned for saying that word a while back. better watch yoself! see rubjon is a changed man. rubjon has reached enlightenment. for the time being at least (or maybe i’m just hammered)

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Michael O’Neill | Feb 2nd Score:29

IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#7 honlads | Feb 2nd Score:30

Got a feeling I’ll be listening to the new Avalanches album when the site’s fixed.

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Alex Sobel | Feb 2nd Score:30

I’ll probably just listen to it, myself. But I’m old fashion like that.

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Ian Benson | Feb 1st Score:30

I think that top three sweep is equal to winning Best Picture, Director, and Actor.

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#4 SubSickAlien | Feb 2nd Score:36

ok, who here is under the age of 22 and is pissed cause you’ve been waiting for this all of your life?

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Kevin Broydrick | Feb 1st Score:39

first, second and third

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#2 rubberjohnny0829 | Feb 2nd Score:47

Enjoy life bro. Be like tyler. He gets hate all the time but he still loves his life. And guess what, I just upvoted your comments. What’s that? RJ’s a good guy? Why yes, Stereogum, old RubJohn is a good fuckin guy.

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#1 crania americana | Feb 4th Score:60

Here’s hoping that “Ya Hey” is a cover of “Hey Ya” in reverse.

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#5 Michael_ | Feb 2nd Score:-26

Thanks for having my back, Amrit, and taking the link down.

(See, while you were all bitching at me and being greedy, I took to Twitter and informed team ’Gum of the travesty that was going on. Your welcome, Kevin Shields.)

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#3 Michael_ | Feb 3rd Score:-30

And I swear to the God you don’t believe exists, I will now make your life on here a living fucking hell, kid. I will make you hate coming on here from now on, because you have royally peeved me off in a sincerest way to a level that even the petty comment bullies like Michael Hannah cannot even match. At least those people can be up front with their vitriol, but yours is the most fakest and manufactured form of all since you do nothing but try to save face and come out looking like a hero. It all makes me believe that your real life must suck worse than mine, your pathetic piece of shit.

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Adam Gelatt | Feb 2nd Score:-40

y’all are massive faggots for not giving credit where credit is due.

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#1 Michael_ | Feb 2nd Score:-46

Raptor Jesus Christ, it’s just a fucking album. You phrase every comment on here in such way to get the post upvotes all the time now, and — wow, I know how Michael Hanna feels now about people like that.

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drgonzo | 2:19pm Score:1

Ah, who doesn’t yearn for the days of mass poverty and national malaise. Those were most assuredly the days.

So in other news, I’ve been going through some really rough shit recently, including a nasty oral cancer scare. Had a bit of a breakdown last night, lots of crying and bargaining and listening to Nick Drake, that sort of thing. Went to the dentist, turns out I don’t have cancer (inflamed lymph material and a natural growth apparently), but I did have to have a wisdom tooth pulled. So now I’m in a shit ton of pain, waiting for the hydro to kick in, and I just wanted to say, thank you Stereogum for always being there to cheer me up. It means a lot to me. I know, cheesy. But I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Oh and of course, thank you Based God.

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vandertramps | Feb 4th Score:2

“But we’re also lucky that last night had arguably the best halftime show since Prince tore it down a few years ago”

thats funny because right after the halftime show was over my dad’s exact words were “that was the worst shit i’ve seen since prince!”

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  1. This is completely unrelated, but I wanted to ask you guys: what’s with pre-Fergie Black Eyed Peas? I just downloaded Bridging the Gap, and it’s all self-serious, and kind of… good. I’m perplexed. Were they actually considered promising artists at that time, or do I just have very low standards? (BTW still love the later stupid stuff)

  2. Wait, there’s a superblizzard? I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean (I don’t think I’ve even been in a normal blizzard before), but hopefully everyone stays safe.

    • I just got home. We have a State of Emergency going down and a ban on driving now in place, with hefty fines to those who break it. So, of course, my work place’s head — being the considerate, rational, not-cheap-at-all business owner she is — vocally refuses to acknowledge it, cursing up the state government, and says if you want to leave, you can, but you don’t get paid for it because she’s not telling anyone they can go home. That’s how incredible fucked up the place I work at is.

      If you ever wonder why I come on here to escape from life, but am emotionally wrecked most of the time where I go off on amazing downvotable tangents, that’s about 80% of the reason behind it.

  3. Michael_ boggles my mind

    • You know how sometimes you watch “wacky interviews” and the subject is saying things that are crazy, and at first, you’re laughing, but then you stop for a moment and start to get genuinely concerned that maybe there’s something serious going on with this person that is making them behave this way?

      That’s how I feel about Michael_ at this point. I’m worried that something is seriously going on. The Internet shouldn’t make anyone this mad, especially not if its a site you frequent and (supposedly?) enjoy.

      • Because there are times where I’m not in a Rainbow Brite mood on here, I’ve felt it best to be honest about what causes those occasions (one alluded to slightly in the above comment.)

        Right now, I’m not happy and probably too lonely than a person my age who is otherwise physically and mentally active should be. I wouldn’t categorize it as something as serious as being “depressed” since I function quite well in life, but I’ve got a lot of hang ups right now in leading a fulfilling life on top of trying to revive my social life in a location where it’s nearly impossible to do so. I’m definitely doing my best to put on a face and tough it out, make things better, etc. but I can’t sit here and say eveything’s cool. Sorry about that.

        • for what it’s worth, I’m not trying to shame you or anything. I do hope things start to come together a little better.

        • I gave you my fair share of “What the hell?!” thoughts and probably called you some names in my head when I read through some of your ranty comments this past week, but I’ll give you props for explaining. It shows a good set of balls and a good level of transparency, too.

          I tend to be one who doesn’t waste time getting offended by or arguing with other internet people, but I think people who do have an obligation to balance out the negative with positive. And I think you do quite a bit of that. So, Michael_, we’re cool.

  4. all hunkered down with food and beer and music. we’re supposed to get like 2-3 feet up here in Maine, but you know our state motto: “It’s just a little snow, fuck you, go back to Massachusetts.”

    This week on the hMsM I had a conversation with Raptor Jesus about the new m b v record. Would love it if y’all would check it out. Hope everybody stays safe up in this northeast piece.

  5. Against me_

  6. #2 Worst Comment deserves the #1 spot. We didn’t give credit where credit is due….

  7. I always thought the level of intensity stopped at Blizzaga. I guess Superblizzard is a newer addition.

  8. Can I talk my shit again?

    • talk your shit son, because i already tried to post this but i’m awaiting moderation because i also included an HILARIOUS gif….

      all hunkered down with food and beer and music. we’re supposed to get like 2-3 feet up here in Maine, but you know our state motto: “It’s just a little snow, fuck you, go back to Massachusetts.”

      This week on the hMsM I had a conversation with Raptor Jesus about the new m b v record. Would love it if y’all would check it out. Hope everybody stays safe up in this northeast piece.

    • You were always welcome to talk your shit, little buddy. Come here…

      • You mean it? So the threats to make my life a living hell was only a bluff?? I was afraid to call you on it…

        • I feel guilty now if you took me seriously. You always come off sounding like the most innocent-hearted person on here and I’m all, “RAWR!” How many babes you got lined up at your door this weekend?

          • By the looks of it 30 people took you seriously.

            Well if I come across innocent-hearted it’s because I actually like making friends on Stereogum. I got to meet two people from this site at concerts in just the past few months and I got to have really memorable conversations with both of them (not to mention Bjork sighting!). And then the whole conversation with K-Broy was a blast and that was an even more fun way to enjoy that new m b v album.

            So I keep the “RAWRS!” to myself because at the end of the day, it’s not worth getting all worked up on a music blog.

            Regardless: Apology accepted good sir. Although I’m still not toally convinced this isn’t a tarp…

          • I like making friends also, and am actually starving for some these days. Instead of “fighting” y’all, perhaps I should be moving to do the opposite.

            Thanks for the perspective, raptor.

          • By the way, why hasn’t a TinyChat room or whatever been made by now for the Stereogum community to communicate in real time? I’m not saying it should actually be one that carries the Stereogum name on it or endorsed by the site, but it would blow my mind to actually find out donnytilla is actually a 34 year old Polish woman or something.

          • Michael, nigdy nie powinno się domyślić kobiety wiek. OBVS!!!!

          • *beautiful 34 year old Polish woman

    • Hey, both the RJ’s are back!

      • I posted this already, but because the post included two links, it’s still awaiting moderation so I am just going to write it again: RubberJohnny has officially entered the Twitter world (@rubjohn0829,) and even though he hasn’t tweeted much so far, I can tell it’s going to be one worth following. Thanks for the shout out, RubJohn!

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  10. First appearance! I wanna thank the academy the city of Paris for building the Eiffel Tower in my GIF, and crappy internet servers for making my comment relevant. :)

  11. Man, this week sucked. I was out in the woods when m b v dropped. I was too busy to listen when I got home, so I put it on my iPod and saved it for a 5 hour drive I had to take on Tuesday for work. Halfway through the album my iPod quit working, and I was stuck in Spokane for three days with no new My Bloody Valentine. Since getting home, I’ve still been too busy to properly sit down and enjoy it, and now I feel left out and sulky.

    • No worries. It’s pretty dense, but you have ~22 years, give or take, to fully absorb it.

      • Thanks! I’ve got Monday off, so tomorrow night is stay-up-late-and-immerse-myself-in-mbv night. With drinks. So many drinks. Cause it was that kind of week.

    • And…I’ve done the deed. Finally listened to all of mbv, over and over, all night, while I slowly dissolved into a lovely state of fuzzy drunkenness.

      As for the album itself, only time will tell how it holds up to Loveless in my opinion, but it made for a perfect night and that’s all I needed for now.


  13. Been a great week for music.

  14. Just had a thought… Most men wish they could suck themselves off. Doesn’t mean they’re gay, they just want to feel it. So… I wonder… If a lady is like bi or lesbian… do they get off sucking their own tits? :D Of course I’m just joking. On the other hand, I’ve seen women sucking their own breasts in porn movies.
    So I assume their actually are women who do this. A minority… but I’m sure there are some.

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