The Strokes - "All The Time"

Well, this is more like it. “One Way Trigger,” the first song we heard from new Strokes album Comedown Machine, was a keyboards-and-falsetto curiosity, but now they’re back with the new “All The Time,” and they suddenly sound like the Strokes again. It’s not like the members of the band are ripping off their younger selves on “All The Time,” but they have tapped back into the ineffable swagger that made those first records such dorm-room staples. “All The Time” is a buzzing and muscular rock song with a deeply satisfying central thrum and just enough vulnerability. We already heard a quick burst of the song, and now the whole thing is below.

Comedown Machine is out 3/26 on RCA.

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  1. stroke me. stroke me. really excited for this album now.

  2. Love it. Still feeling reserved about the album as a whole (especially after NME’s track-by-track rundown), since this was supposed to be the one “classic” sounding song on the record.

  3. My body is ready

  4. Alright Strokes…are we gonna be good or bad? Can we decide already?

    Great song.

  5. Michael_  |   Posted on Feb 13th, 2013 +1

    I think that its quite rock steady, a fashion they wear better than the new wave threads they’ve been sporting with lukewarm results in the past two releases. It doesn’t sound like millennium buzz act Strokes though, either — I get a very late ’90s guitar-heavy modern rock feel that’s more on par with the Foo Fighters’ mid-tempo tracks.

  6. This is pretty good. The problem is that if the Strokes didn’t exist, and this was a debut track from a different band, it certainly wouldn’t blow anyone’s hair back, and it wouldn’t really create too much of a stir in terms of hype.

    • it’s actually not a problem because it’s not a debut track from a different band

      • I wish you were different, Tim.

      • THANK YOU TIM. People rely too much on hyper factors now a days. “Will it be as good as their last?” “Its not like the old stuff!!” Is it a good fucking song? Ok, then shut up and be done with it. We over-analyze the fuck out of everything nowadays.

      • Tim and Cody – you’re missing the point, which is that context makes a difference in subjective appreciation of art. This song is FINE, but without the context of the Strokes’ previous releases, it wouldn’t stand out from the multitudes of other rock songs released in a given year. Cody – if anything, I’m under analyzing it and saying that as a song MINUS THE ‘HYPER FACTORS’ it wouldn’t be enough to get attention. Read and think before you get all haughty.

  7. digging this pretty hard. i see it kicking off many a future strokes gigs

  8. totally MOR

  9. It’s good, but I actually prefer One Way Trigger.

  10. I can dig it. I hope the rest of the album sounds more like this, and less like “One Way Trigger”.

  11. I’m actually pretty surprised that people think this is particularly good – Julian’s slurring his speech so much that he sounds drunk, the vocals are super muddled (and not in a good Is This It or Room on Fire kind of way), and the instrumentals aren’t nearly as lean, limber, and interesting as the first two albums or the best songs (You Only Live Once, Machu Picchu) from the last two. I know people are aching for the Strokes to be “back”, and this may have their “classic sound”, but if you listen to it against anything from the first two albums you can tell how painfully forced and mediocre it really is.

  12. duly noted: the drums and guitars should eat less fatty foods and stretch before each performance.

  13. We are pavlovian slaves for the signature down-stroke sound. This is decent but way too short and not really that interesting. I actually prefer One Way Trigger.

  14. sometimes a guitar solo is just a guitar solo

  15. Still too early to tell. This could sit in the right spot amongst the full album, almost like a palate cleanser.

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  17. It sounds like a classic Strokes song (always a very good thing), but it does not sound like a classic Strokes single. It is fine, but whereas Under Cover of Darkness sounded like a particularly good classic Strokes song, this just sounds kind of like a middle of the road classic Strokes song. I was kind of hoping the single would have more punch. However, I’ve barely listened to this song, so my opinion might change.

    • I was going to comment about the song, but then I saw aristotle had basically posted exactly what I thought. So…see above I guess.

  18. Great song. Fairly rough sounding (relatively speaking). I’m just worried about the whole NME track-by-track thing, but then again, it is NME

  19. I like both songs so far, but I don’t think they’re anywhere near as good as the best stuff from Angles.

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    • Ah come on, you know you don’t believe that.

    • Then you should probably check out the ‘Room on Fire’ album. You’re in for a treat!

    • Of all the FIOE tracks, you pick Juicebox? For shame. “You Only Live Once” is one of the best songs the band EVER wrote.

      • And Razorblade, Red Light, Evening Sun… FIOE’s problem wasn’t a lack of good songs IMO, it was overlong and poorly sequenced.

        • Yup. Red Light is still a great closing track, but everyone hates it because Evening Sun comes just before and is so damn boring. (I happen to think that the harmonizing guitars on Red Light are, like, some of the best harmonizing guitars of all harmonizing guitars. Fucking joyous.)

          • who’s everyone? Evening Sun is a beautiful, loungey, sad song with some really nice imagery in the lyrics

          • I exaggerate a little, though I am always surprised at how many people include Red Light when listing the “crap” FIOE songs. I dig Evening Sun’s lyrics, and I even like the song well enough, but it doesn’t work (for me) where it is on the album. (The truncated playlist of 10 tracks I made from FIOE moves Evening Sun to the first half, for what it’s worth.)

  21. that was extremely underwhelming and boring.

  22. It’s not bad. I liked “One Way Trigger” better though.

  23. Julian doesn’t sound cool enough. :(

  24. I like it. Loving the melodic guitar line in the “all the time” pre-chorus bit.

    I wish we had a “real” copy; these muddy radio rips, while nice for a first listen, really start to grate after a while. I think the song will have a bit more punch when it’s cleaned up a bit, i.e. isn’t a low-quality rip.

  25. Nice, if this and One Way Trigger are anything to go by then Comedown Machine should be awesome. Agree with Michael_ that it has a bit of a 90′s vibe to it. Sounds like it could have come from an album they didn’t release between RoF and FIOE.

  26. If it was an album track, I wouldn’t delete it … if it was a single, I wouldn’t download it. But I like it, all the same. Somehow…. i like Trigger more. Dunno why

  27. I wanna know what D-Tits thinks of this!

    • d-tata here. thanks for caring.
      you know, I’m really feeling at a loss here. It’s not because I’m angry, or sad, or even mad or glad. To be honest, I don’t know. When I heard one way trigger, i was pumped. AMPED. That’s what I wanted 100%. Weird, but new wave. I should be honest – last nite is not my favourite song. when i put on is this it, i have never gone directly to last nite. it’s just there and does what it does. this reminds me of last night, but in a less fun way. the problem is the chorus. i don’t need a hit chorus. is this it is not an album of infectious choruses. this song was written for that chorus. hard to explain – no chorus. 12:51 – not really a chorus, i mean really. it just plows forward. i like it, but i liked julian’s solo output better. but this is good, it’s just maybe too thin lizzy. i know julian mentioned in interviews he wanted that direction for the last album. maybe its great and i just need more time.

      Look, I know people have to change. I get it. I accept it, and, shit, I welcome it. Gotta move forward. Gotta push the game forward. but this doesn’t do that. not that it had to, but it doesn’t. it’s dece.


      • Hard to Explain’s chorus is the ‘i missed the last bus, you take the next train’ bit. i definitely hear thin lizzy in UCoD and Gratisfaction but not as much here, which i think is a good thing.

        • no i know the chorus in hard to explain, i just preferred that style of chorus

          i just don’t like the chorus. it takes away from the verse, and i love the verses/bridge. its got nice momentum and then its like “oh shit chorus?” rather then, “ahhhh shit theres a lil chorus let’s keep this gravy train movin boyz yeyeye pantaloon, pantaloon” where the latter is more of an is this it chorus you know? maybe its just the chorus riff i don’t like. whtaevs.

    • First of all, I was also looking forward to D-tillz’ review of this track (as were, I’m sure, many others) and I think maybe he should have a guest column to review stuff. I would read such a column.

      Second, I agree with everything he wrote. This song is not bad, but the chorus is the weakest part of it by a mile. And ‘Hard To Explain’ is the best.

  28. I agree with the few here that are surprised by the reaction to this track. This is n no way a bad track and this could definitely be a song on a great album, but it seems like people are so excited only because they were so scared of the direction one way trigger was heading, but as comforting as it is to some people that this sounds like some other Strokes song it’s exactly what makes it not a really exciting track to hear for me. Good fun song and it definitely doesn’t have me scared of what is to come, but neither did one way trigger

    • I personally wish they would recreate Is this it? or Room on Fire. I respect the fact that they want to nurture creativity and grow as artists, but they had a terrific formula and I just wish they could integrate that classic sound back into their music. That said, Still Love the strokes though no matter what. Still a fundamentally great band.

      • It just seems like a re-creation could never lead to a great album. It could lead to a listenable album and a lot of time to me re-creations actually tend to dull the greatness of the original album.

        • honestly, its an ok song. Good. I’m just not as impressed by what they are doing these past 3 albums…and I am a BIG strokes fan. But we havn’t heard the album yet, so…..true verdicts can’t exactly be made yet I think.

  29. Weird. It sounds like somebody else, but I can’t quite place it. And it sounds like The Strokes, but not quite. I like it well enough, but I may have liked the last one more

  30. i kind of view this as more of an album-closer, deep-cut kind of track rather than one of the first singles, but i like it enough to still be excited to hear the whole thing

    and even though i like the direction they’re headed, it’s nice to know they haven’t let go of their old sound – maybe that was the point of putting out this song

  31. I will preface my comment on the song by saying that I love ITT, ROF, and even FIOT, and really enjoy Angles. I also know Julian can still write great songs because of that damn cologne commercial. However…
    Both of the new tracks are only mediocre for the Strokes and have no business being singles. The issue with One Way Trigger isn’t the songwriting (it has a catchy melody, fun vocals and breaks, and a great solo) it’s the production and mixing.
    The issue with this All The Time is that it’s built around the chorus, which is actually the one part of the song that isn’t good. I was stoked from the opening and pre-chorus, but the chorus is rather boring.

  32. I kinda like it, but I don’t think It’s a single. I don’t care for the chorus at all. I think I like ‘One Way Trigger’ a little more. I’m keeping my expectations low for the album.



  34. Sounds like the strokes

  35. So happy The Strokes are back and can’t wait until March 26th to listen the whole album!

  36. Great great great song! I hope this means the rest of the album is just as good or better. Either way March 26th cant come soon enough!

  37. Loved One Way Trigger. Thought it was a brilliant departure and exciting new direction for the band. I’m quite a bit less excited now after hearing All the Time. I happen to think it sounds exactly like every other Strokes song I’ve ever heard. What’s the point if you’re not going to push yourself in a new direction?

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