On last night’s Primetime Live, Michael Lohan (father of our favorite shrinking starlet) defended his headline-grabbing spate of drunken arrests and fiery car crashses.

“[Lindsay]’s got more offers than ever now … don’t they say any publicity is good publicity? People don’t want the good things, they want the dirt.”

You know what that family really needs? A reality TV show!

“They have to commit to being on camera … [It] would follow us through the course of our divorce. Everything would be put on hold to begin with while we’re shooting this, in an effort to become a family.”

Michael even says he’ll drop his multi-million dollar lawsuit if he gets his show. “I’m a selfless human being.”

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  1. dr. phil  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2005 0

    thats sad white trash. it explains lindsay a lot.

  2. melissa  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2005 0

    did you hear the father in the interview talk about how he bought lindsey and her mom fancy furs and diamond rings their whole lives? they owe him!!

  3. Michael Lohan should ask to be mentored by Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s father… Capitalize on your daughters 15 minutes… Don’t fuck it up!

  4. BeavisOnCrack  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2005 0

    Geez, no wonder she is a drunken mess of a whore.

  5. dsp  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2005 0

    there are definately worse reality shows out there. it’s so wrong, but everyone would watch it.

  6. Kate  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2005 0

    Lindsay, hire a hitman. No one will blame you.

  7. Yadda  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2005 0

    “Thanks daddy! That’s the best publicity gift anyone’s ever given me!!”

  8. he and Joe Simpson should hook up…

  9. Grimmone  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2005 0

    I feel bad for Lindsay and her siblings that this peice of white trash is their father.

  10. carolina  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2005 0

    I agree he should be mentored by Joe Simpson. He could offer him good advice on how to “MILK” your daughters. But who cares it not as if Lindsay is going to be huge or even well respected in a couple of years. I give it 5 more yrs till we hear about Paris, Lindsay, Niki, Tara, and Bijou. One of those girls is destined to kill themselves , OD, or even just go away.. I don’t wish them death that’s wrong but at least a couple of yrs with out thier stupid asses..

  11. me  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2005 0

    I was thinking the same thing. They will all be on “Where They Are Now!” Specials. We won’t even remember them in 3-5 years. I must say, I like it!

  12. Krick  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2005 0

    BOO! You whore!

  13. tess  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2005 0

    I think it’s sad to see a father trying too hard to capitalize on his daughter success. All he cares about is the money and the fame Lindsay could indirectly bring him. He has no pride and no sense of honor at all. This guy is really messed up. He already spent 3 years in jail but he just won’t quit behaving badly. The divorce papers filed by Lindsay’s mother reveal that he even threatened to kill his entire family, including Lindsay and her little brothe Cody. Poor kids!!!That shows that how selfish and crazy their father is. But what surprises me is, even though he’s currently in jail, Lindsay’s family won’t help him to get out. Don’t they have have any heart or any pity for this troubled man?. He could have been released on bail but none of his relatives showed up. Poor Michael!!! He’s really alone. Maybe his weird behavior and recent accidents are just a cry for help. Meanwhile, Lindsay was spotted in NY, shopping in trendy boutiques and smiling for the paparazzis. If I was her, I would feel guilty. How can she continue living living The Good Life when her own father is locked up, freezing his a@$ in a small cell? No matter how bad and greedy he is, no matter if he’s just a scrub,she shouldn’t forget that they share the same blood.

  14. me  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2005 0

    WOWA you obviously feel strongly! Go on with your bad self

  15. Courtney  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2005 0

    Her dad is NUTS and is seriously troubled! He needs more help than she can ever give him. I can understand why she chooses to ignore him.

  16. Alicia  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2005 0

    Good god.

    He should be violated for hours by prisoners in solitary, I heard on the radio today that he said something along the lines of “OJ Simpson ain’t got nothing on me” and that he knew what to do with the bodies of his family.

  17. calliwell  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2005 0

    If I did coke and had money, I’d forget my stupid father too.

  18. sweetpea  |   Posted on Feb 28th, 2005 0

    This guy is a pu**y…anyone that uptight over their “daughters” fame & fortune should get the snot kicked out of him…he wouldnt kill her he’d probably hire a hitman or something..he looks like it..the guy just looks like scum….
    and I thought just having an alcoholic in immediate family was rough..money or not..it’s a shame what she has to go through with a spineless, horseshit of a father like THAT.

  19. chris  |   Posted on Feb 28th, 2005 0

    Which alcoholic are you referring to? Micheal or Lindsay?

  20. CJ  |   Posted on Mar 1st, 2005 0

    You have GOT to be kidding me. Poor father? He is the PARENT he ISN’T SUPPOSED to be in jail! My family isn’t rich or famous but they are a bunch of alcoholics. I have left both my mom & dad sit in jail for DWI too (of course they WERE kind enough to choose different times to be arrested). It isn’t my J-O-B to bail them out; they got themselves there…Aren’t parents supposed to set an example? Lindsey will get it figured out someday, I did. And my kids will reap the benefits! CJ

  21. AJ  |   Posted on Mar 1st, 2005 0

    I thought Lindsay emacipated herself from him a long time ago, and has tried to cut off ties with him several times. He is seriously crazy and trying to steal her cash.

  22. justin  |   Posted on Mar 2nd, 2005 0

    i wanna fuck lyndasy

  23. soundless Tune  |   Posted on Mar 8th, 2005 0

    I’m waiting for the Michael Lohan/Joe Simpson thing to break out in the tabloids.

    Any minute now…

  24. lindsay  |   Posted on Mar 17th, 2005 0

    Ok, I have a question. why cant people stop talking about me and my dad??? It hurts to go through it, but when i read about it online or in the paper it hurts more.


  25. Can we all talk about something else?

    So sad to see a divorce of any kind – don’t you think?. Even sadder to see that the media loves to find a villan most of the time. I would like to see people leave this family alone and let them work through their issues. I would like to see Lindsay and her father get back together and not see the media continue to build this brick wall between them. These relationships are independant of his wife and he and alliances with one parent over another should be moved past. Mr. Newsman, after a while you will place a huge barrier between Michael and his children which will be hard to get beyond – Lindsay is a follower as you can see. So her mother and you should be held responsible for this. Michael has clearly had a tough time getting beyond his daughters fame coupled with a very visible divorce. Striking out isn’t the right way to approach this, but we are not Michael and we are not feeling the pain that he and his children are. Now it would be sad to see these children lose their father wouldn’t it? to date I wouldn’t expect these children to do anything different from back their mother, wouldn’t you if you were as young as these children are and hadn’t seen your father in over six months. This entire family needs help and I for one would like to see other news out there, wouldn’t you?

  26. Judi  |   Posted on May 28th, 2005 0

    Get off it! Like every family out there doesn’t have skeletons in their closets. It just happens that if your famous, everybody wants to make $ fromm publicizing it. I feel for Lindsay, and her family. Until you’ve walked a mile in their moccasins.. SHUT UP!!!!

  27. Lindsay is being used by her mothers family and its pretty clear that this is happening. She is having to grow up pretty quickly and this is sad. Just follow the money and you will see who is most interested in Lindsay right now. I am certain she loves her dad but her mother surely wouldn’t endorse this – why should she? To make Mr. Lohan out to be the biggest villin in the USA really serves her purpose. Come on look at the mans sentance for getting drunk and almost killing himself and defending himself from his brother in law – surely he must be employed by Lindsay and company – sounds like everyone wins at home if Mr. Lohan is out of the picture. Now, how about these other children? Even if Lindsay doesn’t need her dads poor press, the other children sure need a dad – This is the biggest violation of all. Lindsay, we all want you to work through this with your dad – call him or write to him and let us know that the news is good. Your friend and admirer. T Hills

  28. Just a suggestions  |   Posted on Jun 12th, 2005 0

    Lindsay, Go see your dad – we miss seeing and hearing about the two of you in happier days. We hope you can patch things up with him – and I really don’t think hes such a bad guy – he surely loves you and you sister and brothers. I hope it gets better for all of you.

    Your friend and always support of your well being.

  29. Annonymous  |   Posted on Jun 15th, 2005 0

    Lindsay, I am glad to see you on line these days. I sure hope its really you and your publicist leaves you to your own individual thoughts. Saw you on E-Online the other night – you are gorgeous, your mom is pretty too, sure see where you get it. Even so, I agree with the above, it would be nice to see some happier times with your dad. I know there must have been some but seems like he is surely painted out to be the grim reeper. When I hear you love him, I don’t see your actions to match these words. Why is this? Seems like he has made attempts to communicate to you – although his strategy may be questionable. Maybe you should try to speak with him. Don’t listen to your mom now, you are old enough to make your own decisions and do what you feel you should do, that must come from your heart. Hollywood is tough on new celebrities – don’t let all of this go to your head – its gone to many girls in your position these days – so be different. Good luck out there –

  30. Hope you are doing well  |   Posted on Jun 25th, 2005 0

    Lindsay, Ih eard your dad is doing well in the program he is in. He said your fathers day message meant the world to him. Good job! Sounds like he is spending a lot of time talking about god and what he can do in a missionary way when he gets out. This sounds good and could be good for all of you when he gets out. I do hope that you can all patch things up – Sorry to hear about your uncle Paul (your moms brother) – now I have to say, his actions make your fathers look pretty minor. Just know that we all have crazy families and there all not perfect. Too bad yours is out there for everyone to see and critize. Wishing your the very best and lets get some good press out there about your family OK>

  31. A Fan and single mother  |   Posted on Jul 10th, 2005 0

    First off, Lindsay is a great actress and singer. Some of these comments to me are harsh and how would anyone know what her and her family is going through and how can you really believe all this media crap? To me, I was taught to believe none of what you hear and half of what you read. I think that the Lohan’s should be able to go through their private lives without the rest of us saying what they should do and how they should feel. I know what it is like to go through a divorce and deal with all the damn opinions of the married know it alls out there that are so bored with their lame lives to get involved in mine. I have a daughter that is 11 like Lindsay’s sister and a young son and it is hard to raise them without the father around. This shouldn’t be about money or fame. The Lohan’s are people and deserve respect and to be left alone. They breathe the same air and are no different than anyone else expect they are in the lime light. Keep up the good work, Lindsay. My daughter wants to be just like you and has changed her mind on her career to acting like you. She loves all your movies and loves your music. Just keep smiling and living and loving whoever you feel.

  32. richie  |   Posted on Jul 27th, 2005 0

    does anyone out there know how to help michael. please respond. because i would like to help him out.

  33. Lisa in England  |   Posted on Aug 5th, 2005 0

    I have met Michael, i met him with a bunch of people in New York. I went to a spiritual meeting with him and spent time with him over a couple of hard days when he needed comfort and support. It was very nice meeting him he was a VERY nice person and is deeply hurt and misunderstood by many, it is because of the media and misconceptions and peole making money from him that he has gone mad. I think he has been badly publicized and others are also manipulating the story to keep it going and make money from him and they keep pushing him. He should cut all bad out of his life. I think he has problems yet he is NOT only to blame and it has all become too confusing. He was the one who begun Lindsays career from the pasta business to support her financing of films at the beginning of her career. He is a hard worker has supported the family in the past but now because of family and other people being involved and now THEY have the money he is being FK….d because of it. YOU go MICHAEL keep positive and ignore the weak.

  34. Jason  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2005 0

    Leave them alone,
    It’s just non of your business!!

  35. kala from England  |   Posted on Oct 5th, 2005 0

    i have been a fan of lindsay for at least a year now and i feel 4 her coz i know what shes goin through ive been through the same thing but i woz like 3 so i know its alot different but its hard growin up wiv out a dad and the fact that shes a celeb makes it 10000 times worse

  36. Big Sal  |   Posted on Oct 25th, 2005 0

    Hey don’t feel sorry for big Mike.He’s living high on the hog here as my bunky.
    I am looking out for him and he’s doing well.Reading his bible and lifting weights.

  37. Caitlin  |   Posted on Nov 4th, 2005 0

    I think Lindsay is beautiful and should get on in life and not care about the father taht fucked up her life. She is so much better than him.

  38. katie  |   Posted on Nov 17th, 2005 0

    i disagree with many of the posted commnets. i disagree because yes she has problems, but who doesn’t. her’s simply might be, well, more “exagerant” than others. but you can’t blame her, can you, with a father like that, i’m not surprised the way she is. what goes around comes around

  39. alex  |   Posted on Nov 17th, 2005 0

    i think michael lohan deserves to rot in jail/ prison, lets review a small list: hes a drunk, a horrible father, sell childhood pics of lindsay, tries to capitalize on lindsays fame, thinks that lindsay owes him, and the list goes on and on. i honestly fell sorry for lindsay, her sister, and her mom. lindsay is one of the best actress/singer yet, in my opinion, i think with out her dad holding her back lindsay could be HUGE

  40. hey i am form venezuela….. de caracas solo digo q pobre de lindsay debe ser muy duro q tu seas una superestrella juvenil y los medios te acosen con un tema tan doloroso q es algo personal y bastante privado y ademas ella mantenia una estrecha relacion con su padre… y esto q el hiso va a terminar haciendo q se distancien bastante y eso es realmente triste ver como una familia se desmonora de esa manera!!1

  41. Ellie  |   Posted on Dec 3rd, 2005 0

    give her a brake and quit talkin $hit bout her ppl spred rummers i don’t blame her for not gettin her dad out i would do the same thing is his fuc//en falt he is in there not hers so SHUT -UP ABOUT HOW SHE SHOULD GET HIM OUT OF JAIL BCUZ SHE IS DOIN THE RIGHT THING AND NOT LETTIN THAT SICO GO RUN LOOSE IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m here 4 u Lindsey!!!!!!!:)

  42. lohan is a LOSER  |   Posted on Dec 13th, 2005 0

    What a true piece of SSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH****TTTTTT. Somebody should have this loser whacked. We do not need these kind of ‘people’ in our world. Lohan please get drunk again, drive and hit a tree (while hurting no one else) and KILL yourself. You big Piece of S**T.

  43. Go LiNDSaY!  |   Posted on Dec 16th, 2005 0

    Hey… it’s easy for you to talk so much shit dont ya?!.. u dont even know what she’s going trough!… i have the same problem! but… unfortunetly the man who calls me doughter isn’t in jail… so stop calling her like u want to cuz u dont even know what’s problem she has! she feels alone and with her head full of bad thoughts! so her only way to scape is drinkin and partying!… and what do u know! of course she cares about her father, otherwise she wouldn’t even write a song for him telling him how she feels and that she loves him, and what’s she gonna do?!.. its the law! she can’t fight against it because its true he has a drinkin problem! and why do u want him outta jail? to cause more problems to her?, just let him think and admitt all the shit that he had done, and to appreciate his family and to act as a real man, cuz what he shows is that he’s a drinkin coward!… go linsay, try to get over it, and dont let drugs and alcohol drive u to the wrong path!!!!!!….
    *Is easy for all of u to label people when you dont even try to imagine being in their shoes… M.b…

    ——”I hope he’ll see what I say in the song is, ‘I love you,’ so many times, that I need him and the crazy things in my life. I hope he sees the positive side of the video rather than the negative. The video is kind of offensive, but it is very raw. He’s my father. I need someone to walk me down the aisle when I get married.”-Lindsay Lohan.

  44. Love_2_Lindsey  |   Posted on Dec 16th, 2005 0

    Lindsey, from wat ive heard ur dad sounds like a pretty bad guy…im hoping its not another publicity stunt because ive watched u grow up and i almost feel like i no u. ive been to your site and read ur posts and u sound the same as u do in ur movies…innocent and troubled. and if u dont want people talking about it i would understand if it wasnt for that new song of yours. it makes me sad to no someone ive looked up to for so long is hurting…im only 14 and i find u as a inspiration. unlike many of my other rolemodels u have remained a clean person up 2 now. plz quit the drugs..i dont need anymore of those in my life..

  45. I think that everyone should try to put themselves in lindseys shoes! she worked hard to get where she is with out the help of her father! she gave him chances to show that he loved her and not her money! now he is saying that he is going to kill the whole family and be like O>J!!!! Everyone has a father and why don’t you try to think about how you would feel if you father was the same way and said he wanted to kill you! you would be depressed too! I know that she might be smileing for cameras but she is really hurting inside!

  46. dirty  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2006 0

    You people are losers.Who cares about lindsey she makes more in a year than any of you make in your whole life.Get a life people.

  47. Kevin P Beirne  |   Posted on Jan 19th, 2007 0

    Michael, Lindsay and the whole family suffer from the disease of addiction. I had the pleasure of meeting Michael and his mom (lindsay’s grandmother)… This is a family who has been devistated by addiction which always ends up destroying relationships.

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