A previously unreleased Frank Ocean song has been circulating on social media and music blogs this morning. Last week, Ocean spoke with BBC Radio 1 about his forthcoming album, for which he has “10-11 songs” completed. “It’s another cohesive thing,” he told BBC. “Bordering on a concept record.” But this new song, “Eyes Like Sky”, is apparently a leftover from the channel ORANGE recording sessions, a radio-ready acoustic-guitar-driven pop track. “I said have you ever seen a mountain / he said no but my faith could move those,” sings Ocean. “He said he’s watchin’ with eyes like sky / eyes like I’ve never seen.” Stream it below, followed by a video of Ocean’s Grammy rehearsal.

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  1. I have an eerie feeling that 2013 is going to be the year that the stereogum crowd turns on Ocean.

    • like they did on Lana del Rey?

    • I doubt it. If anything I’ve seen more people making Ocean into a god-like figure all over the interne. Almost to the point of annoyance. Besides…he scrapped this song for a reason…and didn’t the Beatles make Yellow Submarine?

      • I like Yellow Submarine, and I wasn’t basing the comment off of this song, I hadn’t even listened to yet. What you’re describing is exactly why I feel like it’s going to happen, he’s been built up to the tipping point. We’ll see though.

    • Valid possibility. That R&B style the likes of Ocean, Miguel, Jesse Ware, etc. all capitalized on in ’12 is like blood in the water for record company sharks, and you know Def Jam is all over that shit. That can easily spin into trying to shove as much Frank in our faces while he’s hot and puttin the pedal down on getting that next album out quickly which is the first step to, ahem, sell-out vibes. I know this isn’t what we all maybe want to hear, or is even feasible, but layin low in 2013 and creating some new buzz would probably keep him away from that overexposure that always sends a fan base there from the beginning running.

  2. NO can we pretend this song didnt happen? PLZ?? PLZ??? nnooooo :(((((, I AM SOOO sadd :(((. The production is what made his stuff so unique and awesome.

  3. It’s not fair to judge this song. If he liked it, he would have released it. Everyone fucks up sometimes, at least he recognized it and didn’t slap this on Channel Orange.

  4. does it feel good?

  5. nice to see the rehearsal footage with frank singing on key. the grammy performance was tough to listen to.

  6. When I heard that he was already that deep into his next album I had a sneaking suspicion that it was goingto sound a lot like this. Especially knowing that he’s ghost written for RiRi and the Biebs. Who knows? Maybe he just wants to take it easy and reach a wide audience? Let’s be honest, having an artistic creative personality typically makes for an emotionally painful lifestyle. Who could blame him if this was the case?

    Or maybe this is nothing to worry about.

    Either way it’s his choice. Frank Ocean will do whatever is best for Frank Ocean. And that’s the way it should be. All that matters is that when he lays down at the end of this life he’s happy with whatever he did with it.

    • However that is not something the listener worries about. True he can do what ever he wants and I hope he does, but if he makes something that ends up just being a shitty generic strummed acoustic song, then that is what it will be. Just because he’s doing it for him doesn’t make the song deserving of praise or any less bad.
      The reason anyone follows him is because of his unique voice, style, aesthetic and being a part of Wolf Gang. So if he made drastic stylistic changes to something more radio-friendly and generic, I guarantee he would lose his original fan base.

  7. Glad it didn’t make it to Channel Orange. Sounds more like a leftover from Taylor Swift album

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