Purity Ring - Grammy Soulja Boy Cover

I thought that the biggest head-scratcher of the day would go to Beck and his enormous cover of “Sound And Vision” but I believe the honor goes to Purity Ring for their rendition of Soulja Boy’s “Grammy” — bonus points for such a timely release. The one-off applies the band’s ambient pop to Soulja’s original and Megan James pantomimes his verses as naturally as possible, but it’s hard not to get stuck on certain words like “trick” and “droptop” which sound so out of place. It works for the most part, though, and when it comes to pop groups covering rap, anything is better than this. Check it out below.

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  1. What is this i don’t even…. wait, whatever this is I need it.

  2. She should sing like that more often it sounds good.

  3. Awesome opossum and awesome post..EXCEPT the link to the supposedly awful cover is secretly awesome as well.

  4. This is stupidly good.

  5. I feel that this could have easily been a Rihanna song. Hm, now all I can think about is Rihanna covering Purity Ring.

  6. dang i heard them perform this live recently, everyone was commenting how great this new purity ring song sounded. now i know

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