Lana Del Rey - "Burning Desire" video

Well, here’s something the comments section should love. Back in September, we reported that Lana Del Rey is at the center of a new ad campaign for Jaguar’s new F-Type car, and that she’d recorded a new song called “Burning Desire” for it. That song now has a video. In a lot of ways, it looks like a standard LDR video: Slinky dress, empty ballroom, video clips of context-free vintage pop-cultural Americana. But it also has a whole lot of footage of a car that none of us can afford. Watch it below.

Hey, remember LDR’s debut album Born To Die, somehow only a year old even though it feels ancient? Well, it’s still out on Interscope.

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  1. there is going to be a lot of shit said about this video. i would like to start it out on a positive note…LDR probably got mad loot for this song and she still managed to slip a masturbation reference in there. that is literally the only positive thing i could find.

  2. “I drive fast, wind in my hair, push it to the limits cause I just don’t care” — sounds like it could be a Black Eyed Peas song

  3. I’ve never heard of this Lana Delray before is she any good? This song sounds pretty good. Does she have any more songs?

  4. Her enunciation while singing sounds like curb stomping children

  5. Well… That was some really sloppy (and annoying) video edition for $million+ budget ad.

  6. lol. That’s all.

  7. Good song. With this and “Ride” it seems she’s figuring out what works for her. Because other than “Video Games” and “Blue Jeans”, almost all the songs on her album sucked.

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