Azealia Banks

There’s an amazingly insipid video floating around the internet lately: Dorm rooms full of kids going apeshit to Baauer’s 2012 dance track “Harlem Shake,” doing dances that have nothing to do with the actual Harlem shake dance. (Observe.) So obviously, the time is right for an actual Harlem native, dance-rap queen Azealia Banks, to use the track as a bed for some hardnosed rap shit-talk. Download the Banks version below.

Banks’s debut album Broke With Expensive Taste is coming soon.

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  1. OK. Cool. But I’m about fed up with Azealia. Cant we have an OFFICIAL single or just get your shit together and release that LP.

    • Honestly I think she’s done, all the snippets and the Atlantis mixtape brought nothing new to the table and squandered the promise shown with 212 because she’s been busy becoming a sorta doll for the high culture gate-keepers but I understand why that could be more worthwhile than artistic integrity and creating art, which she definitely, at this point, doesn’t have.

  2. Everyone thought Will and Jazz would be the musical talents, but it’s clearly Ashley Banks.

  3. The Atlantis mixtape? Im gonna go ahead and say that you have no idea what you are actually talking about.

  4. El-P and Despot did it better

  5. Reeks of bandwagon jumping. Very uninspiring.

  6. 212 = Awesome! Everything else since then = Terrible.

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