Beach Fossils have already given us “Careless” and “Generational Synthetic” from their upcoming sophomore effort, so we know that we’re in for another dose of their sparkly pop. Now you can stream the entirety of Clash The Truth before it hits shelves next week. Production on the record was done by Ben Greenberg from the Men and Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead makes a vocal guest appearance. Stream the album below.

Clash The Truth is out 2/19 via Captured Tracks.

(via Hype Machine)

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  1. This is everything I wanted it to be and so much more :,)

  2. They gave us “Shallow” too, yo.

  3. Wow, “Sleep Apnea” is stupid gorgeous.

  4. With the direction demonstrated on What A Pleasure I thought this album was going to be something great but instead I just find myself disappointed. I think losing John Pena and Zachary Cole Smith has really hurt BF. The songs are boring, I find the spoken word part in ‘Clash The Truth’ somewhat embarrassing and while I thought the Shallow/Lessons 7″ was really good, Dustin Payseur hasn’t been able to replicate this enough across the album. He said somewhere that he wanted this to be a harder and faster album, but all that he’s proved with Clash The Truth is that ZCS is a far better songwriter.

    • Michael_  |   Posted on Feb 12th, 2013 +1

      I didn’t realize ZCS was out of the picture altogether now. When did that happen, do you know? I feel like he was still with them when they wrote “Shallow,” but maybe not the rest of what became Clash the Truth.

      I agree with what you said. It isn’t entirely bad, but Payseur made a big deal about this album being an aggressive shift for them, and it really isn’t much of a shift at all. ZCS’ guitars missing are like the Smiths without Marr.

      • Hey Michael_,

        I was under the impression that he left somewhere in the middle of 2012 around the time that Oshin came out (wikipedia has him listed under ‘past members’ and other articles I’ve read refer to him as a ‘former touring guitarist for beach fossils’). I find it pretty interesting that he may have helped write ‘Shallow’ as I think that that is one of the strongest tracks on the album.

        I feel that Payseur has plenty of good ideas but that his best songs are the ones where he has allowed others to develop them (Pena/Tatum/ZCS).

        • Michael_  |   Posted on Feb 13th, 2013 +2

          That’s interesting. Usually there is a news story that comes out that via the indie news sites that will disclose his departure, so I always just assumed he was sticking with the band regardless of DIIV. I think as late as November of 2012, they were referring as the dude from Craft Spells who is now their new full=time guitarist as their fill-in, but until I looked at their Wiki page, I wouldn’t have known that to be confirmed. Thanks for filling me in, and I agree — Payseur needs a little support system to develop his ideas.

    • Also, whoever just voted me and Michael_ down, ummm isn’t the comment section somewhere for people to discuss their thoughts? Neither of us are baselessly trashing on the album, we’ve both rationally provided our opinions and backed up our points with evidence. Essay writing 101.

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