DIIV - Wait Video

DIIV have unveiled a video for their monster track “Wait.” Try not to get too mad at me for saying this, but the clip grabs a lot from Lana Del Rey’s wheelhouse. I know the Instagram filter-tinged, found footage (or, at least what looks like found footage) thing doesn’t have an LDR trademark on it, but even just the overall aesthetics of the video feel like something conjured up in a Del Rey fever dream. Don’t let that deter you from giving it a watch. You may not like her music, but she does know how to make a music video. Keep your eyes peeled for a Sky Ferreira cameo. Check out the slightly not safe for work video below.

Oshin is out now on Captured Tracks.

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  1. It’s not just a Sky Ferreira cameo — That’s the sound of a couple hundred indie-vesseled hearts breaking upon discovering that she and Z. Cole Smith are now an item. On the anniversary of their heroin chic hero’s 46th birthday no less, kind of making them like the cleaner and hopefully less messed up version of Kurt and Courtney.

  2. From watching Z. Cole Smith and Diiv live I’d say he very much is coming across very Cobain influenced.

  3. Uhh, yeah. Not sure how closely you watched that video, because its way more than “slightly” not safe for work.

    I dug it, though. At the beginning I was like, “Meh. Been there, seen this”. But then I really ended up enjoying both the song and the video. It would appear to be completely non-linear and without story, so compliments to whoever shot and edited the footage.

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