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Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich just conducted an AMA, where Redditers asked about their album’s leak, Radiohead’s forthcoming Third Man Records single, this awesome photobomb, and ” The Present Tense.” (Responses: the duo didn’t know Amok leaked, but it’s “nice” … “Identikit” is one of the songs on the Third Man single … that photobomb is a wax figure (riiiight) … and, we will hear “The Present Tense” again.) There’s a lot more, so dig in here. And while you’re at it, stream AMOK below.

There’s also a cool visualizer at; any site that links there gets added to the background animation.

AMOK is out 2/26 via XL. Thom and Nigel will promote it with sold out DJ sets in London (2/22 @ Oval Space), Berlin (3/8 @ Berghain), and NYC (3/14 @ Le Poisson Rouge).

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  1. Today is a good day.
    Earlier I won tickets to a Grizzly Bear show. A Beach House show. And a Tallest Man on Earth show. And now this.
    Today is a good day.

  2. Quick question: When is M. Nelson getting back from his Ikea run and how prepared should I be for tomorrow’s AOTW with the probability that it might incite rage in me if someone else pegs Iceage as Petulant Teenage Wire?

  3. This is really good. I get the comparisons to The Eraser, but it seems more fleshed out. Better than I expected (still not sure why I was expecting to be disappointed?).

    • I haven’t given it a listen yet, but I, too, was expecting disappointment because of how quiet the anticipation had gotten lately between the press and readers getting caught up with other huge albums like MBV (until today’s PR blitz happened.)

  4. It’s better than the King of Limbs.

  5. I highly recommend *not* listening to this while unwittingly staring at the site’s background.

    I feel… weird.

  6. I listened to it last night while reading, not really paying too close attention. I imagine I’ll have to live with it awhile like “The King of Limbs” because “Amok” did not blow me away.

    Again, I’ve only given it one listen and will still buy it at the end of this month, but I don’t recall any song making me put down my book and go, “What the hell is this musical majesty!”

    I recall the title track/closing track being a good listen, but really sounded like Thom Yorke having fun with sounds. A very chill vibe to the whole LP but nothing on here that impressed me as “The Clock” , “Harrowdown Hill” or “And It Rained All Night” did on “The Eraser”.

    “Default” is still totally badass.

  7. whoa- the flickering background on the stream page is actually an embedded page. you can scroll and interact with the content while it jumps around.

  8. I’ve been listening for a few solid hours on repeat and have a pretty fair review written. I’ll wait to post to avoid the eventual flame war.

  9. This is gorgeous.

  10. What a fantastic album! Aside from ‘Before Your Very Eyes…’ the bass doesn’t sound very ‘Flea’ like though… this could be a Radiohead release.

  11. On ‘Before Your Very Eyes…’ around the 3:30 mark is one of the most fantastic things I’ve heard in a while.

  12. “Sorry, honey. I know tonight is our ‘hangout’ time since it’s the only time our work schedules allow it, but AMOK is streaming. I’m just gonna put on my headphones now.”

    My poor wife. Our relationship was just starting to recover from the m b v debacle.

  13. If that photobomb was a wax figure, how come Thom’s hand was blurry?

  14. Any idea how to see all the site’s that are embedded in the background? My blog has been getting a bunch of hits from the Atoms for Peace page, but it’s linked to my post for What The Eyeballs Did and not the AMOK stream. I have yet to see it in the background though…..

  15. …. but how will anyone survive the live show?

  16. This seems good not great. A better and more song-oriented version of the King of Limbs for sure, but nowhere near touching the heights of In Rainbows, much less the rest of Radiohead’s work.

  17. this is really good. but it seems weird calling radiohead/thom yorke projects simply “really good.” nothing was jaw droppingly exquisite like some tracks on In Rainbows though

  18. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • Man, sarcasm online aint what it used to be! Being a very devoted Radiohead fan, I think what Yorke is doing lately is extremely special. If you could taste this it’s sound would feel like a cool mint melting slowly in your mouth. I also think he will take on a similar transition when he gets back to Greeny & the boys which will be equally as slick yet an appropriate new path.

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