Well, this is embarrassing.

Yesterday I made a great big stink about how cool it was that Morrissey had forced Los Angeles’s Staples Center to go vegetarian on the night of his sold-out performance at the venue; my enthusiasm was mostly met with snark and a pretty convincing argument that Morrissey is basically a huge hypocrite for playing the Staples Center in the first place. Still, I thought to myself, this thing Morrissey’s doing here? Shutting down the McDonald’s counters at Staples Center? That’s pretty damn cool!

And frankly, it would have been pretty damn cool.

But now, what have we learned? It’s not even happening! According to L.A.-focused blog Blogdowntown, representatives for the Staples Center have clarified Moz’s statements, revealing that the venue will not be shutting anything down, merely adding more vegetarian options (Vegan Sloppy Joes, Grilled Veggie Sandwiches, Veggie Burgers, Veggie Wraps, etc.) to the existing menus.

“As we have done in the past, we are happy to create a menu with a greater variety of vegetarian items for our guests who prefer these types of options,” said Lee Zeidman, Sr. vice president and general manager of Staples Center and L.A. Live, in a statement.

In fact, only the backstage catering will be strictly vegetarian. Which is like, what? If Lady Gaga’s rider includes a “mannequin with puffy pink pubic hair,” I kinda feel like vegetarian catering is not so much to ask for, coming from a PETA spokesperson. Like I said yesterday, I’m a meat-eater, so this is not my crusade, I just thought it was impressive that this weird, smart, dyspeptic singer whom I love had the clout to shut down McDonald’s — even if only one McDonald’s, even if only for one night. And frankly, I wonder if maybe Morrissey got some bad intel prior to releasing his statement, because right now? He looks like a little bit of a tool. Nothing new for our Moz of course! But … yeah. Ugh.

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  1. I reached idol worship of the guy post-emo phase during college, but the meat thing is getting out of hand. When I saw him in October, the screens showed old how-to video clips of slaughtering / castrating cows, de-beaking chickens and that sort of graphic stuff on a loop, and it’s just kind of like, “Hey man, I didn’t sign up for this…”

    So basically we got Moz forcibly pushing his meatless agenda on the masses and Marnie Stern telling people like him she won’t bring them out on a date. No wonder we have wars.

  2. What’s worse is the Staples Center’s new pre-show flyer promising that Morrissey will perform such hits as “the boy with the thorn in his side order of popcorn chicken” and “last night I dreamt that somebody loved meat.” Shameless.

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