The Strokes - "All The Time"

We’ve already heard the shockingly synthy and falsetto-laden “One Way Trigger,” our earliest taste of the Strokes’ new album Comedown Machine. But the first proper single, “All The Time,” isn’t out for another week or so. Thankfully, a Strokes fan site points out that Amazon already has a preview of the track. And judging by the 30 seconds we’re allowed to hear, it sounds like a classically tense and swaggering Strokes song. Check it out at Amazon.

Comedown Machine is out 3/26 on RCA. The “All The Time” single is out 2/19.

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  1. The song should be getting a proper debut on Zane Lowe’s show sometime this week. I’m sure there will be rips popping up.

  2. Sad we’re at a point with these guys where I hear guitars and think “Thank God.” Their recent output has us settling for anything that sounds even nostalgically similar to Is This It.

  3. Sounds like the catchiest thing they’ve written since Juicebox.

  4. It’s very hard to judge anything from a clip this short, so this is very speculative, but I think the clip sounds worryingly banal. Hope I’m wrong! I actually like One Way Trigger a lot.

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    • emulate the white stripes?? better bands – the vines?!?

    • The Vines better than the Strokes? Sorry, no. Is This It and Room On Fire are masterpieces.

    • So any band with “The” in their name is a quick cash grab to emulate The White Stripes s/t? Man I just lost so much respect for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Smiths, The Clash, et. al.

    • Your comment(s) are moronic beyond belief. You can’t seriously expect anything you’re spouting to even have a modicum of value or relevance, right? And its the “Modern Age” E.P. They ripped off The White Stripes? And The Vines are in the league of The Strokes? Sure The Strokes may have gotten off the path a bit with their past few albums that were synth-influenced, but clearly you have zero idea what you are talking about. If you have a valid argument, get your basic facts and your basic grasp on REALITY hashed out first!

    • FYI, anyone who tries to make a serious point but uses the words “poo poo” is going to be immediately ignored by me.

    • I agree that the Strokes are a one trick pony. They didn’t have much to offer after that second album, just a few songs scattered across otherwise uninspired releases. Glimpses here and there. But I have to disagree regarding the White Stripes dig. The Strokes were already a lot bigger than the Stripes when they started to break. Not saying the strokes were a better band but the stripes definitely would not have received the attention they did had it not been for the monstrous press machine that launched the Strokes into the stratosphere, which in turn ignited the media dubbed “garage revival.” And the Vines? That band was mediocre, overrated – forgettable. There were groups from NYC that destroyed them. Unfortunately, many of those hometown bands were overlooked since the strokes were the poster boys of the time.

    • That’s just about the weakest anti-Strokes rant I’ve ever heard. So if Julian’s dad made pizza for a living you’d like their music better? Take the songs for what they are; there’s no need to trash anyone based on where they came from or who their parents are. There are a zillion variables that contribute to a band blowing up and it’s silly to fault the artists for having a few in their favor or taking advantage of the resources available to them.

      Even if they were “unfairly” promoted over other NYC bands, well, just because someone helped you get your foot in the door doesn’t mean you aren’t busting your ass to keep it there.

    • Yet another dude mad about Casablancas’s dad. Jesus, guy, if you’re going to whine about them whine about the quality of the music. The whole privilege angle has been beat to death, no one cares anymore.

      • The whole privilege “Angles” you mean :P

      • Mad????His dad basically bought them their 3 record contract with RCA. That’s not something you read about since liberal media mags like Rolling Stone and Spin or what have you will basically whitewash that fact since they are so down with capitalism and of course the casablancas are millionaires. To note as well, yes the whole The THE band craze was not instigated by these guys. The Hives started it out of Sweden and brought the first taste to England and then American shores. Then somebody basically thought it would be cool to go back to basics rock ( which was cool in the era of nu-metal) so thus The Strokes were conveniently brewed up in your big label chamber of commerce. Of course, they didnt turn into the next nirvana or the next Coldplay ( who write INFINITELY more compelling music and make their use of synths vital instead of pasted on) but were able to keep their campy tribute to television going for a few years. It was a nice ride but i wish it ended. And yes, say what you will but The Vines were approached by Phil Spector himself and he is/was a massive fan! Put that in your gummy pipe and smoke it! So h8trs beware, the real THE THE bands that matter arn’t the strokes- its the hives, the vines and to a lesser extend the white stripes. Strokes are just carbon copy trendiness disguised as legitimate indie rock. You all buy it. Sheep.

    • Corky Anderson. incredible name. fresh first post.

      Also, the vines were, OBJECTIVELY, better than the beatles and rolling stones combined. and Beethoven who was so shitty he couldn’t even hear good.

  6. not sure an amazon 30 sec snippet is worth posting as a news. I understand there’s a lot of expectation but please, we all know the sound quality of amazon previews is crappier than any radio rip or demo recording …

  7. I see they’ve taken the preview down now.

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