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I’ve never watched an episode of the Fox cartoon Bob’s Burgers, but apparently they have songs on there sometimes, and then sometimes indie bands come in and cover those songs. Last year, the National covered the show’s Thanksgiving song. And now the show is launching a video series called “Bob’s Buskers,” in which those musicians will appear in videos with the characters whose songs they’re singing. First up: St. Vincent, whose take on “Bad Tina” is just a straight-up catchy alt-pop song, and who looks pretty weird in the show’s chinless art style. Watch it below.

So should I be watching this show? Please be honest, and please understand that I have two kids and not that much spare time.

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  1. This show is one of the best animated shows Fox has had since MacFarlane pretty much dominated it. Check it out. You can’t really go wrong with a cast like Kristen Shaal, Eugene Mirman, and H. Jon Benjamin.

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  3. Bob’s is definitely worth it! Funny, story driven, good hearted, sometimes a little crude, but always delightful. Pretty much the antithesis to the MacFarlane snark fest that is the rest of Fox sunday nights.

  4. Generally hit or miss. When it’s good it’s unique and when it’s not it’s just boring. It has some very funny characters and quirky camera moves that I haven’t seen in other shows, but if your life is too busy as it is, you’re not really missing out.
    In terms of FOX Sunday night, I think American Dad! has (shockingly) taken the place of funniest overall show. Thoughts?

  5. Bob’s Burgers is far and away the best of Fox’s animated offerings, and it’s far, far more suited for kids than American Dad.

    • It’s 2013, and we are long past the point in history where anyone culturally aware thinks of cartoons as something that are necessarily something for kids. That said, I can’t stand anything Seth MacFarlane does (the exception being his appearance on Saturday Night Live). There is always just the barest semblance of a plot, and yeah, sometimes there are parts that are funny, but anybody who tells jokes nonstop for a half hour will eventually say something funny. Seth MacFarlane himself has said that the “writing process” is akin to throwing darts at a wall, and the shows definitely feel aimless and disjointed. There is this odd assumption among people in this country that any humor that references pop culture and is mean-spirited MUST be cutting edge. The reality is that it is much more difficult to write something humorous that also has heart and something thought-provoking to say about our society or something universal to human beings. The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers are part of that writing tradition. South Park is as well, although it is much more satirical. While South Park is almost always at least as extreme as MacFarlane’s shows, the difference is that a lot of South Park episodes push the envelope content-wise in the interest of making some satirical point or at the very least, furthering a wildly creative storyline. What humor there is on MacFarlane’s shows is no more sophisticated than Terrance and Phillip.

  6. mom, stop being a boob punch….

  7. I seriously love this show. The voice acting and timing is just hilarious, the characters are lovable, and there is almost always a good lesson or story told in an episode.

  8. The show is okay, it has gotten better. I think Simpsons and Family Guy are still hands down funnier than the FOX cartoon and I’m not talking about the strength of their entire run, I’m saying still on any given sunday the simpsons and family guy episodes will probably be better than the rest. I know it’s not too popular to like the two most popular shows or the shows that members of a fraternity are likely to like, but even though everyone has different tastes I find it hard to believe that most people on here wouldn’t chuckle if they gave a simpsons or family guy episode a chance without assuming it’ll be “too dumb to laugh at”. I don’t think this would fall into my top ten cartoons currently on tv, but t definitely can be funny and its usually tolerable at worst.

    • Just curious, though I doubt I’ll get a reply, but I’m curious if the thumbs down is due to the unrelated gif, I’ve been curious lately to how people respond to unrelated gifs when attached to real comments that are actually related. If it brings people’s attention to the comment and makes them more likely to read it, if it distracts people from the comment, if it deters people from reading the comment because they dislike that there is an unrelated gif or because they assume the comment is also unrelated or not worth reading, or if it adds a smile to the end of a comment, or if the unrelated gif has no effect on the reader.

  9. > I’ve never watched an episode of the Fox cartoon Bob’s Burgers.

    You are dead to me.

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