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Bonnaroooo. I’ve already booked my plane tickets and am looking forward to seeing “Weird Al” for the first time. Maybe of some of you are too. The Tennessee fest’s lineup reveal was our most popular post in a week that also brought a new tune from Phoenix, reviews of Atoms For Peace and Nick Cave, beefs between Moz and Staples Center and Patrick Carney and Justin Bieber fans, and anniversary celebrations of the Postal Service’s Give Up and Radiohead’s Pablo Honey. We picked Moz’s 10 best songs (and cat photos) and ranked Björk’s discography. Plus, Billy Corgan was in a furniture commercial. Hopefully you enjoyed some of those stories. Relive the best and worst responses to them below.


#9 Tom Breihan | Feb 20th Score:24


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Alex Sobel | Feb 17th Score:24

Now all of those times that I reflexively check Stereogum on the weekends won’t be pointless!

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Jarrod Grimm | Feb 18th Score:26

I can only imagine if the Keys hadn’t won anything Carney would have denounced the Grammy’s as some big label backpatting festival. But since they won “Grammy’s are for music”. Wasn’t this the same guy who blasted Nickelback last year or so? Talk about easy targets. Get over yourself Pat

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Matthew Marvin Lingo | Feb 18th Score:27

They are humans that exist, so you’re right about that one.

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#5 Michael_ | Feb 19th Score:31

Yes, we’ve decided to put on our own festival instead.

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Taylor Adams | Feb 18th Score:32

First Nickleback, then Justin Bieber. Wow, the black keys are so bold.

Why do they constantly feel threatened by pop bands with completely different demographics. Even if I think they’re right, this is a fucking pathetic waste of time and energy. Who cares about Bieber, if you want make edgy statements do it do your musical peers. Picking on trailer park bands or 14 year old loved pop stars is the equivalent of Christopher Nolan criticizing the writers of The Wiggles for not having enough plot development; it just makes him look like an idiot.

Patrick Carney, i’m not even completely sold on you as being more than mediocre stadium rock. And when you do shit like this, it just makes you look like a cocky retard.

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David Mania Worthington | Feb 19th Score:39

Downvote this if you don’t like it.

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’ChrisMason’ Mason | Feb 18th Score:53

Bieber is looking more and more like my aunt’s “life partner”.

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#1 dbr | Feb 18th Score:73
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Daniel Warren | Feb 18th Score:-12

The way I understand it, Carney was a cool kid in high school, Auerbach a nerd. The irony being them teaming up to do Rubber Factory, a cool revivalist record in its own right. Seeing Carney act like this, though, reminds of his roots, as a cool kid. Cool kids are generally like these PR masterminds, good at making fun of different people, creating mini campaigns if you will, that demean their target. Seems like Carney’s just being a popular kid who’s donned cooler glasses and pseudo-thriftstore designer threads. And now he has Twitter, and the world to entertain, instead of prom, a flyer and his high school student body. Oh well.

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#4 hophead | Feb 19th Score:-14

Sadly, it happens to every songwriter at some point. After King of Limbs and now this, I’m afraid that Thom Yorke doesn’t write as good of songs as he used to.

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#3 TheWastelander | Feb 18th Score:-18

You can definitely tell dubstep blew up over the past few years.

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Joe Weber | Feb 20th Score:-25

cool story bro

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David Mania Worthington | Feb 19th Score:-41

Upvote this if you like it.

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Rob Casper | Feb 19th Score:5

insert your typical “the audacity of jack white, his dapper suits and his depression-era victrolas” joke – but in all seriousness, i can’t think of many other people who have championed the indie record store more than he has. he’s had enough faith in the idea of the record store by opening his own, and he’s constantly trying to reinvent the physical music product as something worth holding in your hands.

as someone who spent much of my youth in a long-defunct music store in my hometown, and still feel a certain amount of giddiness walking around one of those stores still lucky enough to still stand, i’ve got no problem with crowning him ambassador.

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rubberjohnny0829 | Feb 20th Score:-1

fuck you guys. daniel tosh is the funniest comedian of the last decade

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[Editor's Note: The Platonic Ideal of a terrible comment. RubJohn, you got the gift.]

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  1. Any explanation on the Bieber looking like Mason’s aunt’s life partner?

    That one keeps going over my head.

  2. Big snowstorm in Kansas City = three days off, and now it’s the weekend!

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  4. So, after I made my post, I actually got interested in the first Phoenix song, and I went on a little Google quest. Here’s what I found…

    Okay, so the band put out a 7″ single (Party Time / City Lights) on their own label (Ghettoblaster) in 1997, which was their first release, so I guess one of those counts as the first Phoenix song. (In any case, the idea is that every new Phoenix song is made up of a *couple* of old Phoenix songs, so the paradox also applies to the second song, whichever one it is.)

    Now, Party Time ( also appeared on their first album, United, so that’s easy to find, and I’ve heard it before.

    But the B-side, City Lights, is another story. Phoenix made only 500 copies of the single, so it’s pretty rare, and the only other place where the song appeared was Air’s Deck Safari Part One mix (which is like a tour of Air’s personal record collections, looking at the inspirations behind Moon Safari, and is also rare; it was a promo-only CD made for European radio stations, although some copies ended up on store shelves; Stereogum covered it way back in the day:

    I searched and searched all over the Internet for this #$@% song, and I FINALLY found it:

    tl;dr: follow the link right above this for one of the first Phoenix songs.

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  6. Me thinks Stereogum’s comment section got hacked or something yesterday, because I couldn’t log in for several hours (The response I would get was just a red line across the login box) After trying to log in with ye’ ol’ duchess username to see if it was a universal problem and getting the same problem, I think it’s kind of a too weird coincidence that someone would create a fake spinoff of the duchess and post on here soon after.

  7. *looks around comment section…backs away slowly*

  8. what is happening here

  9. YES. at least Scott understood my joke this week. bringing back the original Goblin comment that put old rubjohn on the MAP over a year ago.

  10. Now this is what you really need to do if you want to start beef with Justin Beiber…

  11. So I was in New Haven this weekend and the only place to buy vinyl in New Haven is Urban Outfitters.

    New Haven fucking sucks.

  12. wow people really don’t like atoms for peace

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