Ghostface Killah - Twelve Reasons To Die

So Wu-Tang master wordsmith Ghostface Killah has just announced the impending release of a new album called Twelve Reasons To Die, which is an excellent title and probably a good indication about whatever’s on this. More encouraging signs: RZA executive-produced the album, and Wu-Tang guys are always better when his presence is flickering in the background, and that album cover is awesome. Also, it’s being described as a “crime/horror concept album,” which could be cool. Less intriguing: The whole thing is a team-up with producer Adrian Younge, who I’ve never heard of. But first single “The Rise Of Ghostface Killah” promises good things; it’s an eerie potboiler about a mythic Ghostface figure, with a really nice little spy-movie guitar figure. Hoping for a classic-level Ghostface album is not a smart thing at this point, but this could be a fun record. Download it below.

Twelve Reasons To Die is out in November on RZA’s Soul Temple label.

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  1. This song is an extremely good sign for the album. Love that hazy guitar and the stuttering drums – and then when the horns come in, pretty dope.

  2. That dapper beekeeper really needs to clip his fingernails.

  3. Adrian Younge scored the Black Dynamite movie. This album should be pretty good.

  4. Tom loves to rap along to this.

  5. Andrian Younge is the MAN! So excited he’s involved and if this track is any indication, this albums gonna be my one of my faves this year if not most anticipated.

  6. Adrian Yunge is so effing good.

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