Patrick Carney Vs. Justin Bieber

Stop the presses y’all, there is a mega update in regards to the Twitter drama between Justin Bieber and Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney! His initials might be “PC,” but his Twitter feed sure is not today.

Last week, at the Grammys, where the Black Keys won four awards, a TMZ reporter asked Carney if he was bummed that Bieber wasn’t up for any awards. Carney said, “He’s rich, right? I mean, I don’t know. Grammys are, like, for music, not for money, and he’s making a lot of money. I don’t know – he should be happy, I guess.” (LOL.) In response, Justin Bieber tweeted, “the black keys drummer should be slapped around haha.”

Over the weekend Patrick Carney responded, trolling Justin Bieber fans all over Twitter by changing his name to Justin Bieber on Twitter and posting a link to a “new world premiere” of a Justin Bieber track, linking instead to a video of DEVO’s “Recombo DNA.” He’s since changed it back, but his Twitter feed is now full of RT-ed comments from teenagers sending him slurs and hate-tweets for his actions.

Is this Twitter performance art? Or is it cyber-bullying? “We Are All Justin Bieber”? I don’t know, I’m confused.

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  1. hey, maybe it’s time for me to check out the black keys… dunno.

  2. If only the Black Keys were as good at making music as they are at pissing off teenagers…

  3. Bieber is looking more and more like my aunt’s “life partner”.

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  5. dude’s got a fishface

  6. I can only imagine if the Keys hadn’t won anything Carney would have denounced the Grammy’s as some big label backpatting festival. But since they won “Grammy’s are for music”. Wasn’t this the same guy who blasted Nickelback last year or so? Talk about easy targets. Get over yourself Pat

  7. How is this cyberbullying? Can someone explain this to me? I thought it was hilarious.

  8. First Nickleback, then Justin Bieber. Wow, the black keys are so bold.

    Why do they constantly feel threatened by pop bands with completely different demographics. Even if I think they’re right, this is a fucking pathetic waste of time and energy. Who cares about Bieber, if you want make edgy statements do it do your musical peers. Picking on trailer park bands or 14 year old loved pop stars is the equivalent of Christopher Nolan criticizing the writers of The Wiggles for not having enough plot development; it just makes him look like an idiot.

    Patrick Carney, i’m not even completely sold on you as being more than mediocre stadium rock. And when you do shit like this, it just makes you look like a cocky retard.

    • How is this on him? He gave an answer to a question posed to him, then Bieber took a shot so Carney responded by goofing around.

      • His answer shows hes clearly threatened by Bieb and was acting passive aggressive towards him. What is he, 5? The appropriate answer should have been “I don’t give a shit.”

        • I’m not sure it’s a passive aggressive attack from being threatened. I’m not threatened by the Biebster, but if someone with a mic were to come up to me and ask me the same question (whether it’s tongue in cheek, or not), I’d probably still say “No, his music is for the birds,” or some shit like that.

        • No one is threatened by Justin Bieber, and anyone who says they are (Justin’s former bodyguard, I’m looking at you) is only out for money.

    • So does any rock band that is successful enough to play a stadium qualify as a stadium rock? Does the title say something negative about the band? I’m confused on that.

      That aside, its not like Carney went out of his way to make a statement. He was approached by TMZ (paparazzii who always want a scoop). He just answered the guys question, who probably asked him a question to lead to an obvious story. It sounds like, really, Carney was being his unfiltered self and giving his funny opinion.

      he probably should’ve let JB’s twitter comment alone though…

  9. I don’t understand anything. In my world there’s no Justin Bieber.

  10. As I understand it, Carney wasn’t really responding to Bieber’s tweet, but the insane amount of tweets he got from Beliebers after it and his Grammy’s comment.

  11. “His initials might be “PC,” but his Twitter feed sure is not today.”

    I’m really happy that Liz isn’t JUST the Weekend Editor and will be gracing us with amazing one liners (like this one above) all week.

  12. Bieber looks more and more like a lesbian by the day.

  13. Sorry, but I stand behind The Black Keys 100%…they’re just real.

  14. I’m pretty tired of the Black Keys publicly dissing easy targets and acting like they’re the only ones brave enough to do it. It totally backfires and displays a massive amount of insecurity, and makes them pretty unlikable…

  15. Patrick Carney, I commend you.

  16. My favorite was the one from “JB_BELIEBER66″ that told Carney to stop “upsessing” over Bieber and to get a life. The user’s listed name (actual name as opposed to username) was also “BELIEBER” in all caps.

    Oh the irony.

  17. Is anyone else loving that he used Devo to piss off Bieber fans? That’s what made this story awesome to me.

  18. “His initials might be “PC,” but his Twitter feed sure is not today.”

    ok, Liz.

  19. Honestly, I think its kind of fun, and funny, and people are taking it WAY too seriously. It’s the drummer from the Black Keys and Justin Bieber – what’s not to enjoy about the exchange?

  20. Liz Pelly is my new favourite.

  21. this is what we as a society are now forced to entertain ourselves with. oh and by the way, anything done to piss anyone else off is bad >:( i swear stereogum is full of 35 year old elks club members or something. I bet you all browse reddit

  22. To answer Liz’s questions – this? This is nothing.

  23. I would comment on this more, but I got the Beibs himself staring at me from this ad on Stereogum like “you really gonna diss my swag”?

  24. He’s just suffering from Noel Gallagher syndrome. Sadly, it’s incurable.

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