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Well, we got the My Bloody Valentine album, so a Smiths reunion must be at least a thing that could happen, someday, right? Wrong? Still, for a couple of dudes who have turned down millions of dollars and messiah-level adoration in exchange for the continued satisfaction of a good grudge, Moz and Marr don’t really seem to shy away from the Smiths’ actual, y’know … music. Morrissey liberally sprinkles Smiths hits into his live sets these days, and as Marr told us in our epic recent interview, “It seems a little like I’m shortchanging people if I don’t play ’How Soon is Now.’” Today, for the NME feature “Song Stories,” Marr tells the story behind another Smiths’ classic, “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now,” playing the song for the first time in 25 years, on the very guitar on which it was written: a red Gibson ES-355, bought for Marr by Seymour Stein — an iconic instrument that later inspired Noel Gallagher to play the same exact model. The story itself is cool, but it’s actually chilling just watching Marr’s fingers on the fretboard, hearing those chords that are so deeply embedded in your gray matter and bone marrow, and yet here sound totally immediate and fresh. Watch.

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  2. I always wonder how a guy this calm and cool could be involved in one of the longest inter-band feuds in music history.

  3. Cuz of the other guy …

  4. that was pretty awesome. also i hate him for writing back to back awesome songs, in the same day, as soon as he picks up his beautiful brand new 355.

  5. I always think his Manx accent will be thicker

  6. Johnny Marr, you’re such a chill, cool, talented guy. I loved every second of this.

  7. For some reason, my wife doesn’t like when I play “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” on Valentine’s Day.

  8. Incredibly underrated player.

  9. When seeing this video, you could almost think that writing such wonderful songs is easy. That is the mark of true geniuses, making amazing things look simple.

  10. omg. can we PLEASE. just stop. the smiths reunion “buzz.” it’s like saying “oh, my mum and dad may have divorced in 1987, and sure, they both got remarried. several times in fact… but MAYBE IT CAN WORK OUT.” It’s like a emotionally stunted child living forever in denial… To keep bringing this up as an even remote possibility is totally ignorant and boring.

    I know things, because I have multiple Morrissey tattoos. Therefore, I am an expect on such matters.

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