Matt & Kim - "It's Alright" video

The reliably overjoyed Brooklyn bleat-pop duo Matt & Kim have always been willing to act the absolute fool in their music videos, and the strategy seems to work for them, since those videos are almost always pretty fun. Their new video is for “It’s Alright,” an unsurprisingly upbeat number from their 2012 album Lightning, and it shows us that the two provide impressively choreographed dance routines in their sleep. I have a sneaking suspicion that many, many people will end up watching this video. It’s below.

Lightning is out now on FADER Label.

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  1. I’m not a huge fan of Matt and Kim, but this video is kind of neat. The sexuality is playful and intimate in a way you don’t see in music videos very often, if at all. The choreography itself isn’t all that suggestive… but they’re half naked in bed, often spreading their legs, and drumming on each other’s butts sometimes. It’s sexual nature isn’t trying to be provocative, but just good fun in an intimate setting. I dunno. It’s different in a super positive way.

  2. this is kind of an old idea. amanda plamer has a stop frame bed video where she is…you guessed it…naked. oren lavie also has a pretty cool one from like 4 years ago. that being said, i always like a good matt and kim video, especially one where kim is shaking it.

  3. This felt like the crappiest episode of Portlandia IFC will never let you see.

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