Pennsylvania indie-pop band the Ocean Blue released their self-titled debut album in 1989, fresh out of high school. After producing five full-length albums and recording consistently for 15 years, the band went on hiatus after the release of their 2004 EP, Waterworks. But now, they’re back, with a new album, Ultramarine, due in March. We’ve got a new single from that album, now: “Sad Night, Where Is Morning?” combines the ultra-pop aesthetic of Beneath Rhythm And Sound with the dreamily melodic (though equally melancholic) moaning vocals of Cerulean. Check it out.

Ultramarine is out 3/19 via Korda Records.

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  1. When I click on that, I get “404 not found”.

  2. They played a couple shows about a month ago, one in Chicago. They sounded pretty good. Couple hiccups, but they hadn’t played together in a while. I don’t think they did anything from Davey Jones’ Locker or Waterworks, but they hit a fair amount of the other four albums, and the new stuff sounded good. Probably the only band I’ve ever seen two shows from more than 20 years apart.

    I also get a pretty strong Cerulean vibe from the last Lotus Plaza album.

    • Correct, they did not play anything from DJL or Waterworks. They did play “Sad Night, Where Is Morning,” which I thought sounded very good.

  3. The band lost a big step when keyboardist/sax Steve Lau departed after Beneath the Rhythm and Sound came out. This song sounds like a sister companion to Slide off of the See album, nice stuff.

    If they ever brought Steve back it’d be really fun to see if they could get back to the sound off those brilliant first three LP’s. Speaking of, does anybody know what Steve has been up to, dude was good.

    • Oed Ronne has done some pretty good stuff with them, but they do miss the keyboard a bit in the live show. They piped it in on a few songs last month. And a guy from the opening act (Starfolk I think?) came on and played the sax part on drifting falling.

      I actually think I remember hearing that Steve Lau was getting into DJ-ing and dance music, but that was a long time ago, and my memory may be rusty.

      • Yeah, I liked Oed’s work on See, certainly did a nice job with a lot of the filler stuff that Steve was so brilliant with in the space that the band provided with their songs.

        Did you ever hear why Steve left and why they’ve never worked together since? Seems like enough time has passed that creative differences would be trumped by the ability to play some fantastic music together again.

      • Pleasantly reminded of Steve’s last songs with the band on this cold Valentine’s night in the upper midwest. If you haven’t dug up Ice Skating at Night in a while its worth a re-visit.

        Steve’s keyboards are lush and gorgeous dancing throughout the entire song, definitely one of the banner songs in their catalog for me.

    • Steve created and ran “Kinetic,” a subsidiary of Sire (I believe), and pumped out some pretty big name DJ’s/Dance artists after he left TOB. Now he has started up a wine company, “Volta”.. well-designed/aesthetically pleasing website. http://voltawine.com/

      A live version of “The Relatives,” by TOB, on youtube (1993) is visually glitchy, but Lau really stands out with backing vocals and keys (in a great way); a lot more ethereal than on the album.

      “Sad Night, Where Is Morning.” Thoughtful name for a song; great song.

      Just to add: Mittan is a great bassist.

    • This one probably sounded a little more Cerulean to my ears. For the Steve sound, check out “Blow My Mind,” also from the forthcoming Ultramarine. Sounds right off TOB debut album.

  4. good song…. the opening bass line reminds me of New Order.

  5. This song is pretty good. Can’t wait for the album in another month. Fan since the first album came out in ’89. The would have made it big if it was released 5 or 6 years earlier.

  6. yes! This sounds like the Ocean Blue. Nice song, good production. This is what I was waiting for. Nice!

  7. The Ocean Blue are finally back… i really like the track…

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