HAIM - "Falling" Video

Falling” is the lush and expansive new hippie-synthpop single from L.A. BTW HAIM, and it’s also the title track from their new EP. In the song’s new video, the three sisters in the band travel deep into the jungle and get on their back-to-nature shit, practicing backwoods archery and pulling fish out of rivers bare-handed. Watch it below.

The Falling EP is out 4/1 on National Anthem/Polydor.

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  1. I love these tunes they keep pumping out…but am I the only one who has a hard time watching their videos? Something about them always seems awkward. Maybe that’s what they’re going for?

  2. Yeah, they forgot the mosquito repellant.
    The lyrics leave so much to be desired – see below. So, does Falling live up to the hype? Disappointingly it’s little more than a single release, with just two decent remixes accompanying the title track. And if with synthesizers they are this bad, I can’t imagine without it. The music industry is after anything they can exploit and make money with, good or bad. There are millions of people out there with limited brain capacity ready to buy whatever the mass media try to sell to them. No wonder all the reviews seem to have been written by the same person. One of the music magazine wrote: “Haim” is the name of a band that everyone will soon be talking about.” Yeah, they are awful. If that’s the new face of rock, we have a problem!


    I can feel the heat but I’m not burning
    (But now I’m falling)
    Feeling desire, feel the [?]
    (I’m falling)
    Feels like I’m falling, yeah
    I can hear them calling
    (Now I’m falling)

    falling, falling, falling
    Falling, falling, falling,
    Falling, Falling, falling, oh oh
    Oh and now I’m falling

    Falling, falling, falling
    Falling, falling, falling,
    Falling, falling, falling, oh

    Falling, falling, falling, falling
    Fall yeah
    And now I’m falling
    Falling, falling, falling, falling
    Fall yeah oh oh
    And now I’m farting… oh oh

    And Kendrick Lamar, one of haim’s beloved artists answers:

    Your worst fear is confirmed
    We love that you crashed and burned
    The real is back
    K. Dot it’s your turn, take your victory lap
    King Cole salutin’ Compton’s own King Kendrick
    Thats the sky is falling, the wind is calling
    Stand for something or die in the morning
    The city hail King Kendrick Lamar
    The world hail King Kendrick Lamar
    Too bad you’re now farting girl…

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