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I’m Liz. I’m new here, sort of. I started writing for Stereogum last summer, and as of today I will be here on Saturdays and Sundays as the weekend editor. I thought I would say “hey” and introduce myself a bit. I know there’s a lot of you who read this site every day, so maybe introduce yourself in the comments too?

I live in Allston, Massachusetts, and work at The Phoenix, an alt-weekly magazine, covering mostly music but also broader topics related to arts, activism, and general news. I’m an enthusiast of college/non-commercial radio, and until very recently hosted shows at both WZBC and WTBU, where I was the music director for a few years. I used to write a music blog with my twin sister called ’Pelly Twins’ but now we are re-directing its energy into a print zine. I’m an advocate of DIY and underground artists, and throw a lot of shows at my house in Allston.

Some of my current favorite labels are Don Giovanni, Arbutus, and Captured Tracks. The last music-related purchases I made were a couple of cassette tapes from Night People by Happy Jawbone Family Band and Outside World, a 7-inch and a tape by an incredible DC punk band called Priests, as well as some vinyl from the Brooklyn-based distro Puzzle Pieces.

This is one of my current favorite songs:

I’m on Tumblr and Twitter, too. Thanks for reading.

(Illustration by Jenn Pelly.)

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  1. Hello! So now there will be Stereogum posts on weekends too?

  2. Hi! I will be one of your new weekend readers.

  3. Hello! Weekend Stereogum, this is exciting!

  4. Now all of those times that I reflexively check Stereogum on the weekends won’t be pointless!

  5. Yesssss. Great idea too, I can’t think of any similar sites that post on weekends. And welcome! (sort of)

  6. YES! YES! YES!
    Now I don’t have to duck office place eyeballs and stay relevant during the week with comments, AND EVEN MORE BETTER — A MA-BASED PELLY IS RUNNING THE SHIP!

    This is the best thing Stereogum ever did.

  7. You guys started off as a blog you say. I started my own to have as a “portfolio” to present to music magazines and websites to showcase my knowledge of music. IS this part of ho you got into doing this?

    • I know I’m not Liz or any of the paid writers here, but I do see this is your first comment and wanted to offer my take. From my personal experience of having the same idea as you did, you can’t make a career out of simply having a blog. There are plenty (and I mean plenty) of writers on sites like this one who will be right there to remind you that your blog is just a trashy version of them, and as good as you write, simply writing well doesn’t give you integrity or differentiate you from everyone else who can write about music. Investing time also by taking on freelancing opportunities (and I stress the word “free”) and networking your way up and into the general circle of bigger music site writers will increase your chances of becoming an employed writer on a site like this.

      Additional Details:
      Have solely operated and regularly updated an alternative music blog for close to three years now, and am accepting my place in the world as a trashy blogger without integrity.

      • I don’t know if it matters whether your blog is great or not. I think, like with most things, it just takes a lot of being poor and networking

        • edit: you’re a good writer michael, just invest any free time in some freelancing. get your name out there man. you can’t say you don’t have time, as you are always posting here. i believe in you

          • Haha, thanks, Dick! I have to set reasonable expectations, though, for my own peace of mind — I just turned surpassed my 20s and invest a great deal of my life into searching for reward and stability in my full-time career, and god knows I don’t have that yet. Part of me thinks it’s too late for someone like me to get into this whole thing and that I’m a few years too late. Not necessarily saying it can’t happen, but I know too well what it’s like to think you have your career path figured out and then have it all taken out of your control and rearranged for the worst. It would be redeeming if something good for once came out of my music writing work, though.

          • Kinda strange, I’ve only been following Stereogum for a few days, and while I couldn’t name a single staff member/writer yet, I already know all about Michael_’s public meltdown after not understanding how to get a job. Weird stuff.

          • I actually am well aware of how to get a job just fine. I wouldn’t call it a meltdown more so than I would call working hard and still not getting something you think you’ve earned by a certain point in your life. I’ll just say that my resume speaks volumes beyond just being a music blogger as someone who has close to a decade of actual relevant experience to the industry, and even if I haven’t a portfolio full of by-lines, I know what it takes to be a professional writer. Thanks for playing.

  8. Awesome! Good to meet you! I’ve always believed Stereogum should be putting up stories on the weekend, so this is pretty rad.

  9. Hi Liz! Happy to have content on the weekends! Allston’s a cool place to be, lots of access to great live music (saw Frank Ocean at the paradise this summer, day-um).

    If you’re ever looking for some content contributors on the weekend let me know! I like to write (happymusicsadmusic.com) and I loves the ‘gum!

  10. Hey!
    This is great news.

  11. Hi Liz, great to hear this! Looking forward to “hanging out” so to speak on the weekends.

  12. Thanks to introducing me to Julia Holter. That sound is like a religious experience without the alienation thing.



  14. hi my name is sac and i think this is a question that everybody will agree is incredibly important: how do you feel about mumford and sons?

  15. You like Don Giovanni Records… does this mean Laura Stevenson’s album coming out in April might get some coverage here? That would be wonderful.

  16. Welcome Liz! Good to see Massachusetts represented here as well. (I haven’t been to Allston lately but I saw a good show or two there at a “house” a few years ago; it included good to great local bands like The Trashkillers and others). I hope you can work in some great, rising local MA bands into your weekend slot too.

  17. Sweet, welcome Liz! I recognized your name from the Phoenix when you first started posting here, I’m glad to see that it’s turned into a regular gig!
    Also, wow, weekend content…

  18. Hi, my name is Adrian. Nice to meet you.

  19. Welcome! So glad to see a Phoenix writer on the good ol’ ‘Gum. I grab a copy whenever I see the paper box (or whatever they’re called) and listened to WFNX all the time. Nice to see Massachusetts get some representation here as well.

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