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Phoenix’s Bankrupt! is one of our most anticipated releases of this year. We’ve already seen the peachy album art and tracklist, but unless you were quick enough to scope the short-lived samples on their Amazon page, the only taste of music from the release has been this snippet of “Bourgeois” from the band’s album teaser. That changes today now that Zane Lowe debuted a full-length song on his BBC Radio show. “Entertainment” is a dependably ebullient, synth-driven cut that serves as the album’s first track and first single. It was mixed on the Thriller recording console, and you can check out the lyric video below.

“Entertainment” is out 2/19, and Bankrupt! follows 4/23 via Loyaute/Glassnote. Check out the band’s tour dates here.

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  2. I’m starting to think that every new Phoenix song is made up of a couple of old Phoenix songs.

  3. e·bul·lient

    Cheerful and full of energy.

  4. Did I read wrong months ago, or did they say they were going to make a return to minimalist pop? Because this sounds like full-blown Passion Pit-inspired euphoria to me. I don’t care much for the kid echoes that hit that point home. Passion Pit were supposed to be the ones ripping on Phoenix’s sophisticated sound — Not the other way around.

    Seeing as Ian Cohen got in his obligatory every-two-months-divisive sub-6.0 review today with Beach Fossils, I wouldn’t be surprised if he started warming up his fingertips to derail another indie pop fav with this one. (I don’t understand why they keep letting him review / destroy indie pop albums, either, when he clearly has a bias for hardcore and punk.)

    • I’m not sure I follow the logic that leads from Beach Fossils to Phoenix, but having read Ian’s reviews for “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming,” “Gossamer,” and “Confess,” I don’t think the sound of this single is far off from things he has recently praised.

    • The snippet of the other song that we’ve heard so far is a little more subdued and wistful (while still sounding big and anticipatory, which is one of things I love most about some of their songs), so I’m hoping that this is just them trying to start the album off with a bang and that things will cool down soon after that.

    • Ian Cohen also reviewed Beach Fossils’ debut. You’d think they would try for more diversity of opinion, especially since I assume their staff of writers is now quite large. Today’s review was very surprising considering the site has given pretty much every Captured Tracks release a positive review. I’m a little anxious. I don’t think Beach Fossils are infallible by any means, but their debut is a minor contemporary classic. I preordered Clash the Truth blind, so I really hope Ian Cohen is wrong.

      • If you liked the debut or What a Pleasure, you won’t have any problems with Clash the Truth. They make small strides this time around, but from a linear standpoint, it still holds up. I’m mostly surprised because I honestly can’t tell how much better DIIV’s album is better than any of Beach Fossils’.

      • In my experience Ian Cohen is usually wrong. He’s the one reviewer at P4K who still just seems to assign scores at random.

    • That Beach Fossils review pissed me off. Christ.

    • i LOL’d at the “be the change you want to be” quote at the end of that review…embarassing

  5. I still don’t know what fruit has to do with being bankrupt but this shit rocks!

  6. I really, really like this art style. I haven’t yet listened to the song though, because Atoms for Peace.

    • Okay now that I’ve heard it, I’m really underwhelmed. The mix sounds really compressed, flat, and crowded, but that might just be the radio rip or youtube video quality. The song itself is definitely Phoenix, but I didn’t find it especially catchy or fun. It’s like Michael_ said, Phoenix trying to be Passion Pit, without the heavy lyrics or really good hooks.

      I hope the rest of the album has less synth and more guitar/bass/drums clarity, and is a little nicer about having some dynamic range.

  7. SO much compression, blurgh!

  8. this song is pretty catchy/sounds like every other phoenix song

  9. I dig the song, but did anyone else burst out laughing when the image of the fruit appeared at the end of the video?

  10. The verse is almost comical in how unsurprisingly by-the-numbers it is for the band, but I think it’s a great chorus and the instrumental melody that comes after gives it a nice burst of energy, even if it is corny Chinatown kitsch.

  11. I love it.

  12. I legitimately think that “Lisztomania” is one of the greatest songs of all time, no exaggeration. So I just need to tell myself that there won’t be another “Lisztomania” and then it will all be okay. *Sigh* I can do this.

  13. Really digging this; some massive neon pop goodness. Can see it being awesome live.

  14. It’s a good song no doubt, but I was hoping for some progression.

  15. Dancing time!

  16. I ABSOLUTELY love it!!!! Nobody will notice this comment lol. I am reborn……..It is so….OINK OINK!

  17. I don’t get why people have been bitching about this song. Phoenix sounding like Phoenix. I dig it.

    But I do echo the dude-bro above who is hoping for those minimalist promises on the whole album.

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  19. I feel like the reaction to this and the Strokes song have been similar. Both are songs from much loved bands with fans who try to will the songs into being amazing even if they’re only pretty darn good.

  20. any word on if/when the single will have an official physical or digital release?

    I actually dig the single. I missed Phoenix.

  21. Such an awkward chorus.

  22. This is the kind of song every band needs to release with spring and summer approaching. Upbeat, catchy, easy to dissect with a few listens. It’ll get on some commercials, it’ll be a hit at festivals. It’s a good opener for what will be a great album. Really enjoyed this song.

  23. I love the oriental vibes.

  24. I’m not really sure you can possibly ask for much more from this band beyond this. Its like Vampire Weekend, why would you want any progression!?

  25. I like it. Its always best to see it as the kick off track. Usually kick off tracks are simple tasters to a much deeper album. If I shared 1901 or even Liztomania with friends, they might do a ‘meh’, but as great as those songs are, Phoenix works best as a collective album listening experience. I think their new album will deliver. They just have to :) Its PHOENIX! :)

  26. I actually don’t see how this is like 1901 or Lisztomania. It has keyboards? It’s way louder and (intentional, I’d say) messier than those two tracks, and the melody/”China Girl” keys are pretty different too.

  27. Does anyone else think they’re turning Japanese? Haha, but yes, I like the new song.

  28. I love this! Taking the synths and the polish from their last album up a notch works. I hope the rest of the album is like this.

  29. I love Phoenix, but I’m having a hard time getting into this song. The weird guitar intro, and the chorus for me are the weak points. Verses are nice and phoenixy enough. Generally speaking, doesn’t stand up to almost anything from their last album. Bummer…(pretty cheesy too, not in a fun way)

  30. Phoenix and Oprah-praised Seb Actifry are perhaps the two best French stuff exported in the world. Sorry for Marion Cotillard but she failed really bad in dying properly in the latest Batman.

  31. this sounds like a fuzzy, neon, electric peach would taste like.

  32. My Asian friend said this sounds Asian. It is very good.

  33. So excited about this and the ridiculous amount of other great bands releasing albums this spring.

    Still loving MBV at the moment too.

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