Do you love hockey? Do you love Japandroids? Do I really even need to ask? Well, the Vancouver Canucks are looking for a new entrance song, and they’re letting fans vote on a few options via their website, and Japandroids’ “The House That Heaven Built” is in the running. Before you vote, you can check out a mock-up video of how the song will go with the team’s entrance. Frankly, the J-Droids deserve to win. Not because it fits so well, and not because “House” was our indie song of the summer in 2012. It’s because Japandroids are a Vancouver band, meant for the Vancouver team; not something you can say about other contestants like Guns N’ Roses or the Alberta-based Nickelback. The home team should be represented by a hometown band — let the Oilers have Nickelback!

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  2. The comments on that page are pretty fun to read through.

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  4. as a blackhawks fan, i obviously voted for nickelback.

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