There’s a lot for Usher and Diplo to live up to after “Climax,” their breathtaking collaboration with Nico Muhly. Perhaps that track was appropriately titled, because “Go Missin’” doesn’t hit the same mark. I did mention earlier this week that Usher does have a boring side and here he’s leaning that way. Diplo’s production, however, is nothing to turn your nose up at. He does a good job of keeping it light while still maintaining the quirks he’s beloved for. Check it out below.

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  1. Usher needs to only work with Diplo. Dude is a megastar yet still feels the need to make boring, by the number albums. So far they are 2 for 2 together and need to continue the hot streak

  2. If this had come out before Climax I’d like it a lot more.

  3. people who say its not as good as climax probably didnt even like climax on first listen. give it a rest already with the snap judgements. I can safely say, that after 11 listens today, yea i love this song.

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