Sometime during January of 2010, a song called “Jesus” appeared in my Gmail inbox with little to no context, just a note from some dude named Dom in Western Mass asking if I’d play the song on my college radio show. Three years and two EPs later, despite a major-label deal, mega festival appearances, tons of press, and other music industry shit, the band’s newest track “H o t . l i m i t” fell in front of me last night in more or less the same fashion as that first demo: unannounced, directly from the band, with little context or information. Cool. All we know is this is the intro track to their next album, HYPERFANTASY XL LP, due out at some point, by some label. If the intro is any indication, the first full-length from DOM will be a more psychedelic endeavor than the sugary noise-pop of their past EPs. The two-and-a-half-minute opener is a more intricately layered breed of warped electronic pop, filtering bits of ethereal wordless voices over skittering beats that sound simultaneously explosive and subtle. Stream it below:

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  1. This is the direction MGMT should have moved in on their sophomore effort, keeping their synthetic style in tact along with weirdo psychedelic textures. It’s also pretty vague as to where they might head with this, but I’m intrigued.

    Speaking of early DOM stories, back when Craigslist casual encounters were more fun than sad to read, I remember Dom used to post some on the Western Mass area, as a joke I took it. It was pretty obvious it was them — They had just signed to Astralwerks and were gaining traction on the blogs, which they jokingly boasted about in the posting directed at bisexual partners as well as stating they were from Hadley. The picture they used was of Nickelback.

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      • Eh. The only connection I see between Panda Bear & MGMT is that both of their last albums were produced by Sonic Boom. Except Sonic Boom actually went on tour with Panda Bear, not so much MGMT.

        But I agree about Congratulations. I wouldn’t even care about MGMT if they didn’t release that album and make such a sharp right turn in their musical direction. Of course I’m not in the majority with this line of thinking, but it’s important to note that I think MGMT actually GAINED new fans with “Congratulations” and the fans that liked their first album probably still just like those songs anyway.

        But DOM! All I have to say is I was scrolling through my music yesterday and saw their name and said, “Man, what ever happened to DOM?” And then this. So that’s cool. Not as cool as this intro track, but glad they’re still making music! We missed you DOM. Ya’ll funny.

        • Well, I meant specifically just the track Rosie Oh sounded like Congratulations. But I get what you mean. Panda Bear and MGMT certainly don’t sound the same normally. But I will say that they both are kind of “psychy” and have some wildly great vocal melodies. And yes. The DOM Ep was okay, but this is hot garbage.

      • I am the only puppet I know that enjoys Congratulations.

    • One of the funnest shows I’ve ever seen was Dom opening for the Go! Team at the Paradise. It was just after their first album came out and I got the sense that all their Worcester buddies had driven into the city for it. My friends and I ended up right in the middle of them and it was raucous. A bottle of whiskey was being passed between stage and crowd, there was tons of stage diving and stage crashing, and Dom sounded AWESOME. Almost broke my glasses.

      I only made it through one Go! Team song but lasted long enough to see Dom’s guitar player run up and dive off the stage a few more times. It was hilarious.

    • If we’re telling Dom stories, once I drove up to a house party the band was playing that was a couple of hours from my house. I was one of like ten people there and when Dom heard how far I had come he tried to force free shirts on me, even though I had some cash and wanted to pay because there was no cover. Dude was really sweet.

    • Saw DOM at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle. They got stuck with an underground venue instead of an outdoor stage and ended up with a pretty small-sized crowd. They either looked really bummed or uninterested in playing and proceeded to drivel through their songs. When it finally came around to the end, they said, “kay, fine. we’ll play living in america.” and I felt any supposed enthusiasm fly out the window as they played it.

      Besides that, they sounded really good and we got stickers.

  2. This is good, good job DOM.

  3. they are from worcester which is central mass not western mass.

    • Their origin is divided between Hadley and Worcester.


      How did you end up in Hadley?
      Dom: I dated a girl out here a while ago and I was feeling nostalgic so I decided to move out here. I’m totally out of it now. I did a lot of tripping here, and partying and it’s a great place to write. It was fun while it lasted, but now it’s time to grow up and get the fuck out of it. I’m moving to Brooklyn.

      But you’ll always be known as a Worcester band.
      Dom: The Beatles moved out of Liverpool, but they weren’t like, “Oh, we’re a New York band.” Same thing goes for Zeppelin and Sabbath, they were from Birmingham. We’re from Worcester. A lot of bands say that they’re from Brooklyn because they’re located in Brooklyn, that’s not where they’re from, that’s not where the band’s from. I’m not necessarily from anywhere, but I’m more from Worcester than I am from Hadley.

      It probably doesn’t matter, because most lazy press will just refer to them as a “Boston” band.

  4. We drink ritalin?

  5. I just realized I heard Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass in there somewhere and I don’t know what to think about it now.

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